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UFC Is in Trouble


Yeah they used to say Uriah Faber would need a spider monkey to train with to rival his speed , then Demetrius comes along.

Yeah it too bad the lower weight guys don’t get as much pub as they are generally, more skilled faster dont gas as much much , but their are less knockout’s. Kind of the opposite of NFL name 5 offensive lineman, now name 5 quarterbacks.

What’s funny is when some moron who might be much physically larger the Demetrius, thinks he could beat him in a fight .

As far as Jon Jones check out joe rogan podcast with him as a guest, total duchebag, i mention him as a pull for UFC numbers, i just want someone to kick his ass badly. While heavy weight boxing is in gutter i still think top guys will beat Jon, i think he would opt for kick boxing, last i heard he is fighting hendo in a submission only battle.


True about there being less KO’s at the lower weights, but to be honest, Johnson finishes fights on about the same percentages as most LHW or even HW’s do. Dude subs people and TKO’s/KO’s them, he isn’t just a decision machine like John Fitch was. IMO he is the best P4P fighter currently in MMA, and even if Jones returns, they are on equal ground (if not the advantage still goes to Might Mouse).

Jones did turn out to be kind of a scumbag; sad, but unfortunately it happens to many athletes who reach greatness at a young age. I wish everyone could be like Randy Couture, or GSP in terms of respect and character, but I suppose the world needs “bad guys” to root against too.

Unfortunately, I don’t see anybody at LHW humbling him, and I don’t see him moving up to HW either. Maybe life will humble him instead; only time will tell I guess.


Unfortunately you are correct. The corrupt Dana White who never fixes a fight but certainly “arranges” things so his pick has the best chance of winning will continue on and the UFC is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s a shame that the World Series of Fighting is run by less than a stellar executive.


You are spot on. But, instead of at least attempting to educate the fans Dana White simply chooses to promote the strikers thus sometimes not really having the two best fight for the title. Just one more reason to look down on the UFC and how they run their business.


Jones has beaten Hendo in their submission only battle. Probably not a big surprise to anyone.


Do you guys think that the Professional Wrestling ownership will bring some excitement to the UFC? Could they have some kind of exciting matches or something?

We can’t have a UFC Lumberjack or Caribbean Strap Match, but could there be submission only catch-weight, non-title grudge match?

A striking only mini-tournament?

Or are fight fans only into the Title chase?


I dunno if its ronda or the fact that BJJ has blown up in America over the past 5 years (blown up is a relative term I suppose, but it has significantly increased in popularity) but there are definitely way more women in the sport now than there were 10 years ago. There is still a much higher percentage of males in the classes, but demographics have definitely shifted to a noticeable degree in my neck of the woods


I have noticed this at my commercial gym. More girls are doing squats than guys, as well as polymetrics, step ups . I like a girl with a athletic meaty buns and legs so im not complaining.
I hate violence against women , i know most men have more upper body strength and could beat up most women.
But i like to think some coward rapist or women beater, mightget injured in the process and opt out.


Then this article is for you. :smiley:


The classes/schools that I’ve been around continue to be mostly male populated (other than the fitness oriented classes which have always been primarily female populated), but there have always been women in them as well. This might be slightly skewed as we are a more RMA/Self Defense oriented system (though do teach/train MMA fighters as well), but nonetheless there have always been women who are interested in MMA/fighting IME, now there are simply opportunities for them to use those skills in sanctioned bouts.


Good article sento that would have funny to watch some i assume drunk ,bafoon get beat down by chick.


I honestly see no real upside to the Pro Wrestling ownership. Yes, the WWE is good at marketing and essentially coming up with male oriented physical soap operas, but that’s a lot easier when you 100% control the outcomes of the matches and there is really no expected legitimate athletic competition.

Sure, they’ll probably throw a bunch of money at it, but whether that actually turns into any tangible benefit will only be known in time.


It would turn into old pride, wrestlers fighting real fighter’s visa versa.
Josh Barnett said he had to let a wrestler beat him and it sucked.