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UFC Is in Trouble


They just lost three golden children, with ronda being a big one.
I like watching the fights but, their are no more titos, randys, chucks. Gsp ,cain, Hughes, vandererli,
And do i really want to watch a man in womens body beat up sport barbie.
And the reabok deal fucked the fighters out of sponsorship money, that was bread and butter for your up and comers , plus the reabok outfits looks bland.
Alright Conner no pressure.


Not on board with the sexist comment about Nunes; I’m watching the women MMA fights to see good fights and skilled athletes, could care less if I find them hot. But to each their own.

Other than that I agree. Though, I think that just like other sports, we generally tend to become more emotionally attached to those athletes that we grew up watching/were first present when we got into the sport; not because they were necessarily any better or more charismatic, but simply because they made a larger impression on us (being our first exposure to the sport) similar to how most of us vividly remember our first crush/child’s birth/experience with substances/etc…a little more than those that came after.

Also, every great athlete eventually gets old and must pass the torch to the newer generation of greats; combat athletes are certainly no exception. The passing of the torch does not spell doom for the sport/organization; though poor management, questionable business practices, greed, and corruption certainly can.

Look at the NFL for example, still by far the biggest grossing sport/organization. Many great players have come and gone and I’m sure that many of us have favorites from the past that we are convinced are/were better than those of today (Rice, Montana, B. Sanders, W. Payton, J Brown, L Taylor, etc…), but the organization/sport still continues to be insanely popular and successful; despite scandal, some questionable/unpopular decisions by their management, and strikes/contractual disputes. This is in part thanks to fantastic marketing, creating a sense of scarcity by keeping the season fairly short (I truly believe that one of the critical mistakes the UFC made was in drastically increasing the number of fight cards, especially free ones, that it offered; market saturation is seldom a recipe for sustainable net gains), being “the only show in town,” and their huge “feeder system”/the ease with which the sport can be played (at least variations of it) by average people.

The UFC/MMA is in no danger of going out of business IMO, but, they certainly can learn from other sports and from their mistakes (and the mistakes of other sports like Boxing) of the past.


I ll admit i was a little biased toward Ronda, but yeah it is full contact fighting. I think when yhe girls go back and forth its one thing , but to see a girl just get ransacked, almost seams like she was getting assaulted. Ronda is the pretty girl next, and Nunes reminds me of the, loud mouthed gang girls when i was i correctional officer.
I dont think she should of fought , but she wanted to go out with a win.
Look at Chuck Norris, Bill Wallace and Tolly Tounier, both beat Chuck more than once in full contact Karate, yet when Bruce Lee put him in movie his acting career took off. And hes considered one of biggest badass ever.
Ronda got 3 million dollars for fight, Nunes got 100,000 plus 100,000 for win. Nunes needs to thank Ronda for that payday, as that is highest purse she will likely see. Is it fair that Ronda paydays are from marketing, not just ability no.
Pay per veiw talks, butts in seat,s talk.
Now Ronda needs to make movies get real rich, the sky is limit, and still feel good knowing young woman will get into Martial arts, and not be an easy target.


I doubt Ronda will ever get a movie again. If she does, it will be some pathetic B movie.

She had two movies in the works for after the Holm fight but both those movies mysteriously fell through when she lost that fight. Hollywood wanted Ronda when she had the mystique. When she lost the mystique all reason to suffer through her bad acting was also lost.

Ronda’s 15 minutes is now over.


I think he’s on to something with the sexist comment. Hard core fight fans will be like you but babes pull in the mainstreem. Women who look like Ronda, Meisha and Paige Van Sant bring in the casual fan. I know, I’m one of them.

Ronda & Meisha are now gone and Paige will never contend. I can’t think of any UFC women I’m interested in seeing right now. I’m a little partial to Cat Zangano’s ass but not that partial.


Sexiest comment on nunes you mean she is a man in a womens body , my coworker is a lesbian, who has a job that is very physical.
I asked her to describe how she feels about women she said she is a man in a womens body, she is married to a women , has 5 adopted children, and works tons of ot to put her daughter’s thru college.
For your purist mma fan who have training in mma etc , yeah you want to go thru technical aspects of fight.
We are to politically correct, all the SJW jump on anything they feel is incorrect, to look to good for the girls around them.
Ronda might not go out and make big acting money now, she dont need it, yeah its one thing to see one of male stars get beat down, but when its a women its different.
Nunes made nothing but rude comments, because she knows the truth, she can be the champion for next five years and not have close the cash ronda made in three.


The sexist comment was “Do I really want to watch a woman in a man’s body beat up sport Barbie?” People might try to take the anti-sexism/politically correct argument too far, but suggesting that a woman’s MMA fight is of lesser value or not worth while if you wouldn’t want to bang both participants is sexist; period. Just own it.

Pointing out Zangano’s ass, or Meisha being a babe, or Ronda’s looks might be considered as “objectification” by hardcore feminists, but personally I recognize that women objectify men just as much as men objectify women (it’s just more behind closed doors/less out in the open); the human race would not have survived had we not gotten all hot and bothered upon seeing attractive members of the opposite sex.

So, point out attractive female fighters’ “assets” all you want, I’m not going to argue with you or take issue. But devalue their worth as an athlete or fighter because they couldn’t be on the cover of a Victoria’s Secret and I am going to take issue. Yes, your point about the “reality” of our culture is true, but only because we have allowed it to be that way/failed to change them.


Female fighting is very new to are coulture, which is still very primitive. I tell guys all the time, that they would have asses handed to them by ufc girls in a fight they would look foolish, get beaten badly.

Now look at other sports is it completely necessary for high school volleyball girls to wear bootie shorts, or womens beach volleyball to wear sport bikinis, the male volleyball players are wearing shorts, not banana hamacks.

My uralagist is a former competitive gymnasts female and still has gunz, anyway they cover up arms yet show legs , apperently the girls dont want to look unfeminine huge arms, and they get points for symmetrical build (lines).

As far as UFC female fighters the type of training they do is going to give them, an athletic body which i find attractive. I think Nunes has a attractive body , but she is openly gay and has body language of a man, carries herself like man.

Look at male fighter’s awesome builds if you throw a handsome face on them the girls go crazy, do a poll with girls , on a young Vitor who i think is handsome vs Vanderli Silva simular builds but Vanderli had had his nose broke several times, they will like Vitor.

As far as future of female fighters Nunes and your Cyborgs are the future , or will it be the Paige,s dancing with her oponent at weigh in ,what public wants to see?

As far as mens fighting , it goes on to ,Conner knew he wouldn’t go to 145 any more yet kept belt for a year wow he hold two belts at once, not as impressive as a 40 plus Randy Couture winning both at different times.

As far as future here is my opinion for big fights, Conner vs Bisbing, Nunes vs Cyborg, Jones vs ?,
Any thoughts ? As far as Rondas 15 minutes at least she had them.

I apologize for the (as far as) my english and writing styles suck.


Yes, I completely agree with most of the examples you gave, and yes, I agree that attractive athletes generally have more star power than unattractive ones (regardless of sex; take David Beckham for example).

Again, my only gripe was with the notion that the attractiveness of female athletes has anything to do with their value as athletes. No arguing that the media portrays things that way, but the longer we continue to buy into that type of mentality the longer it gets perpetuated.


Conner vs Bisping I don’t really see happening, too big or a weight cut for Bisping and too much size jump for Conner.

Don’t think Cyborg can make 135, and unless Nunes cleans out the division, don’t see much reason for her to go up to 145. I’d like to see Shevchenko get a shot at Nunes to see how she does against a better striker.

Jones needs to get his act together and his head straight. If he can, I see him coming back and shutting Cormier’s mouth once and for all. If not, we may never see the potential greatest P4P fighter ever again fight in the Octagon.


On a lighter note Bryan Callen ( fighter and the kid ) Podcast is obsessed with Luke Rothhold and his being handsome with chiseled physique.
Say,s he wouldn’t be mad at his wife if she slept with him Luke ,so that way he would tell everybody him and Luke were sleeping with same girl.
Bryan is always bringing up Luke in podcasts.


Nunes decisioned her first time


Just watching bonner griffin fight that is what ufc. needs.


Man, I’ve really gotta strongly disagree. That fight had tons of heart, but it was basically just a “rock me sock me robots” fight. A bar room brawl

Exciting? Yes. The direction the UFC needs to go in? No.

If we want to talk about an exciting but still technically sound fight, Edgar vs Maynard 2 when Edgar came back from what looked like almost certain defeat to force a tie and an eventual third fight (in which Edgar KO’d Maynard after 4 very exciting rounds, or Couture vs Silvia when Randy came up from
LHW and dethroned Tim (who was on a dominant tear through the HW Division) through a masterful game plan, or Sonnen vs Silva 1 when Anderson pulled that triangle choke out of nowhere and snatched defeat from Chael’s hands, or Shogun vs Machida 1 are all better examples. Heck, Henderson vs Shogun, which wound up being largely a brawl, was a better fight than Forrest vs Bonner.

No doubt that the General uneducated public likes to see a brawl. I think they could imagine themselves doing thatamd proving their heart (much like the Rocky movies), whereas most have no understanding or experience with the technical aspects of combat and so can’t relate to say a masterful display of Grappling like GSP’s domination of Dan Hardy, or the near Matrix level of skill and speed displayed by Demetrius Johnson.

Knowledge of the sport and it’s (at least superficial) technical aspects has grown significantly since the sport’s introduction to American audiences though and hopefully, as the sport remains in the public’ eye, more people will gain more appreciation for its intricacies (I’d bet that a “fantasy MMA league” would be a huge success and help that cause significantly if someone had the wherewithal to start one). The last thing I want to see is a step backwards.


Definatly most people want a brawl , as most don’t understand ground game. I have came along way with getting the ground game myself and i started watching in 95.

With more weight classes there are more fighters to remember, now i like more weight class but a harder to remember who’s champion in each class etc, before their were 5 weigh classes.

I like the fact that i can watch free fights ,the only main stream sport i watch is football, that is sept to feb. Even then i watch my college team and my NFL team. Not 10 hours a day.

My dad is a boxing savant , once he retired he got a tablet, once i showed him how could type in the fight , and watch on you tube . A whole new world opened up for him, he remembered how he watched free fights on tv.

This were are argument came he says that chocking, kneeing in face , elbowing, ground and pound is cheating. And its a sport of hulligins street fighting. That most of the guys are probably former gangbangers, i remind that some of your best fighters come from a wrestling background highly disciplined training and that most boxers come from poverty just like mma.

This very common with old timers they think that boxing is some kind of gentleman sport, and their are manly rules. So punching someone with intentions of causing bodily damage is better than chocking them out.

Now i heard Russia is starting to embrace MMA , im suprised China, India haven’t got more into it.
Now my dads genre isn’t going to get into as well as the hipsters skinny jeans man purse types. As well as the couch potatoes who, murder people and fight zombies ten hours a day. In some video game but couldn’t karate chop a popsicle stick in half.


Just to be clear, I respect the athletes as athletes regardless of what they look like. I was just stating what I will watch. I don’t deny for one second that my preference is sexist. Don’t worry, I own it all the way!


In one line work where apperances have advantages is the waitress, men will almost always tip the prettier girl more.
A very large girl tried suing hooters becuase they wouldnt hire her about ten years ago, i dont know if she won or not.
At the same time look at sage northcut he was like a ken doll, a lot of guys liked watching him get ass kicked.


Right on. Obviously nobody is being forced to watch any MMA fight, and those of us who choose to do so for different reasons.


I dont know he much you are around dojos , has their been more female’s joining martial arts classes after ufc had women’s mma?


They should promote the hell out of this guy, if the public is made aware off how lethal and dominant an athlete he is they will eventually warm to him regardless of size.

I also think if Jon Jones moved up to heavyweight and put a good run together that would captivate could generate tremendous hype. I could also see him crossing over to boxing and doing pretty damn well