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UFC Fighters Upper Backs And Traps


Was watching some ufc fights today and noticed some of the mma fighters such as Vitor Belfort have very impressive upper backs and traps. Anyone know how they achieve that? would cleans and shrugs do the trick?


Never noticed that. If they do, it's probably due to the isometric nature of grappling.

Take a look at strongman competitors. Now there's some impressive traps.


Think about boxing. You accelerate your fist/arm over the course of most of its ROM but then decelerate itfrom considerable velocity over the last couple inch so that you don't hyper-extend.

That's my assumption anyway.


My wrestling coach always taught us that a strong upper back was important.

I guess it has to do with maintaining hand control, grabbing arm bars, grabbing and pulling on legs and stuff.

Plus, all the bridging to fight off your back gives your traps a good workout.


agree with wrestling, as they all basically train in this, and bridges are a big part of wrestling training...


go hit a punching bag full power for 3-5 min... you'll see those are the muscles that get fatigued first cause they take the brunt of the work but are smaller and more prone to injury.
Upper back, shoulders, and triceps mostly.

upper body conditioning and hypertrophy is grossly overlooked in mma.

look at the one's that dont get tired as easily and their upper body tends to be a quite a bit more hypertrophied than their lower body. (Fedor, wanderlei, kid yamamoto).


I wrestle and can personally attest to the fact that the trap workout you might get is from varies drills requiring you to keep your neck up against resistance. Spin-drills, snapdown drills, etc. After I wrestle my forearms and biceps are the most fatigued.


As a former grappler, a lot of pulling(other peoples limbs) tends to build up those traps and upper back muscles.

If you are looking to achieve the look of the MMA's upper back with out the training of grappling and punching etc., then cleans and shrugs will give you the look, deadlifts will also help as well as bent rows and single arm db rows.


As someone who has boxed recreationally for a couple years, the last few inches of your punch should be the quickest part because that's where the contact should be.

The action is closer to snapping a whip than pushing a bar bell.


Yea, you shouldn't be decelerating at all. The key to not hyperextending is learning to judge distance.

And if your traps get tired while working the bag, it's probably because you're shrugging your shoulders when your hands are up. When you bring your hands up, make sure there is practically no tension in your traps.


Read the "Yoke" article on elitefts.com

Basically shrugs, cleans, deadlifts, upright rows and face pulls will work the hell out of your traps. How much/quickly they grow is individual.


FARMERS WALKS....you bet


that most of these guys are juicing is another reason why they have the trap development that seems to come with aas use. of course the grappling training contributes to this being even more noticable than just juicing.


I've never seen a bottle of test with big traps.


You said it bro