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UFC Fight Night *Spoilers*


This was the best one in recent memory, great razor close knockouts for many of the bouts.

Most surprising is the difference in Chris Leben, and I thought I would never say this but, he has matured for the better and is fighting much smarter now (though as he gassed slightly in the third I though he would possible get KO'ed as he was keeping his hands down), fantastic showing and a fantastic ending.

Terry Martin also answered the questions on his limited gas tank, and I feel Chris's at ease and calm demeanor nullified Terry's brawler raw power, and Terry looked confused and soon gassed when he wasn't getting that quick KO. Smart move, and I feel Terry needs to expand his game...and cardio.

I hope Din Thomas' left knee is ok after blowing it out like that, in hindsight I found it strange that Din wasn't trying to move out of that position that Florian had him in, until I used the DVR to rewind the failed slip/takedown. Kenny Florian is a very talented fighter and a monster on the ground, but any guy who stayed active with Sean Sherk (who will overpower anyone in the current UFC lightweight division) for 5 full rounds has tons of heart and even more talent.

Very bad recap as I am too lazy to type I am sure Donut will give a much more detailed post-fight breakdown.

I was surprised by Nate Diaz who I think is really weak even for his division (plus I think Manny Gamburyan would've won if not for the injury and Diaz looked terrified of Corey Hill until Hill basically gave that fight up), but his BJJ is much more solid than I gave credit to him in the past.

I feel good about Nate Quarry after 22 months off from heavy back surgery getting a win, during the bout I didn't see him winning as he looked odd on his feet, and I don't think he is anywhere near ready for any B or A level talent at all, but Pete has the hand speed/power on Nate as Nate admitted. That could've gone either way until the finish.

Mario Yamasaki is getting a rep for (Matt Hughes bursting into the ring incidient at EliteXC unaired - long story) kind of "late" (by some critics), though I personally prefer this as it leaves no doubt in the minds of the two fighters and those watching of who truly won.


On a side note I think cockiness was partly to blame for two losses tonight.

When Martin landed a good shot on Leben during the end which had him stunned instead of going in for the kill Martin puts his hands up in a cocky manner as to say "What's up now".

When Kenny was backpedaling Din started to imitate him, and thus was almost gotten by Florian.


Last rambling post from me.

Nate really needs to work on his stand up movement and defense. His head never moves while engaging in striking, and this will cause him to get knocked out hard sooner or later, but still I am happy for the guy after a 2 year lay off due to injury et cetera.


Who else wished the audio remained "broken" as it was during the first fight?


I like watching fights like that with just hearing the corners.


Personally I loved the auid being broken. It was fun. I wish they broadcasted in multi-channel audio so you could turn them off selectively, I bet people would score a lot of fights differently too.

Wow, for once Leben kept his trap shut, trained hard, gave a realistic expectation for his fight, and won a huge KO. Imagine that. Terry Martin talked all the trash, and looked like he forgot to train in the process. Horrible gas tank.

Too bad about Din Thomas's knee, that would have been a great fight.

Also, I love insane Armenian fighters. The first 20 minutes of TUF 6 had me in tears.

Doctor: "You can't fight."
Roman: "I am now depression."

After all the quitters who backed out of that show, this crazy bastard is overflowing with anger because a doctor tells him he can't fight with a shattered elbow. Hope he gets a shot for being a badass.


Leben looks like he's really changed his style, and seems a bit more stable mentally. Great win for him. Martin got cocky after landing the big right and Leben (who looked gassed in the 3rd up to that point) came right back and scored a great KO.

Also really good to see Nate Quarry get a win in his return bout. Very inspirational story. Tough loss for Sell, who was looking good until he got caught.

Kenny Florian is building confidence with each fight. You'd have to figure he'd be in line for a title shot, especially if Sherk's appeal is denied. The guy is bringing it every fight, and showing well-rounded skills.

Tough break for Din Thomas. Who knows what would've happened had he not blown his knee out on that shot attempt. I thought the fight was a toss-up going in, but once the injury happened, he was done.

One of the better Fight Night cards, in my opinion.


No doubt. I felt bad for that guy too, it's a tough break (npi).
I might actually watch TUF this season, looks like they got actual fighters, instead of crybabies and trolls like that Gabe guy from last season, that was a fucking crock.

Any views on the coaches so far? From what I've seen, Serra seems to spend most of his time complaining about what a "dick" Hughes is - seriously, he mentioned it just about every time he was on camera. Meanwhile Hughes is strategizing and planning ahead, and generally coming across as a better coach, at least to me.


That was great. I thought he was going to kick the doctor's ass. "I'm not a poosy!"


totally agree here...serra is going overboard and actually hughes wasn't saying anything until serra started blabbling about all over the place..Hughes will destroy him if he gets his mindset back...

               That martin is chock full of shit talking....he has had the audacity to be talking shit even about the champ Anderson Silva...Is this guy in love with himself or what??  He's nowhere near the ballet of violence that is Anderson Silva....no way...

             But then it's always that way, the quiet silent ones that don't go boasting and shit talking all the time are the real champs..usually.

                   great fight, you guys watching Saturday for our boy Chuck to whip baldy's ass?

           No, Jardine is a heavy hitter, but he won't be able to take the Iceman...no way..

                   cool thread gents,


I think the games between Serra and Hughes were hilarious. This season looks a little more promising than usual and I'll likely keep up with it.

Edited because I type like an idiot


I agree with you 100% there. He is very marketable for the UFC. I have only seen him in one fight that he hasn't finished (Sherk).

Some of these UFN cards have ended up better than the PPV UFC's.


To me, Hughes look like lion slowly reeling in a baby gazelle who doesn't know what's coming. By the time all of this is said and done, I think Serra will be regretting all the shit talking he's done on Hughes.


Agree with Donut.

TUF is gonna be interesting this year. It's really tough to tell but just looking at this year's competitors it seems they have some tough guys. We will see.

IRT that fighter with the broken elbow, my thoughts are that he was disrespectful and out of line relative to the ortho. We have all had sports related injuries and there are some you just can't play through.

My point is I think he was pretty safe acting like that (insisting on fighting, kicking the garbage can etc.) b/c he knew there was no way he would be allowed to continue so he had nothing to lose. I wasn't impressed at all. In fact, I think he acted like a child.

I like Serra but watching him call his boy a pussy at the end of the match and showing the level of disgust he did and then letting him off the hook for "nerves" like that lowered my opinion of him. If he continues with this whole, "Matt Hughes is a dick" tract he better man up one way or another.

The bottom line is if he gets beat on TUF and roughed up in the octagon, he is going to have to concede to the thing he hates the most and that is getting his ass kicked by "the captain of the football team who gave all the nerds wedgies (paraphrasing)."


Hughes is going to dominate Serra. I expect him to go to at least the 4th round before going in for the kill. He doesn't just want to beat him, he wants to embarrass him.

It's kinda funny how after he won the belt he did nothing but rip on GSP and Hughes for being pricks, and while he may be correct, he is quickly becoming the proverbial pot calling the kettles black.


Serra is an insecure prick. Hughes may be a dick but he enormously confident and ultracool.


Leben irritates me like crazy.


Did anyone else hear Dan Barrera's comments on being God's chosen one?

"I think Matt Hughes picked me because he saw God in me."

He also had a few other bizarre lines in there. I don't have a problem with religion, but preferential treatment and the believe that with all of the issues going on in the world God is on your side during an MMA bout....come on...


Best Fight Night I've ever seen.

Great fights, all of them, even though it was a shame that Din Thomas hurt his knee. Hope he's OK.

Terry Martin looked so one dimensional. It was hilarious that Joe and Mike were even talking about him getting a title shot against Anderson Silva.

Quarry seemed like a decent bloke on TUF, glad he won, though Pete Sell fought really well.

Nate Diaz still looks very far from the top 5 in his weight division. Sherk would have him for breakfast (along with his sweet potato baby food)

and yes, it was the first "fight night" that I've seen in its entirity.


I have a feeling there will be some good Dan Barrera quotes before this season is over....... The guy seems a little out their.