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UFC - Fail (Rant)


I was sure not to title this UFC 99 because this isn't a thread about the entire card. Here's the deal; I just realized that on this fight card exists a preliminary fight which includes perhaps the worst MMA fighter (if you can call him that) in TUF history. Now I don't know who the hell Paul Kelly is but it doesn't matter. Seriously Dana, you gave a fight contract to Rolando Delgado?????


Paul Kelly is a good fighter and is dropping a weight class. They want him to do well and become adjusted so they are going to let him smash a can and look impressive. All the better to use a can who people will at least recognize. It's on the preliminary card, who cares?


I care. For the exact reason you just gave.


You're mad that you don't get to see Roli get smashed?




Why is this even worthy of a thread?? Sherdog is calling you back home.


Besides,Rolando still has to contend with Andy Wang and Gabe Ruediger as "worst fighters in TUF history."


Oh, the Ronin...good times.


Andy is the dumbest not the worst.


war gabe FTW

and bigboss is right go back to sherdog.


What happened to this site? You guys think you're elitist MMA experts here on TN? LOLz. Not only that but to the point that you feel like you need to flame me no less? My apologies. I was amused and disappointed that DW would employ such a shitty fighter. Thought it was noteworthy. Apparently not thread-worthy here in TN's Combat Sports forum.

I will in fact take a hike and go back to where I've been posting, which ironically enough is a forum you actually need be invited to...where members actually treat each other with respect.

L8r haters


Yeah, this is true. Andy is a BJJ black belt under Egan Inoue. Not that you'd know it by the dumb fuck way he fights. That's what drove Penn really nuts on the show. Wang is good on the ground.


Anyone here not actually part of t-cell alpha? if so send me a pm


I actually think I am not anymore since they revamped it.


heh, i guess it shows how often i actually venture out of here these days that i didn't realize they had changed it...i'm no longer a member either.

there are, however, some fat, little teenagers who have contributed much less to this board and fitness in general are, so if belonging to said forum gives you some kind of satisfaction, have at it (obviously not you donut)


Lolz. I'm in same boat as donut. I was invited but never even ventured in. AFA forum I'm referring 2; I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Stop the hate.