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UFC Discussion Thread


UFC Rio is ahead

Anderson Silva vs. Japan Yushin Okami
Mauricio Rua vs. F. Griffin
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Brendan Schaub
Edson Barboza vs. Ross Pearson
Brazil Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov

Preliminary Card

Thiago Tavares vs. Spencer Fisher
Rousimar Palhares vs. Dan Miller

This will be an amazing card, not only because those southron americans rarely lay and pray.
Apparently, the angle is Brazil vs the world, as only one little fight on the Facebook card features no guy with green-yellowish shorts.

Okami is great, but I don't see him being able to cover his ass for 25 minutes against the no.1
He'll make a mistake and Silva will unleash.
Even training with Chael, who was juiced to the gills and was always all about the takedown, won't make Okami's style change overnight and transform him into a tekudownu-banzai machine.
And his boxing is juuuust not good enough.

Rua is one of my favorite fighters. I knew he was in trouble against Forrest back when they clashed first. I was shocked how bad it looked against Jones.
However, in my opinion, injuries and bad cardio brought him down the first time, overobsessing on a gameplan was his doom against the now champion.
That won't happen here, no injuries and no riddle to solve - Forrest is still a grinder who's standup and BJJ are very solid.
He'll grind.
Shogun will try knock his ass out.
Shogun wins, if he can avoid the ground.

I hope Brendan Schaub will make it successfully back to the states, cause he'll punish Nog into retirement. It already hurts while I type. The city will hate him.
Probably the only american victory that night.

Barboza is made for showing how muay thai can be applied against boxing in the octagon - brutally.

Cane vs Nedkov - no idea.

Probably Tavares, as he can deal with all of Fisher's strengths.

Palhares vs Miller.
The ridiculously buff brazillian looks superiour in pretty much every way: badass mug, unprenouncable nickname (Babyeater?), tan. Can Miller hope to wear him out?
I don't think so. Babyeater will krush then submit!


I hate that I doubt Big Nog. He seems like a gentleman, and a fantastic coach. I want him to get out of MMA with his brain intact so he can keep training fighters. This fight almost makes me want to not watch.

And this one makes me REALLY want to watch.


I have a feeling Okami has a little something up his sleeve and he is going to surprise a lot of people tonight. I call upset victory going Okamis way, either late round stoppage or UD.

Nog - Schaub is the one I'm least looking forward to, it'd probably be insane if Nog could pull of just one more in Brazil for the good old times sake but I just can't see that happening. Would be great place to announce his retirement though, and I really hope that happens.

Shogun is going to crush Forrest. I count Shogun superior in just about every aspect of the game expect for eating punches, which is just what Forrest will do. Forrest is tough, so maybe he'll hang on to 2nd, but I expect TKO W for Shogun (I call left hook followed up by nasty GnP).

I really like both Pearson and Barboza, so it pains me that Pearson is probably going to get his legs kicked to hospital and face smashed in for 3 rounds or till he crumbles. Fight of the night stuff definitely.

One of the best cards I can remember, hope it lives up to the names on the card.


There is a rumour around there that Shogun injured his knee again during preparation for the fight and is going to fight with an injury. If that is correct i would go with Forrest.

his UFC stint 3-3 includes a win over an old Coleman and a fading chin Liddell, his win over Lyoto i think it was more because of the style matchup. If he loses again today it will prove that he will be the biggest bust in UFC history, maybe even bigger than Crocop.

just bet heavily on Schaub, as much as we all love Minotauro, coming from 3 cirurgies and 1 year and half out of ring won't make this a Rocky Movie.


C'mon, Kaisermetal, why the animosity to Shogun?

Crocop had not had one really great round in the UFC. He lived off the fat-fame of the land of the rising sun - and I won't blame him, as a fan.
But let's keep it real:

Shogun's fights were all good. Even the one against Coleman was cool, as apparent as his gassing problems were and I refuse to refer to Coleman as a can (whose next fight against Bonnar resulted in a nice and deserving victory - or was he a can, too?).
Defeating Machida was also not just a style thing, in my opinion.
Machida has been known to break people mentally with his elusivness and viscious countering.
Raping the rythm of every fighter placed before him Nanking-Karate style while mocking them with his perpetually exposed chin
Also, which is very interesting for his fight with Rua: Seemingly absorbing low kick punishment effortlessly (watch the fight with Greco)
No - Rua can be proud of his achievements in the UFC.

Crocop, on the other hand, has had a bunch of mostly really bad fights. Anthony Perosh? The eyepoke orgy against Al-Turk? Sparring sessions with Mir and Berry?

I'd love to see the old or a reinvented Crocop.
But it won't happen.

But I'm sure I'll see a fantastic bout tonight between two top-10 fighters.


Coleman is NOT a can, he was just very over the hill at that point, the same goes for Chuck.

There is no hate against Shogun from my part, i like his style, it's just that when it comes to betting, and fighting break-down, the only guy I can't keep my head cool and make a solid analysis is Fedor Emelianenko due to my eternal nut-hugging.




Great card as expected!

Barboza - Pearson was a great fight, I had rounds 1 and 3 going to Pearson but 3 was really close and could've gone either way so I'm not complaining. With a little more footwork and movement Pearson would've probably had this, maybe mixing it up with a few more leg kicks but the fight was joy to watch never the less.

Guess it turned out as a Rocky movie for big Nog after all :slight_smile: . Gotta love that stuff, was smiling like a retard when big Nog was celebrating in front of the roaring crowd.

Shogun got in the first, guess that left hook didn't quite land but at least I had the GnP TKO right lol. Don't know if his knees were shot or not but he delivered, would've been cool if it lasted a bit longer but he got the win and that's what matters the most.

I hope somebody asks Okami what the fuck was he thinking. Eating a few knees from a guy with his back against the cage can't possibly be worse than getting hit clean on the jaw by a rear hand straight? I mean he might've suffered more punishment than he could've dished out by wallhugging Anderson but at least he would've won, just ask Randy. Only thing that really dissapointed me the whole night, though watching Anderson when he loosens up is always nice. Hope its Chaels turn to show Okami how its done the next time around.



i couldn't believe! fuck Tito, Minota is the true COME BACK OF THE YEAR!

Banha VS Nedkov - What can i say? Banha got hit FIVE times by the only weapon Nedkov possesed on his standup that was his looping right hook, even though he got the better of the exchanges and crisp combinations, Nedkov end up connecting a good one on Banha's temple. Who made me LOL hard when he started running like a madman and trying to go through the octagon cage(if i'm not mistaken he had already done that against Minotouro)

Toquinho VS Miller - To me, it was the true FOTN, Toquinho is simply too dumb, i couldn't believe when he stopped punching and went to jump over the cage to celebrate. I really don't like him as a person, he came back poked Miller in the eye, almost got knocked out(he probably lost consciousness on that knock down and woke up from the next hit, he goes limp from the impact.), gave to blatantly illegal blows after the bell with full force, gassed and grabbed the cage SEVERAL times, no reaction from Herb Dean, maybe he was feeling sorry about Toquinho stupidness after Marquardt fight.

Shogun VS Griffin - I still don't know about his injury, but he didn't use any kicks, it was a good performance, but it's clear that Shogun 2005-esche is gone for good. Forrest was gun-shy for most of the fight, couldn't get his rhythm going and distance set and paid the price. I guess what he said about stagnating is true, he may be out of the "mix" for good.

Minotauro VS Schaub - WOW! completely blew away my predictions, the last thing i expected, poor Schaub now people will wonder about his chin for the rest of his career. PRIDE NEVER DIES.

AS VS Okami - Anderson is the new Muhammed Ali, RJJ-like. Felt his opponent style, distance on the first round and simply unloaded on the second. Who can stop him? i have my doubts, maybe if Chael get past Stann we can finally see if the rib was the major factor in that fight, or maybe a super fight against Hendo on 205lbs on the FOX card. eitherway AS is probably going to retire undefeated.


Pearson got robbed. He was backing Barboza up all night and landing way more. Edson did have a home town advantage, and was throwing fancy shit, but I only saw a handful connect clean. More evidence to me that the judges suck dick.

I couldn't fathom what was up with Forrest. I expected him to shoot for take downs constantly like he did against Rich. Shogun easily has some of the best kickboxing in his division. Anyway I didn't think Shogun looked AWESOME, but he's several levels above where he was when he fought Jones (lol).

I never expected Anderson to matrix Yushin like that. That shit was brilliant. That said, was it just me or was Anderson WAY bigger than usual? Also, again, was it just me or was he a little sluggish?

Anyway, Big Nog looked pretty good. They should fix up a Mir rematch and get that settled.


I'm I the only one who thinks that Barboza lost to Njokuani too? the judges must love that spinning back kick


Just watched Miller - Paul Harris, it never ceases to surprise me how fucking dumb that midget looking huge fucking monster is. 1st round was definitely FotN stuff, after that not so much, especially the 3rd was really nothing but gassed Paul Harris looking to hit something with his slow motion windmill punches. It'd be really easy to like the guy if he had some brains, but thats the way it is and you always know something is going to happen when he steps in the cage, either he thinks he can act the referee or then he'll just rip off some limbs...

About Barboza - Pearson, I think Barboza landed some solid combinations earlier in the 3rd, but with Pearson finishing with landing a whole bunch of clean shots late in the round one could've though it would've gone his way, but guess the judged wanted to give the crowd something to cheer about.


Truly entertaining card.

I predicted most of the Brazilians fighters would win and I was pleased with the final results :slight_smile:

The Barbosa vs Pearson decision made me raise an eyebrow though but hey, I guess the judges thought the Brazilian had to win :slight_smile:


I thought Barbosa vs Pearson was a close fight. I saw Pearson as having edged it out with ring generalship. His strategy was great. Barboza should look at developing a jab. Pearson did great regardless. It was no where near robbery on the Hamill vs Bisbing level.

I am thrilled Big Nog did well. Still, I would like to see him fight more like the BJJ ace he is rather than the "I spar with International Level Amateur Boxers" level boxer that he also is.

I don't get Palhares. He holds onto submissions like a demented honey badger and has to be pried off by the ref. Now he stops punching someone before the ref makes it clear the fight is over. Find a middle ground. I do love watching him fight though. He knows how to play to his strengths. I missed his fight and only saw the HL.

Shogun looked ok. No kicks thrown though, as Kaiser already pointed out. Chronic injuries may have already undone him.

Final note: I am not sure buy did any of you guys/gals see this Anderson Silva guy? He looks like he might be a pretty decent fighter someday.


Robert A


Sorry, but Barboza lost that fight. everyone i know, says pearson was robbed. pearson should have won that fight. pearson landed much more effected punches plus was the aggressor all night. very very bad decision.


Paul Harris said that dan miller said to stop. thats why he stopped punching. personally, i think he was trying to conn the ref into stopping it. sure he was tired in the 3rd, but so was miller. it was a fast paced fight. I was happy as hell that nogeira won. He showed more power in his punches than he normally does. Nogeira's standup has always been "ok" but never seen him knock anyone out. hes a submission guy. his brother is more of the standup guy.

and no, anderson silva didn't look sluggish. he threw certain things to guage how Okami would react. like he would throw these over hand lefts. sorta of slow. but then in the second, he looked extremely fast. People often ask, why does Silva put his hands down like that. he does it to lure guys to throw at him, so he can counter them. like he did against forrest griffen.