UFC: Demian Maia Submits Ben Askren

I was in Singapore two weeks before this bout. What I would have given to have been there to see it live!

Guys like Maia are one of the few reasons I still watch MMA. I probably follow MMA news more than the actual fights. So it’s great to see a classy guy like Maia still represent jiu-jitsu in MMA at the highest level - at the age of 41!!!

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In a sense Askren hasn’t won at all so far in the UFC. His supposed victory over Robbie Lawlor happened because Askren had Lawlor up against the cage, and referee Herb Dean thought that when Askren had a choke on him that was actually around the chin, Lawlor was technically submitted after he dropped his arm down. Dean didn’t see it properly. I don’t suppose Askren was guaranteed to win otherwise.

Masvidal seems to think he is a bum. I wonder if he continues to flop out.

You can strangle someone even if you aren’t under the chin.


How does that work?

A bulldog choke puts tremendous pressure on the neck and spine. Tough call but probably the right one on Dean’s part.

A strangle, or blood choke, works by putting pressure on the arteries on the side of the neck. You don’t need to be under the chin to do that. You can even cut off the ability to breathe by putting pressure on the chin.

Look at what Maia did to Rick Story. He wasn’t under the chin.

Askren is still top 10-15 in my eyes. Problem is, he’s worn out and does not look conditioned. His drooping eyes betray an affinity for alcohol. With the right camp, he’d be very dangerous. He still is for most, doubly so because him winning almost guarantees to make you look bumish.

And he most definitely choked a chunk of Robbie’s soul out of his ears. That choke was in. Dropping arms tell no lies.

Ben doesn’t like fighting. He loves wrestling and challenging himself. And the pay😬 I doubt we’ll see an evolving fighter at this stage.

I’m not even saying he should “learn to jab” or such nonsense. I think he would do fine with a new gym that focuses on 1) conditioning, 2) his physical issues (I bet he’s got a bunch) 3) and implementing his strengths right. I’m also fairly confident he’s mostly in charge of everything on top of having numerous business commitments.