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UFC Counter-Programming Again

Over on mmaweekly.com they ran a story saying that next Saturday (July 26), Spike will be showing UFC 84 to counteract the Elite XC show.

For those that don’t remember, UFC 84 is the Penn-Sherk main event, and also features Wanderlei Silva’s destruction of Keith Jardine and Lyoto Machida picking apart Tito Ortiz.

Personally, I think UFC should’ve flip-flopped weeks and had the Silva-Irvin card on the 26th to go up against Elite XC. But, Dana’s No. 1 enemy at the moment appears to be Affliction, which outside of the hardcore MMA audience, won’t do much in terms of PPV buys.

Wasn’t Affliction doing some boxing as well?

Awesome, I love it. As long as this cut throat stuff goes on we are going to get saturated with kick ass MMA.


I like the fact that UFC is doing this, even if they dont get the ratings or all the fans, we the fans get a lot more fights, like Kalle said, Yay for DVR!