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UFC Cardio...

Okay, I thought I’d give a shot to incorp’ing some cardio “UFC” style on my cardio days. (remember the Chris guy that was the only one to finish the treadmill?)

Mind you, I’m still FARRRRR from where I should be but managed to give my first attempt a solid go, and finished the goal I set.

5min at 5mph
5min at 6mph
5min at 7mph
5min at 8mph

Ab Workout
Incline lower ab crunch 3x15
Incline leg raise hip-up 3x15
Incline Side crunch 3x15
Incline Knee up 3x15
Incline Lying crunch 3x15
Trunk Raise 3x15
No rest between excercise changes - 3min rest and stretch between sets.

Speed Rope
10 min

The run was the killer! Felt damned good to finish strong at the 20min mark although I’d like to do be able to do the 30 min as they did on the show. :slight_smile: