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UFC Card Change


diego sanchez has pulled out of his fight with thiago alves and has been replaced by josh koschek



So I take it Kos is not fighting for the troops benefit show then?


Bummer Diego is out but Kos is a great last-minute replacement and is probably a little tougher opponent for Alves.


I think that show is a little up in the air as it is.


The Venue is booked, and the USA/USAF are selling tickets, so I'm sure the show will be there.

I'm just not sure who will replace Josh.


I think Alves would have man-handled Sanchez.


Ditto. I think Kos is a much tougher match up for Alves.


Whatever I think Diego would have won he should have beaten Fitch but staff infections are a killer


Damn. I wanted to see Diego and GSP. We've already seen Koscheck and GSP so I hope Alves wins.


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