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UFC 99 Silva vs. Franklin VIDEOS


Videos will be here immediately after the fights:



Does anyone know what time (German time) the actual show starts? Germany is 6 hours ahead of the East Coast of the U.S. (9 hours ahead of the West Coast), so I'd love to know what time local time (German time) it starts. I know the PPV in the U.S. is still not being shown until 10:00 pm Eastern, but that's a few hours after the fact.


I'm watching Hardy vs. Davis right now:



theforce...thanks a lot for postin all these vids all the time..i watch every single one when i miss the event.
thanks again..i see no one was givin you ups for it..but its nice you take the time and post the fights for those who have missed it. I know i'm not the only one on here


Valasquez looked good but when he got rocked it made me wonder how he is going to handle a shot from Carwin or even Brock.


Wow. You should know that anyone and everyone can get rocked.....the difference maker is how they handle it. Velasquez took some hard shots...and showed his toughness. Just like Carwin showed against Gonzaga. However,I doubt that anyone can take a Carwin shot...and that includes Brock.

Congrats to Velasquez....he tenderized Kongo.


seriously, those were clean punches that kongo landed...does it really look to you like kongo hits softly?


He gets paid for it. It aint no service he's doing.


Speak for yourself....and speak English when you do so.


grrr... I like the agression. I oughta spank you naughty boy.


oh I didn't know he gets paid for it? lol..well whatever still good for me. And you guys spoiled the fights lol I havent even seen them yet and I know half the fights who won because of these threads haha.


I don't think it is his chin that is the problem. I really enjoyed his control and retaining dominant positioning.. and the ground and pound was decent too. Nothing destructive, but good enough.


Sucks CroCop poked that dude in the eye, but it didn't matter. That dude was way overmatched, and CroCop turned it on right before the pokin'.


I mean sure Kongo hits hard but is it a Carwin shot, no. If he gets stunned will he be able to tskedown a Lesnar or Carwin nope.


Maybe so...at least when talking about Carwin. Lesnar still has standup like a rock'em sock'em robot...no fluidity.

As for taking those two down...never say never. Keeping them on the mat would be the biggest challenge.


I think Cain will lose to someone who has good striking and excellent take down defense/wrestling. Both Brock and Carwin fit the bill. Cain got rocked each and every time they exchanged. The only problem was that Kongo's wrestling is non-existent. If he could have stuffed his take downs or just gotten back to his feet after the take downs, it would have been a short night for Cain.

While neither Brock nor Carwin are Kongo caliber strikers, I believe both have superior striking than Cain. Remember that Brock fought Randy Couture (boxer/wrestler) on his third fight and TKO'd him. Carwin stood and exchanged with Gonzaga, knocking him out. Cain might just be a little over-hyped.


What you meant to say was that Cain will lose to someone who has better striking..clinch game..and better take down defense/wrestling. Neither Carwin or Lesnar fit that bill..only pieces. Carwin has edge in power over Cain and his wrestling hasn't been tested in the UFC. Not saying that he doesn't have wrestling(good wrestler)..it just hasn't been put to the test yet.

Lesnar's wrestling plus his size would wear on Cain. Lesnar has weak stand-up...just heavy hands(doesn't automatically give you credit as a good striker). Like I said,he's like a rock'em-sock'em robot right now. Also,don't be like the many who let this fight determine that Cain doesn't have any stand-up(or a chin). Its a foolish mistake. Gameplan and strategy being poorly executed resulted in him taking those shots from Kongo.

Most people didn't know much about Velasquez until it was announced that Kongo was replacing Herring. People didn't even know his wrestling credentials. He has great potential.....recognizing this is being confused with over-hyping him.

Its not like he is an overrated HW top contender or anything. I wonder how you say that in French :wink:


I meant to say what I wrote, and both do fit the bill.

Carwin's wrestling does not need to be tested "in the UFC". He is a high level wrestler. It is good enough for him to not be taken down easily and be able to get up quickly when he does --> which is all he needs.

Lesnar does not have weak standup. He is not a high level striker like Kongo, but his striking is better than Cain's - which is what my post was about.

As for Cain, I have been following him for quite a while now. I knew of him long before there was any mention of him fighting Kongo.

Strategy and game plan are not the reason he took those shots. He took those shots because he is not a striker. He had not done any striking till he started training MMA. Kongo was a kickboxer before he came to MMA. He is a high level striker, similar to how Cain is a high level wrestler. It just so happens MMA favors wrestlers over strikers, which is why Cain won.
However, like I said, if someone has good enough wrestling to stuff take downs and get back up when taken down, and have decent striking, they will beat Cain.
And I believe both Carwin and Brock can do that.

Although I do agree with you, Cain is a good prospect.


You might want to read your own post and fix the discrepancies and irony....and jokes.


On another note, lets say Bobby Lashley defeats Bob Sapp, he will soon be in the UFC. Then we will have:

1) Brock Lesnar
2) Shane Carwin
3) Cain V.
4) Bobby Lashley

All very high caliber wrestlers.

Mir, Kongo, Nog, Couture are all Vets.

Ultimate Fighter season, with only heavy weights is also coming. I am sure that will produce a couple future title contenders also.

White has been talking about possibly signing Overeem.

HW division will soon be one of the most competitive weight classes in the UFC. And will most definitely have the best pool of Heavy weights in the world.