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UFC 81

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Anyone have any thoughts or predictions?

I for one am pretty psyched to see Silvia vs. Nog. Should be really interesting. I predict Nog by sub in the 3rd or 4th, or else by decision.

I have no idea what to think of Mir vs. Lesnar, but I have a feeling that if Mir is back to anywhere near his top form that he should be able to tool Lesnar. Yes, Brock is big and strong and heavy, but he's not that much bigger than Mir, and Mir actually has a reasonably complete game, including standup, which Lesnar by all accounts does not have.



Bueller . . . ?


Mir vs Lesnar is a little intriguing. Mir has a definitive advantage in terms of experience, but has not been the same fighter he was before his motorcycle accident resulted in the forfeiture of the HW title. On the other hand, Lesnar will enjoy a strength and takedown advantage, but will that be enough to overcome Mir's submission advantage on the ground? I think there will be a couple of questions answered by this match...hopefully anyways

Sylvia vs Nog is one of the first Pride vs UFC heavyweight bouts we get to see, with two former HW champs going to battle. I'm hoping this is not a snoozefest as Sylvia better not come in hoping to lay on Nog for a win...his last match against Vera took laying on someone to the next level as Sylvia was able to do it standing up and laying against the cage


(Just thought I'd bump this, seeing that it's only a few days away).


This sums up my thoughts pretty well.

I think Lesnar will win, but will see some danger in the form of a submission attempt or two from Mir.

Sylvia has become one of the most-boring fighters on the planet. Really a shame as he used to be entertaining when he was aggressive and always looking for the KO. I can see him grinding out an ugly decision, though. Nog has great submission skills, I just don't know if he can get Sylvia into position to lock one in.


Assuming for a second that Nog wins, what kind of a position does that put Dana and the UFC in, seeing that someone else out there (cough * Fedor * cough) completely dominated Nog 3 times? The UFC Heavyweight Champion title will seem kind of meaningless at that point, won't it?


I see Sylvia taking this fairly handily. He probably won't get the stop, but it should be an easy judge decision. I'll reserve judgement for after the weigh in, because last time Nog looked pudgy and soft and was far from flight of foot in the fight. If Heath Herring almost kills you with a high kick, something ain't right.

Regardless of who wins, it looks bad on the UFC. Besides the point that Damici raises, if Syvlia were to win, it still sets up Randy as the man who beat the UFC champion, and in the eyes of the fans he is undoubtedly the true champion of that division. Nog winning at least takes the shine off of Randy's victory over Tim somewhat. In the eyes of a casual UFC fan, Randy is everything and Fedor is who?


Rispekct. If Nog has visible abs at the weigh-in, I'm picking him, if not, wake me up after the snore fest that will be a 5 round(is it 5?)decision for Timmah. Every fighter has a few turd showings, but Nog looked like dog shit against Heath-cliff. Nog's striking game improved so much in the last few years of Pride. His hands were incredible. While watching the fight with Herring it made it seem like he forgot everything he learned training with those herfer's down in Cuba.

The HW division is so sad right now, I don't think it will hurt the UFC one way or the other no matter who wins. Who does the winner of this fight defend the title against? The winner of Mir/Lesner? Will CroCop magically get a title shot because he is CroCop? Good thing Dana didn't sign Fedor. Dumbass.

As for Mir/Lesner. I only see one of two things happening. Mir comes in and destroys Lesner, or Lesner squeaks by with a decision.


Yeah, everyone seems to be picking Lesnar but I have no idea why. Mir is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and, though he might be past his prime due to the accident and all, he's at least got a fairly well rounded fighting game, which is something NONE of us have any idea whether or not Lesnar has.

As for Mir/Lesner. I only see one of two things happening. Mir comes in and destroys Lesner, or Lesner squeaks by with a decision.



The HW division is already in shambles, so it doesn't really matter who wins, it won't bring any more respect back to that title.

Arlovski is too timid now; Cro Cop's career is on life-support and Gonzaga's been exposed in his last 2 fights. No one buys Werdum as a legit long-term championship contender. Broken hand or not, Vera had a bad showing against Sylvia and might be better off at 205.

That's why the UFC is pushing Lesnar so hard, despite the fact he has only 1 pro fight. He has the ability to be a very marketable champion for the company. The question is, does he have what it takes to get there?


I'm pretty sure the Olympic boxing team doesn't train for high kicks. Which brings me to my point, in that Nog has superb boxing, for boxing's sake. But in an MMA fight anyone who adds another dimension to the stand up beyond just pugilism has had sucess against him. So in that regards, I think his stand up matches up with Tim a little better than most give him credit for going in. I think Nog can actually win some rounds on the feet, but he's going to have trouble with Tim's new favorite tactic of laying on the guy against the fence.


Mike Goldberg is that you?


I was referring more to his striking looking very sloppy when compared to the late Pride days. He certainly wasn't in the best of shape in the Herring fight so I place most of the blame there. I'm with you on the head kicks.


Yeah Nog tooled him standing apart from the high kick which he caught when going for a takedown. If Couture can beat Sylvia standing than I think Nog can.

It will be a very interesting fight but i might have to watch it with the sound down due to the high possibility of boos.

If Mir is back on form he shouldn't have too much trouble with Lesnar. I'm hearing quotes left right and centre that Lesnar doesn't look that great in sparring. I suspect he will go straight for the takedown, get it, and get arm barred.


I would love to see Mir make Lesner Tap out.


Lesnar's coach at U of MN told us he was the hardest working athlete he has ever worked with. If you are familiar with their wrestling program you will realize how strong of a statement that is.

My understanding is he has been training MMA for about 2 years now. From what I hear he is taking this very seriously and is bringing the same work ethic.

I have met him personally, been in the gym when he was training and will state he is a big, thick, strong guy. I make this statement having spent 20 years as a powerlifter so I have seen a lot of big, strong men. I was impressed.

Unless he has a glass chin, which has yet to be tested, I think he will destroy Mir. I think Mir is used to being the stronger guy in the ring and he better adapt his style because I really he is going to be surprised by the strength and aggression Brock brings.

Having said that, I am really not that excited about this card and if I wasn't going to have some friends in town this weekend probably would just head out to watch it and not fork out the cash.


I have yet to read this entire thread, but I saw mentioned several times something about the UFC looking bad if Tim loses to Nog. I just don't believe that's true.

The only people who believe that the UFC will really be hurt by anything other than a HYOOOGE scandal that makes the front page of every newspaper.

Do you look at Sports Illustrated very often? What's your sports page look like? From my end it is RARE that we have anything in the Sports page about the UFC...mma a few times(I made the cover of the sports page woooo.lol), but that was only because of the local professional and amateur fighters here.

The truth is that MMA is not exactly a mainstream sport right now, and I would imagine that the gigantic majority of people who "watch UFC" are not so interested in the whole deal as we are. I know alot of people who love the UFC, love MMA, but know jack about what is going on outside of TUF, or on the PPV's(Where they didn't announce Big John's retirement or Randy saying "EFF YOU!"), and i don't think that makes them subpar sports fans either. They just don't know and don't really care to know more than that the UFC is the big brand that seems to have all of the other orgs in check.

Joe Fan: "EliteXC who? What's Strikeforce some new movie or something?"

as far as my picks...I am purposely ambiguous at all times.lol. I have respect for all fighters, and realize that anything can happen, but here goes.

  1. Sylvia. I am not entertained during most of his fights, but the guy is a horrible style matchup for just about anyone. I think it will be very hard for Nog to take things to the ground, and I think that if he does he will have a helluva time trying to submit the big man.

  2. I hope to God Mir wins, but I also have to honestly admit that part of the reason I want him to win is because of Brock's pro wrestling backround, lack of experience, and the fact that in his second MMA fight ever he's fighting a former champ. Granted, you could take anyone with his kind of amateur wrestling credentials and make them a force to be reckoned with, but with his amount of MMA experience I'm just going to be shocked if he ground and pounds Mir to a victory. If he does do that then he's legit, but I'm still going to hate to read all the talk of 15 year olds who made the move because of Pro Wrasslin'.

  3. Nate the Great. I frickin' love Jeremy Horn, but I think Marquardt's got this one.

  4. damnit, I don't have time to go into the rest of them, but I think it would be safe to say that we will see at least one crazy knockout Saturday night when Eastman and Martin get in the cage.


The Countdown show is on tonight at 11 p.m., I believe. All-Access with Brock Lesnar airs tomorrow at midnight, for those that are interested.


Everyone picking Mir is obviously way off mark. I don't know how you can doubt a guy who will get a giant dick tattooed on his chest and not care. Brock "Eternally Titty Fucked" Lesnar by F5.

Honestly, I don't know how to pick this fight. It's pretty much a piss into the wind. Mir is an eternal underachiever, and Brock is a big strong FREAKISHLY athletic guy who we haven't even seen get hit in the face yet.


I don't think anyone is doubting Lesnar is a big strong ass dude and has a great work ethic, but the fact remains that he is hella inexperienced and MMA is some tricky shit. Case in point, I can probably deadlift more than GSP. I'm also a lot bigger physically than he is. Unless I get to bring...oh I don't know...a sword and some guns to the cage, he will beat my ass into oblivion.