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UFC 79: Liddell vs Silva





Old news. I'm such a dope. I just saw that it was announced three days ago.


I know I didn't see this so it's news to me. I found a link with other potential matches, including BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson for the LW title:


If this card is for real, it's a definite buy.




This is a fight years in the making for the hardcore MMA audience.

A year ago, this would've done huge PPV numbers, but now with Liddell having lost 2 straight and Wand coming off a loss to Henderson, the bout loses a bit of its luster.

Should be an entertaining fight, though. I think Chuck's time is done and see Wand winning this one in a 3-round war.


wand tko u heard it here first.


Yes, but what round and minute.


My thoughts exactly. I still look forward to the fight, though.


I think I've seen more postings on the plans for and the potential of this fight than I have any other fight. This has been YEARS in the making...now let's all hold our breath and see if it comes to fruition.....


Agreed, a year ago I would probably be losing my mind right now over this fight. Now...I am just expecting Wandy to catch Chuck and end it in the second round or so.


Even on a bad day Chuck can knock almost anyone out at any moment. He has the ultimate punchers chance.


I don't know.

I have always thought Wandy is the perfect style match up for Chuck. Wand is always moving forward and rarely throws anything straight down the pipe. He's a tailor made for Chuck's 'circle away and counter' style.

I don't necessarily think that Chuck is a better fighter. I just think he presents a tough style matchup for Wandy. Just like Wandy presents a tough style matchup for the guy who owns Chuck (Rampage).


What the UFC needs is a "Silva", or "Silvia" contending in every damn weight class.

Talk about name recognition.


Sounds like Rock, Paper, Scissors.


Glad I just made a new thread about this. How the fuck did I miss this? Cause I'm blind.


Wandy by TKO in the 2nd. Both are talented fighters. I just think Wandy has a lot more to gain by winning, so he should be more motivated.