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UFC 79, Liddell vs. Silva?


Yeah, I'm as tired of hearing about it as you are but...



Assuming Silva is back to his true form (and regardless of whether or not Chuck is), I'd say Silva by brutal KO or TKO. Too many tools in his arsenal, all of them devastating.

But that's just me.


I used to be the biggest chuck whore around. But after watching his last two fights - he needs to take some time off and figure out how serious he is about fighting.

He got his ass KTFO against Rampage - but his fight against Jardine was a totally heartless attempt at collecting a paycheck, IMO.

If he is going to continue fighting like he did in the Jardine fight - I would just as soon he not fight anymore.




I think that this is definitely a fight where someone will get KOed or TKO. Silva is a beast, there is no doubt, but he has not fought as many quality opponents as you would expect given the depth of PRIDE's old division. Part of his record was built on tearing nobodies to pieces.

Liddell looked lackluster in his last fight but will always have a good punchers chance. However Silva seems to be good at recovering quickly from heavy hits (Until his last 2 fights).
All and all it should be a good fight and I think Silva will win this one.


True to some degree, although one of those that Wanderlei tore to pieces VICIOUSLY -- TWICE -- is Rampage . . .


After 4 years of holding the title and maintaining his condition, I think the guy's burnt out. He had a goal to beat everyone he could but it got shattered. He had a good run. I hope gets the fire back as I'm a big chuck fan too. Even got his DVD that he signed for me. But hell I'm a fan of all those top light heavy weight guys. Even Jardine (although I'm one of the few I know).