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UFC 78


Does this card look more suited to a Fight Night than UFC 78?



Yup, and everyone seems to agree. A main event of Bisping vs. Evans??

No interest.


Is anyone actually going to pay real money to watch this card? Hopefully this means they're saving everyone they can for a real card to end the year.


It should go down as the worst PPV of 2007 but there are plenty of TUF fans out there that would want to see the main event.

To me, it is about the same strength as the last fight night. This sort of event should be free in an attempt to promote the sport further. It's just greedy trying to get people to pay for this.


2 TUF Champions going head to head in a division where they are a mile off the pace. Sometimes the lesser known guys put on very good fights though.

I saw Hector Lombard fight in Australia and I think he will put on some sort of show.


The people would have been semi-interested in a Bisping vs. Hammill rematch in the US.

The people would have been semi-interested in seeing a Tito-Evans rematch.

Bisping vs. Evans? Zzzzzzzz

Like someone else was saying, I bet they're saving all of the good fights for some sort of spectacular in December


One could only hope they finish the year with a bang. I don't like to whinge but this card is way below my expectations. Bisping v Evans close to the worst main event in pay per view history.

I just can't see how Dana and etc looked at this card and said "Yep. People will pay money for this."


The main event was originally supposed to be Sean Sherk vs. BJ Penn for the lightweight title, but Sean Sherk was suspended for a positive drug test (which he is currently disputing). Considering that Bisping vs. Evans is the replacement for this card's main event, I agree that it is not a compelling matchup and I am a little disappointed.

However, the last card of the year is going to be epic!


I really hope so.

Wanderlei Silva vs. ?


Last card of the year should be stacked. So far we have rumors of Nog vs Kongo, BJ Penn vs Sherk or Joe Daddy for the LW title (depends on what happens to Sherk), and Wandy vs either Chuck or Forrest. Also some rumblings of Tito vs Dan Henderson.

I agree with everyone on 78, it looks weak.


Any chance of Mark Hunt making an appearance, or will he still be too heavy for the heavyweight division?


Dana says he is under contract to the UFC, he just needs to show that his weight is under control before they book him. At the time he said this, he said Mark was around 285. That was a month ago. I imagine once he is around 275 or so they will go ahead and book him and pray he doesn't do all his training at the Golden Corral.


Wow, that is a sad fucking card.

Watch, they will interview Fedor and everyone will miss it!


I don't know, looks like some good matches to me.


Hector Lombard is out against Karo. Apparently they failed to realize that he is a Cuban national and can not get a US Passport.


Bummer, I thought that Hector had Australian citizenship. I saw him fight a couple of times here in Aus. He is not the most skillful fighter but he is a beast and pretty entertaining. Any Aussies see the Lombard v Noke fight? I was pretty surprised Noke took this fight given the weight difference.


Totally weak card but sometimes those fights can prove to be the more entertaining. I won't be paying for this one.

I have faith that the last one of the year will be sensational. 2007 has been a very big year for the UFC and Dana should want to finish the year on a high.



There may be hope.


I saw last night that DirecTV was packaging 77, 78, and 79, with some other stuff (a tapout beenie is all that I can remember right now) for the price of the 3 cards ($120 SD, $150 HD). It looks like the marketing people agree, 78 is pretty suspect.


I'm pretty sure Hendo would maul Tito. But it would be a good fight to see.