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UFC 77 Picks and Predictions


This is not a who will win between Rich and Silva but......its a who will win EACH fight. Here are mine and I'd like to hear yours...

Rich Franklin over A. Silva TKO 4th rd
Brandon Vera over Tim Sylvia unanimous Dec.
Yushin Okami over Jason Macdonald Tko 3rd round
Kalib Starnes over A. Belcher unanimous Dec.
Matt Grice over J. Black Unanimous Dec
Stephan Bonner over Eric Schafer Unanimous Dec.
Demian Maia over Ryan Jenson Sub rd 2
Josh Burkman over Forest Petz tko rd 2
Alvin Robinson over Jorge Gugel tko rd 2


I forgot it was this weekend, but here's mine.

Anderson Silva over Rich by Fatality Rd. 1
Timmay over Vera by smothering UD
Jason Macdonald over Okami by surprise guillotine choke, Rd. 2
*Don't know much about the next 2 fights
Schaefer over Bonnar by sub Rd. 1
Not sure about the rest of the fights either.


LOL. Good one.


I'll take the exact opposite of the above...oh yeah, and Dana White is a genious! (sorry for stating the obvious)


Anderson TKO Round 2
Vera UD
Okami Sub Round 3
Starnes UD
Jason Black TKO Round 1
Bonnar TKO Round 2
Maia UD
Burkman UD

With that, I need to pack my shit for Cinncinnatti so I need to get the hell out of here.


The same as you but I have Silva winning by TKO in the 2nd. As much as I like Rich, Silva is just so good. If you go with the year of upsets, then Rich is definitely going to win.


Did anybody sign up for Fantasy UFC yet?


I have no idea on any of these, I think Silva would win, but I'm not willing to bet anything on fights any more.


Please tell me none of you guys are among those douchebags that post their "prediction videos" on YouTube as if anybody cared to stream 3 minutes worth of some retard with a wife-beater yanking his proverbial chain.


Oh, and I see Silva over Rich in the 3rd.


I'm rooting for Franklin, but I give Silva the 2nd round TKO.

I'd really like to see Vera win. I see Tim coming back hungry. He said he changed his style and is going back to the old Tim Sylvia. If that is the case, I give him a win by TKO in the 3rd.

Here's what he said.


Okami by UD.


I just can't bring myself to give a shit about this card. I won't be buying this one. This is the first card on over a year I will pass on.


My prediction is Donut62 will get drunk and beat some guido's idiot ass in the parkinglot. Just because he can.


Looks like Franklin had his soul eaten by Silva again....Sylvia/Vera pissed me off...but oh well....decent card in my opinion. Muay Thai is a m/f'k'r....as Starnes and Franklin will tell ya.


Here's the Franklin vs. Silva video:


Afraid not. Though I dreamt about choking out the fuckwad standing next to me who chanted USA! USA! in every fight, including the MacDonald vs Okami fight. Explain that one to me. He also was excited about the possibility of Brock Lesnar vs Wanderlei Silva. I hate people.

But yeah, in other news, Anderson Silva is my messiah. I have never seen such a pimptacular beatdown in my entire life. His dance, spinning backfist to flying knee, knocking him out twice, it gave me a boner. Even the Rich Franklin shirt wearing girls in front of us were wet with the glory of that ass kicking.


Well, now that we have UFC 77 out of the way, we finally can proceed to more important things: UFC 78!

I'm stoked. The main event has fight of the year written all over it. I'M SO EXCITED WHEN I THINK OF IT, I CAN'T HELP BUT TYPING IN CAPS! WAR EVANS!


Stephan Bonner vs Eric Schafer

Franklin vs Silva

Demian Maia vs Ryan Jenson

Anyone got Sylvia vs Vera?


I've been looking for that one as well, couldn't find anything.



caching is S L O O W