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Silva vs Franklin
October 20th

Full page add today in the local newspaper
"Ace" Franklin got his wish granted by Dana White
To have the rematch in his hometown of Cincinatti
I plan to go but certainly can not pay upwards of 400
So hopefully I can get a decent seat at a good price


I will be there, should be a good fight. I'm mostly interested in Vera vs Sylvia, but seeing Anderson knock Rich stupid again should be fun.


Why so much hate against Fraknline, Donut? He was a respectable champion.


No hate at all, just absolute amazement at Anderson's ability to put a clinic on his opponents.


As much as I would love to see Ace win this,I jsut dont see it happening with Silvas striking.


What about 75 and 76?

Chronology, man.


Just hope I can get a good seat
Should be a good showing from Louisville there


I was just on ticketmaster and the bidding has started and the price is above 500.... is this the minimum price for a ticket or should I suspect to maybe get some seats in the rafter for a hefty price....
have no idea if what I should be able to pay for tickets.... can someone enlighten me


Word. 75 and 76 have FAR superior fight cards in my book.


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Love to go since this event is so close to home , however, I can not afford to fork over 200 bucks for a ticket. Those that can should be treated to an excited fight card.