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UFC 74: Respect


Man, it's been awhile since the last UFC. Combine that with a great card and I'm really looking forward to Saturday.

Main Card Bouts:
Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

My favorite fight of the evening. The betting lines all hover around 50/50. Ask someone how Couture will win, though, and you almost certainly get an appeal to his supernatural mystique. And for good reason. First off, if you handed me some clay and had me make a perfect heavyweight frame, it would probably come out looking like Napao. He's big, wide, strong, fast, flexible, lean, really just a nearly perfect body for the heavyweight division. His submission credentials are top notch, and anyone who follows the sport will no doubt recall that Randy has failed poorly against large, skilled submission grapplers in the past. He was stopped by both Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez when he was unable to keep them on their back (the sweet spot of his game). On the feet, Gonzaga has heavy hands, and much to everyone's shock, he apparently can kick like a goddamned horse. Even if Randy is able to outbox him, Gonzaga more than has the ability to put Randy on his ass and dominate the fight there. I really see no way Randy will win this fight, but then again that is when he is at his best. The fight ends with Gonzaga smashing Randy curled up against the fence. TKO Round 3.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck

Another great, great fight. Where is GSP's mind? Is Koscheck ready for a title shot? Lots of questions will get answered here. GSP certainly has more to lose than Kos. Merely a good showing is enough to keep the wind in his sails. A loss for George's however, puts him way back in the standings in a weight class bottle necked with guys ready to fight for the belt. I think this motivation will be enough to erase any doubts from the Serra loss and have GSP fighting with laser focus. If Kos tries to play kickboxer with GSP, like he sucessfully did against a staph riddled Diego, he will get beat up. Kos needs to put GSP on his ass and hump him there for 15 minutes to win. I don't think he will able too, and GSP will be able to keep this fight up (and give Josh trouble from his back) and take every round cautiously. GSP UD.

Joe Stevenson vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Not much to say really. Should be Stevenson's fight. If Joe Daddy wins, he will probably be facing BJ Penn later this year. If Sherk loses his appeal, that fight will probably be for the title. If not, it will probably be the match to fight Sherk for the title. Joe Daddy, second round sub.

Kendall Grove vs. Patrick Cote

Grove by lankiness and reach, unanimous decision.

Roger Huerta vs. Alberto Gonzales Crane

Huerta by shit stomping.

Preliminary Bouts:
Marcus Aurelio vs. Clay Guida

If this fight doesn't get on the PPV, I will be incredibly pissed. The fact that it isn't on the main card to begin with puzzles me, because everytime Guida steps into the ring it's a potential fight of the year. Marcus is a beast on the mat, and while Guida will probably be able to put him on his back he will have his hands full controlling the sizeable and strong Aurelio. An even fight in my book, but given the poor showing's by some other Pride guys in their first UFC appearance's I will have to pick Guida by UD.

Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs. David Heath

Do or die time for Babalu. This is a lobbed up softball for Babalu to turn his streak around. Getting arrested a few weeks ago might have hurt his focus. But I think, and hope, he can't screw this one and score a second round submission.

Antoni Hardonk vs. Frank Mir

Hardonk sucks balls on the mat, and Mir needs desperately needs a win to remain anything other than an MMA footnote for snapping Sylvia's arm. Frank by first round sub.

Thales Leites vs. Ryan Jense

Leites by first round stoppage, way too much for Jense to handle. I'm excited for all of Thales potential.


GSP is going to maul Koscheck. Kos has only beaten a sick Diego Sanchez and a load of other B level fighters. GSP is a championship level fighter who badly underestimated Serra, and is going to come back angry and strong.

It's a shame Mir and Babalu are on the preliminary fights, since they were both great fighters just a few years ago.


Mir is not going to win that fight, i disagree with you on that one.


I don't have much to say on this one other than I hope Randy wins but it could go either way and I think GSP will walk through Koscheck.... and I'm just pumped because I'm gonna be there in Vegas to see... my 1st live UFC WOOHOO!


That should be awesome, seeing a major UFC event live in Vegas! Have a great time!

Like everyone else, I have no idea what to expect of the Gonzaga/Couture fight. I'm pulling for Couture, but on paper it just seems like Gabe might be too much for him; he's so friggin' big, fast, strong, BJJ black belt AND has devastating striking power.

Hopefully Randy's experience and ability to strategize for every opponent will have him pulling a few tricks from his sleeve and impressing us all (again).


Why do you think that? Hardonk has some great Dutch thai skills, but if it goes to the mat, which there is about a 90% chance it will (the other 10% being Mir getting caught early), he is a bag of meat for Frank to do as he pleases with.


I learned my lesson after the Sylvia fight and will never again bet against Randy Couture. So, with that said, I think Randy finds a way to win by UD.

GSP is going to KO Kos. I think the loss to Serra re-focused him and taught him a valuable lesson about taking an opponent lightly. If he's on his game, GSP is the best welterweight in the UFC, and certainly at a higher level than Kos.


I want Randy to win, but everytime I have picked him to win he loses, and vice versa, so hopefully I pumped up Napao enough to gaurantee Couture victory :slightly_smiling: It sure will be interesting as hell to see how he does it, if in fact he does. Who could have imagined him outboxing Timmah for 5 rounds?


I'd have to agree with the Couture/Gonzaga fight. On paper it certainly seems like Randy is at a disadvantage. However, I think that Gabe will have a hard time taking him down and controlling him.

I honestly think that Gabe's best chance for a win is on the feet (after watching him KO Cro Cop) due to his extremly heavy hands and superior speed compared to Timaay. Randy may actually be able to control the fight on the ground, and honestly we haven't really seen if Gonzaga can go the distance (conditioning) so to speak.

I don't know why everyone is counting Kos out so easily though. The guy is a 3 time national wrestling champ, so he should be able to hang on the ground with anyone in the welterweight division. He probably will be able to take GSP down, and once on the ground will probably give him everything that he can handle.

Now, on the feet I agree that GSP definitely has the advantage (unless Kos has really been working on his striking skills). But, Kos does have a pretty big right hand and if he lands it could KO GSP.

I agree with the other predictions though.

Hope this UFC lives up to it's potential.

Good training,



I hope it is better than the last one. (The Silva and Nog fights were good, though).

Even though Couture is one of my fav's. I don't see him winning either.

I am the same as donut. Every time counted Couture out, he wins. I am definitely pulling for him, though.

The GSP fight is tough to call. I don't see Kos making the same mistake he made with Fickett, again.


wow, that's a great looking card.

Lot of factors in the randy v gonzaga fight. Can gonzaga handle the spotlight? Is he really all that? Will Randy be able to handle the younger, bigger, hungrier? stronger, faster man? I'm leaning towards Gonzaga.

I think GSP will dominate Koscheck. Even if Koscheck gets him down, I see GSP sweeping him. Unless Koscheck brings some surprises on the feet I see him losing by TKO.

If Mir has FINALLY got his act together he should beat Hardonk. But I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't and gets another beating.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Clay Guida is a great fight too. Probably Aurelio by UD.


Just by looking at Mirs fights after his comeback.
Something is missing in his game right now,plus he
s gassed out in every mach after the first round.
If Hardonk can keep it standing pass first round (and i believe he can)it should be his to win.


I'm still calling Gonzaga a fluke. Just because he ko's CroCop doesn't make him the #1 contender. That being said, it doesn't assure Randy a victory either. I'm going with Randy, though only by the slimmest of margins. Whoever does come out on top I don't expect to hold onto the belt for very long with Nog and possibly Fedor in the mix.


He didn't just ko cro cop, he dominated him in every aspect of the fight. The reason he was able to kick cro cop's head off is because cro cop was dazed from the beating he took on the ground.

Remember, Randy picked Gonzaga to win and said Cro Cop was a much better matchup for him. I respect Randy, but Tim Silvia is no where near the fighter Gonzaga is.

If Randy's not a bloody pulp at the end of this fight, it will be a miracle.


Fedor, who knows what he will do. Chances are he will go to K-1 Hero's. Nog just about got knocked out by Heath fucking Herring and looked soft as hell, so I'm not sure he has enough left. I honestly think a refocused Mirko is still the most dangerous fighter in that division. I guess we will see in September.


From a marketing stand point the UFC has to bring in these other heavyweights slowly.

Let Gonzaga/Couture and Cro-Cop sort it out for the rest of the year.


Good predictions, good analysis. I disagree with the Kendall Grove outcome though. I think a lot of people underestimate him and only give him credit on his reach while he should really be getting credit for his heart and his skills.

I'd say a second round sub for Da Spyder, maybe a TKO in the first.



I also think what might happen in this fight is that GSP might give Kos too much respect because of the humble lesson he recieved from Serra, and wind up in a bad position in the first round, or finding himself in a stalemate.

If that's not the case, and GSP comes in with a clear head ready to win, I can't imagine that Kos has a chance. The only way I see Kos winning is if he seriously stepped up his stand-up game, and if he gets points from takedowns and keeping GSP on his back while giving blows from on top.

I think it'll be a TKO for GSP or a decision for Kos.



Yeah, I totally agree. Right now it looks like if Mirko wins against Kongo he will either face Nog or go right to fighting for the HW title this winter, probably at the New Year's Eve "supercard" they are planning. Obviously the hope is that Mirko gets his crap together. He has the biggest base salary of anyone I know of in the UFC (350k to show, 350k to win, plus all the PPV money and bonuses they don't publish), and Kongo is about as close to a "give me" they are going to let him have for that kind of dough.

Further sorting out the HW mess, it has been confirmed that Brandon Vera is returning to the UFC and will fight Tim Sylvia, probably at the October UFC 77 card in Cinncinnatti (which I won't be missing for the world). If Kongo knocks out Mirko, the winner of these two would be a likely title contendor.


I agree, and I'm pretty sure that if Kos does win it will be the most boring fight imaginable. Points taken on Kendall.