UFC 71 Thread

Please understand that I am watching this live. I will be giving updates of the fights whenever possible.

This thread will be filled with results so please do not read it if you don’t want to know what happens.


What time does it start.

Here is the card and here are the odds.




7:00 PM



Right now, the show has started, but no fights yet.

(10:03 p.m. est)

I was waiting for this thread to start

It is now 10:10 p.m. EST and Leben is entering the ring.

Alright, Waiting for results.

Here we go, fight start time, 10:15 p.m. est

Leben just fell flat on his ass after a missed high kick to the head (it was very funny!). They are pretty even on the feet but the early advantage seems to go to Leben, he seems to be controlling the ring better and setting the pace of the fight.

Leben just missed another sloppy kick and just got taken down to the ground. Caleb is in Leben’s guard, and …lands some big shots right to lebens head to end the round!

Can’t wait!

(Wish I wasn’t so damn cheap!)

Second round just started (10:21 EST)

Caleb just hit Leben with a big right to Leben’s face! Knocked him down to the mat!
But Leben puts on the guard!

Caleb clocks Leben with a big punch to the face! But, he put’s leben back on his feet?

Caleb is way ahead on points so far but he looks like he is sucking major wind!
Leben is too tired to take advantage, throwing some pretty limp shots.

round 2 is over and Caleb is friggin gassed.

Here comes the final round!

both guys are really gassed!

Caleb just fell down into a guard to recover with 3:30 left in the round.

Caleb just flipped Leben, now leben has got the guard but seems content to do nothing with it.

1:47 is left, Caleb is hitting some shots from the guard but neither guy seems content to do anything to win the fight, they are both too tired!

Crowd is booing! These guys are just laying on the mat, both gassed!
Final 30 seconds

this one is going to the judges, Caleb is definately winning.

Starnes win’s by unanimous Judges decision.

I wasn’t impressed by this fight, both guys were too gassed at the end to do anything.

10:45 p.m. est

Jardine and Alexander is starting:

Here we go round 1 is on!

Houston Alexander!!!

He just knocked Jardine the fuck out!

Holy shit, you have to see this!

Jardine hit’s Alexander hard early but then Alexander just poured on a shit load of pain with a big right and rocked Jardine off his feet.

Less than 1 minute into the fight!

I think Jardine looked out of shape and he took this guy way to lightly.

Good Job Houston!

TERRY MARTIN and IVAN SALAVERRY is about to start:
It is now 10:58 p.m EST

yeah, Jardine forgot that he isn’t the kind of fighter to knock people out right out. He should have softened him up, kept him at bay for a while.

Big ups to alexander though! PPV is great so far!

Round 1 is up!
that was kinda of buzzkill,

Terry martin wins.

Martin controlled the pace of the fight and got Salaverry in a clinch. Martin made several failed lifts and Salavarry was trying to cinch in an arm lock from the clinch.

Martin lifted Salaverry in the air and because Salaverry had the arm lock attempt in, when Martin brought him down, Ivan had nothing to brace his fall and landed on his head.


I think even Martin, while happy, was a little surprised.

It is 11:10 p.m. EST

burkman and Parisyan are now up!

Round 1 is up!

these guys are comming out with some heavy swinging blows!

Burkman hit’s a big takedown off of a missed kick.

They fire back up on the feet and Carl hit’s a perfect Judo Throw!


They are back to their feet, carl couldn’t take advantage.

Round 1 is over, I have to give it to Carl.

Round 2 is up, and Burkman is really looking tired.
Carl is hitting him with some pretty nice shots.

this fight has really slowed down due to fatigue.

1 minute left in the round.

Round is over with nothing special happening. Burkeman is really tired and barely is holding his hands up.

He looks overly tired.

Here goes the last round!

Burkeman is going to have to knock him out if he wants to win this.

1;30 left, I don’t think burkeman is going to do it.

this one is going to fizzle out.

Carl is going to win this one but first it has to go to the judges:

Carl wins by Judges decision.

Burkman came back in the third, but karo deserved, another good fight, good fights all around… but what was with karo’s song?