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UFC 70


I saw something the other night about UFC 70 being in London. They didn't announce the fights but they kept showing clips of Cro Cop and Arlovsky. I don't know if they are fighting each other but that was implied.


It's actually in Manchester. Promo posters here have been showing these two side to side, might be something to it.


CroCop is fighting Gabriel Gonzaga. I don't know who Arlovski is fighting.


The promos make it look like they are fighting each other.


In the fight of the night: Fabricio Werdum. Oh yeah!


Here is the fight line up.


I hear they are going to be tag team partners.


I'm looking forward to seeing Bisping back in the octagon.


this card so far doesnt interset me as much as the last card. i might buy it just to see cro crop fight again though.


I would have liked it to be Crocop-Arlovski. Then maybe Gonzaga-Werdum.


Same here. He is one of my favorites, I love to see him fight his way up to Chuck.


It's a pretty damn good card to me...3 of the top 10 heavyweights in the world (according to MMAWeekly) on one card...

I think it's absolutely ridiculous, though, that Cro Cop is fighting another opponent that he will walk through...I'd like to see him fight some true competition. I feel like Dana White and his incessive desire to expose Pride fighters would have thrown Arlovski, Syliva, Liddell, and the kitchen sink at him in a Royal Rumble match by now.


thats why i dont think the card is that great, the competetion of the fight seems to lack.

i just checked out mma weekly, some cool stuff but why the hell do they have diego sanchez ranked #4? he hasnt fought anyone good yet. I hope they put him vs hughes next, see how long he lasts.



How long will it take for Crocop to become champion? The same amount of time it takes for him to get a title shot.


MMAweekly's rankings are always like that. They are to be constantly ridiculed.


Why speculate on the card when it's available from an official source?

Gonzaga will most likely be a stronger opponent than Sanchez. Hopefully the Crocop performance has swept UFC fans enough to pump that line into Sokoudjou territory. Napao's ADCC performances are significant. Gonzaga is a bigger threat than Kongo. While Gonzaga will probably go to sleep before 8 minutes are over, in the year of the upset he is worth considering.

This card is very good. On paper much better than 68. Without question it will be better than 69, which will be upstaged by the UFN which immediately precedes it.

AA v Werdum is a great fight.


I wonder if Crocop will get his title shot this summer in his third fight. Mirko said he wanted the belt by summer.


I heard it's going to be a Texas Cage Match. Cro Cop and Arlovsky vs. Macho Man and Hogan.

Other fights are:

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiassi vs. Hacksaw Jim Dougan

The Iron Sheik vs. the Brittish Bulldog.


George "The Animal" Steel vs. The Nature Boy Rick Flair.

That's just what I heard. I can't wait.


This will be the best UFC card of they year up to this point. AA vs Werdum is an absolute dream match. Imposssible to call from my perspective, though I might give the edge to Werdum on raw talent, but AA has the experience in the ring. It will be very exciting.

CC vs Gonzaga is an OK fight. Tougher than Sanchez but still not the calibur of person Mirko should be fighting in the prime of his career. It's been announced that the winner of this faces Randy in August for the belt.

I'll be happy to see Bisping back.


Hughes asked to fight him but Dana White turned him down. He has to protect Diego.

As soon as he gets his ass beat his marketablity is done.