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UFC 70 What The Hell?


I have no fucking words to describe for the main event. UFC 70 was free on SPIKE TV, but the last fucking match. WHAT THE FUCK AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Wasn't expecting that at all.

Worst knockout I've ever seen.


Welcome to the moving up of the sport. There will prob be a rematch with him for his 4th fight.


I know. I can't believe it, I was so shocked. I was actually really sleepy and when I saw it happen I was like...wait a minute, cause I thought at first it was cro-cop who did it, but 0.5 seconds later realized it wasn't. My heart stopped when I saw it lol. Crazy shit. Anything can happen in a fight.


watching his foot get twisted after joe rogan described it, made me cringe! That was bad!


Two things shocked me:

  • that cro cop went down that hard, that fast

  • that he got up again.

Seriously, Ive never seen anyone - including anyone cro cop took out - get kicked that hard. That took out the left side of his skull and he was out before he hit the mat.

I was convinced I saw the end of a great fighter's career. In fact, I was afraid for his health. The fact that he managed to stand and speak afterwards is encouraging. A relief actually. Hope he gets fully checked out by a neurologist.


Well I never expect Cro Cop to get knocked out like that, I was expecting it to be stopped on the ground though in the 2nd round.

But I really have to commend gonzalous (sorry I know I butchered his name) on that kick, it came out of no where and hit perfectly.

This knockout is the best of the year so far, and could very well be the best for the whole year. You have to love them when they come out of no where.


If there is no major injury it would likely be because he was unconscious. But god, that was definitely the most brutal blow Ive seen suffered in that sport.

The fact it was against cro cop... the shock waves of this will be felt for quite a while in the mma world, I think.


I was thinking the same thing. He didn't look like he wanted to be answering questions, but at least he was able to stand up and talk.

I wonder if he even knew what happened after he first stood up.


I didnt see cro cops first UFC fight. however, watching him tonight reminded me of his strategy against Mark Hunt. Crocop was always on the run, staying mobile.

I think its easier to use that strategy in the ring, due to corners and the ability to use the ropes to slide or bounce off of. But the cage seems to be like fly paper, so you always have to stay close to the center. Cro cop was hardly moving in this fight.

I think he ran too much against Hunt but he couldve used some more mobility tonight. Man. Were a flying saucer to land outside my window right now and little green were to appear from it I would not be more dumbfounded. Shocked.


Interesting fight. Gonzaga is the real deal and I feel like a dipshit for discounting him as much as I did. War Gabriel!


Not to discredit Gonzaga, but it looked to me as if Cro Cop didn't show up. I'd like to see a rematch and Cro Cop decapitate him. I was as shocked watching this as I was when Roy Jones got knocked out by Tarver. Unbelievable.


The way his foot bent back was horrific...he was lucky in that he was out before that happened or it would have been F0CKED...

The kick came out of no where and it was well timed. Love to see them fight again!




someone slipped cro cop valium


I was there last night and I can tell you that Cro Cop took a very long time to get back up.

He was on the ground for a good 5 minutes and then was stood up, received a big cheer from the crowd and then proceeded to slump onto a stool.

He couldn't even sit up straight, 'Team Cro Cop' members were just propping him up for show.


How about when Rashad Evans knocked out Sean Salmon with a high kick back in January? Unlike Cro Cop, I dont recall Sean getting back up at all...I think he was taken strait to the hospital.

I just hope neither of them end up with permanent damage. I think that if I was in the UFC and something like that happened to me, especially at Cro Cop's age, I'd be contemplating retirement for sure!


Cro cops just 32. That isnt old, partiuclarly with his skills and a history of not getting touched much. However, he is obviously not a gym rat. He's a member of parliament and getting quite involved in national politics. He's got more important things to do with his head, I think. Still, it would obviously be nice to see him go out on better terms, and tragic were he to sustain permanent injury.

Personally, I think UFC encourages this type of occurance more than Pride. First, I think Pride is wise to outlaw elbows. That's too much to contend with on the ground, and besides, they cut easy. I get the sense the ufc crowd love the blood, whereas Pride quickly jumps in to inspect cuts. UFC fans get bored with submission fighters while Pride fans particularly appreciate submissions.

Someone commented earlier on the ref. I agree. I questioned why the hell he was doing that fight after the crappy one preceding, where both fighters spent 10 minutes shaking their fists at each other. Pathetic. Again, something else that wouldnt happen (at least not as easily and not without substantial reductions in pay) in Pride.


He's not that old chronologically, but his ring age is way up there. He's stepping into the ring over 100 times as boxer, kickboxer, and now MMA fighter. He's taken a lot of punishment, and I don't know how much more his body can handle.


this reminded me of when randleman knocked out cro cop...but this was obviously more sudden and unexpected...

i watched the video several times and notied gonzaga would circle mirko clockwise to take away his left high kick and open up a chance for a right hand ...so when mirko put his hand down trying to recover from a right hand gonzaga delivered the right kick....

not training in the octagon may have been a mistake...because its alot easier to circle an opponet...the elbow strikes were also a factor

i dont like the octogon or the elbow strikes but he should have trained for both...and relying on pure skill is dangerous in any fight...

gonzaga is a good fighter though...i hope there is a rematch


heres a link to the infamous knockout.
since youtube doesn't work.