UFC 60 Results?

Did any one order the PPV? What are the results? http://60.ufc.com/

check out sherdog.com …matt hughes won

Hughes wins!

Didn’t watch but got play by plays:

Brandon Vera beat Silva via guillotine

Swick beat Riggs via guillotine as well (which is funny to me)

Diego sanchez won his fight by u decision…apparently the crowd wasnt pleased with that

Royce got manhandled as expected, not 100% but i think it was a ground n pound in the first round

heres more:

in other news, I heard the GSP and hughes are going at it again in July…confirmation please?

The show was pretty sweet, for the main event Hughes completely dominated Gracie from the first few seconds. Gracie looked old and thin. They exchanged punches for about a minute and went to the ground.

Hughes attempted an arm bar and got it but Gracie was so flexible he didn’t have to tap because of it, either because he withstood the pain or it just didn’t bother him that much, it wasn’t in a perfect position. After about a minute of that Hughes gave up the arm and they wrestled around for about a minute, Gracie was pretty defensive on his back with Hughes in side control the entire time.

Then Hughes started punching him and Gracie gave up his back. Hughes mounted him from the back and started to flail away on him, hitting the back of his head. In the beginning Gracie was trying to defend by just clutching his head but in the end he was just getting rocked.

Hughes continued to pound, probably 15 unanswered blows, and then Big John stopped the fight. Gracie wasn’t out but he was essentially defenseless.

Elsewhere on this site I predicted that Gracie would win but I am so glad that I was wrong, I am a big Hughes fan and this fight looked like a total mismatch. Gracie obviously used to be great but clearly as Hughes has stated the sport has moved on.

Gracie said he would be back, why I have no idea. GSP is up next and he is the real deal and that should be a sweet fight. No other unbelieveable fights except for a flying knee knockout by Fischer and Melvin Guillard with a devasting right hand that put his guy out cold.