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UFC 56 -Possible Spoilers


Well Zeb, I guess we shall see who the real welter weight champ is won't we?


I'm not talking about the bogus Riggs vs interim champ Matt Hughes either, but the return of UFC Welterweight champion BJ Penn.


Yeah baby, St Pierre destroyed Sherk, I think Sherk needs to drop weight and hit a lighter weightclass cause he's a bit to short to stick around against bigger guys.


Tito and Ken Shamrock as TUF 3 coaches as well...Dana White's been a busy guy lately.


WTF was up with Riggs? Jiu jitsu one-oh-one in the first round and submission by kimura three minutes in.


Sorry, forgot to mention Couture-Lidell for UFC 57.


So Far:

Joe Horn by unanimous decision over Palgarary or whoever that was.

St Pierre by ref stoppage over Sherk in the second round.

Hughes by kimura over fat boy Riggs in first round.

Some boring ass fight between two fat, out of shape, heavyweights won by some scrub due to ref stoppage in end of the third round.

Franklin's up next so we'll see how that one goes in a bit.


Holy Crap!

That was one brutal knockout by Franklin over Quarry. Ug-ly! That was some abuse man, I felt bad for Quarry after the first knockdown, but the second one was bad.


I knew Quarry was going to get demolished by Franklin. Franklin to me is the best fighter in the UFC right now.

Guess Tito and Dana have buried the hatchet for now...I think he and Shamrock will make for good coaches in TUF 3.


Also, I gotta give some props to Joe Rogan for probably the best commentary he's done because I usually get really irritated with some of the stupid stuff he says, but he did a good job tonight.

I'm wondering if St Pierre will fight Penn and the winner gets Hughes or how UFC is going to handle this...definitely the deepest, and most talented Welter weight division in MMA now.


They have to put Matt against GSP on UFC 58. Can't believe Dana brought back Tito. I doubt Tito and Ken will even last one show without beating the crap out of each other. UFC actually tried to get Gracie to coach along with Ken, but Gracie backed out. Now we see drama with Ken and Tito. Should be interesting.


oh yeah, Did you all notice Joe Rogan called out Wesley snipes? Joe want's to fight Wesley in the cage. Joe's waiting for Snipes to sign the contract. Maybe on Super Saturday?


Don't really have much to say, other than MMA is the BEST and most exciting sport there is!!

And man i'm with you on that K.O. of Quarry....... OUCH!!!! Dropped like a tree chopped down by a lumberjack!

St. Pierre was awesome tonight as well! He has some of the fastest reflexes/reaction times I've ever seen... Spike must be helping a bit there eh?

Nothing makes you so freaking motivated to train like watching a live UFC!


Did GSP plug Biotest/Spike since it was PPV and not Cable TV?


Georges St. Pierre...

"In the meantime he is also preparing to start his first year of university in the fall to study sport science. It is another dream that will be fulfilled in the coming fall season to coincide with that of his dream of fighting in the UFC."

  • MMA Ring Report


I'd pay good money to see that shit!


St. Pierre was awsome and his speech showed how much he loves the sport and wants to win against Hughes, his only loss to date I believe.



Rogan has a blackbelt in TKD. He was the US Open Tae Kwon Do Grand champion at 19 years old and most importantly currently rolls with Eddie Bravo on a regular basis.

No matter how good a striker Snipes may be, I see him getting steam-rolled by Rogan probably by submission.

I can't imagine this fight actually happening.




How about BJ (my face is very round) Penn vs St. Pierre. The winner takes on Hughes.

What do you think?


I actually think BJ matches up poorly with St Pierre, however, I'm not ready to jump off his bandwagon yet, so I'm calling it Penn by rear naked choke in the second.