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UFC 54


I'm new to UFC and MMA, but UFC 52 IMO was the best so far. Chuck solidified that he is the baddest man alive. Sanchez is for real. I can't wait for Hughes to kick Pierre's ass. I sure hope Silva didn't kill that dude with that kick. Thats the best KO I've seen.


My bad, I meant UFC 54.


yea this was a pretty great ufc,

wanderlei silva is the baddest man on the planet imo. Chuck is a close 2nd... very close. If i was going to armchair quarter back it i would say that too many people try to stand with chuck.

not that they can take him down anyway, horn almost HAD to stand with him. If tito can't take him down then horn definitely cant.

randy had the element of surprise the first time they fought so his strategy worked.

it's my opinion though that Rampage (quinton jackson) has the perfect strategy for fighting chuck as far as standing... straight punches, clinch throw knees and get the fuck outta dodge (or attempt takedown).

Rampage tooled chuck pretty badly in PrideFC...

GSP (george saint pierre) will NOT be beat that easily by hughes. they fought before and it wasn't an overwhelming defeat. I believe that was GSP's first ufc fight haha, imagine what he can do now!! The man walks through opponents he's definitely the future of mma. look for him to do some serious damage.

But if anyone can beat gsp it's hughes. i dont think anyone else at that weight can do it. maybe bj penn...maybe.

but this was a great UFC, i'm really impressed by mike van arsdale... if you have the chance get his takedown instructionals with kevin jackson really really really good.

he's the only person who actually was able to deal with randy's wrestling it was some amazing shit to watch (got kind of slow round 2)

again, great job by Zuffa.


St-Pierre is going to win. period.


On Sunday August 28th it's PRIDE FIGHTING: Final Conflict 2005. It's the semi-finals and finals. And Fedor and Mirko are fighting for the Heavyweight Champion Belt. ANDDD TANK ABBOT is fighting!!!...Tank was friggen awesome when UFC started. I think Tank will get destroyed though in Pride FC. Unless they put him up against a crappy fighter.
Wanderlei Silva(Brazil) vs. Ricardo Arona (Brazil)
Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (Brazil) vs. Alistair Overeem (Holland)
David "Tank" Abbott (USA) vs. Hidehiko Yoshida (Japan)
Igor Vovchanchyn (Ukraine) vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura (Japan)
Fabricio Werdum (Brazil/Spain) vs. Roman Zentsov (Russia)
(Heavyweight Champion) Fedor Emelianenko (Russia) vs. (Challenger) Mirko "Cro
Cop" Filipovic (Croatia)
THATS WHO'S FIGHTING. UNfortunately I can't watch it. Nor did I see UFC 54. But I love to talk about it, and stuff like that. My satellite doesn't work anymore lol.
Does anyone else think that Pride FC is better than UFC though, I personally think Pride FC is MUCH better, just my opinion though.

dl- priiiide baby.


Pride is better, but not by much. If there was combined belts though I think a Pride fighter would own nearly all of them, if not all of them.


Chuck looked pretty pathetic in that fght, IMO. He got Rampage in the corner a few times and then just let him out, he didnt throw any knees or kicks, and it seemed like his punches just didnt have the snap they usually do. I think Chuck is a great fighter and in my opinion, could and should have done better in that fight.

I cant wait to see that fight. Im a big Hugh's fan and in the fight against Trigg, Saint Pierre just about blew my mind. He was absolutely incredible...made Trigg look like a bitch. Thats gonna be a great fight.


The competition in PF is much stiffer than the competition in the UFC...UFC was a good one though...i think GSP is the real deal at WW and i think he can take hughes out, but hughes is an animal...i'd love to see Rich Franklin come down to 170 and fight hughes or gsp....or bring back BJ Penn

Sanchez is over-rated in my book...i even like the guy, but he is getting cocky in my book and needs to get knocked out...he is nowhere near ready to fight GSP or Matt Hughes....he'd have a rough time w/ diaz, lawler,trigg, and maybe even mayhem miller...all fights he could possibly win though...diego still hasn't fought a real skilled jiu-jitsu fighter to match his ground game yet, that is why he has looked so good. Diego is good on the ground though...he did last 4 minutes w/ the best grappler in the world (155lb marcelo garcia) at the ADCC...so he ground game is solid...just think he needs some time and he's not as good as he thinks he is

I'm still not totally sold on Liddell..eventhough he's beaten Belfort, Couture, Horn, and Tito...
Rampage tooled Liddell and rampage is a middle of the road 205'er in Pride...Silva would murder chuck w/ his standup game and some deadly knees...I'd even put money on the young guys in Pride(Arona, Shogun Rua)...to beat chuck...back in the day a young 185lb kaz sakuraba would probably take chuck out


I'm gonna disagree, most of the time when Pride fighters have faced UFC fighters the UFC fighters have won. However, Pride is a lot more fun to watch because it involves a lot less wrestling. The cage is a good idea in theory because it prevents people from falling out of the ring, but in practice it just means a lot more wrestling.

The real problem with the UFC is that it favors ground fighters too much, this is probably the result of it being practically founded by the Gracies. It would be a lot more entertaining if they got rid of the cage and didn't give fighters points merely for being on top.


I like Chuck too, but he does benefit and rely too much on that one-hitter quitter. Everyone knows he has the solid takedown defense, but anytime he has been taken down and worn down he has not performed well. Plus that fight with Q Jackson was UGLY. I still think 8 out of 10 fights Couture would take him out.

As for Sanchez, he is good and young, I'm sure someone will throw him a beatdown eventually, but he's going to be around the UFC for awhile with his solid ground game. I think St Pierre has a really solid chance of beating the crap out of hughes, either way they're two very well conditioned atheletes that should give us a battle. Though Penn is still the rightful owner of baddest middleweight/welterweight in UFC.


Let's look at some of the top fighters from each organization match up against each other

Saku(PF) - beaten Vitor Belfort, Royce Gracie, Guy Mezger, Kevin Randleman

Rampage(PF) - beaten liddell and lost to Saku twice

Silva(PF) - lost to belfort and tito...but since then has been 27-1..both fights were in the year 2000 or before..and has beaten Saku(3 times) and knocked rampage out twice

HW - i think Nogueria, Cro Cop, and Fedor are much better than Arlovski,Sylvia, and Mir in my opinion

I must say though that UFC has a much better 170lb class w/ fighters such as GSP and Matt Hughes...along w/ lawler, diaz,miller, and trigg...dana white needs to bring back BJ Penn too and not to mention all those Militech Fighting systems guy's(Hughes,Sylvia,Pulver) are good and Team Quest(Quarry,Lindland,Couture,Henderson who actually fights in pride) is good also

Pride has Chute Boxe(Silva,Shogun,Ninja,ect) and Brazlian Top Team(Arona,Nog Bro's,Mario Sperry) who dominate

just depends what you like...but in my opinion i think pride is better...but UFC 54 was a great watch....its good that MMA is getting better known out there..i'd suggest to everyone who watched UFC 54 to buy Pride next sunday


Okay now Wanderlei Silva would friggen SMASH Tito AND Vitor. I don't like Tito Ortiz that much, but I love Vitor Belfort. I think though Wanderlei Silva would mmmmmurder them both now. Silva has improved so much since then, no-one can beat him (of course not yet) and he's on top of his game still. Fedor, Mirko...are better heayweights. The fights are more entertaining in Pride FC opposed to UFC. I know there's a lot of UFC fans out there. I'm a fan too. But I still think Pride is better, more action, more k.o.'s..and if you browse the internet on MMA a lot of people agree that Pride fighters are generally better than UFC fighters. Anyways I love to watch it and hope to participate in MMA myself someday.



DL- What kind of training do you do???


I was at the fight and it was entertaining as hell! The Sylvia high kick KO sounded brutal live. Telligman never saw it coming. All the fights were pretty good.


I'd really like to see Couture face some of the better Pride fighters, as I think he'd have a better chance than Chuck. Chuck does really well in the UFC, but I think Pride has far better strikers than the UFC and Chuck with his complete unwillingness to fight on the ground would get his ass kicked.

I would agree though that Pride's heavyweights are far better than the UFCs. Fedor in particular would have no problem with anything the UFC had to offer.


Yeah. Actually you brought up something really interesting there. I wonder how Randy Couture would do in a Pride FC match. Couture is a strong ground fighter, and lot's of Pride FC guys like it standing. I think it'd go like this. Couture fighting "X". Couture going for a takedown. Either a) "X" avoids it, or perhaps backs up and Couture gets a sweet knee in the face, then after that "X" kicks the hell outta his head. OR b) Couture gets "X" down (sigh) then Couture isn't busy enough soooo the referee makes them get up and "X" realizes Couture wants this fight on the ground. So "X" decides to give him a sweet K.O. with either punches or kicks. :slight_smile:

Seriosuly though, I think Couture would lose, somehow those Pride guys will just know how to get to him. But nonetheless I'd love to see that happen. Not Couture getting his ass demolished..I like him. Just seeing him fight, I wanna see how that would turn out. Although I hold strong belief in what COULD happen in my above statement.

dl- It's late now, time to sleep.


not to highjack the thread, but did anybody see The Unltimate Figther 2 tonight? two fucking people quit....i would've been so fucking pissed off if i was trying to get into that thing.

speaking of Pride vs. UFC, i think that Pride has far better strikers than the UFC, but the UFC tends to pull in a lot more wrestlers, and tends to be a better ground game.

either way, they're both fun to watch. and i'm looking forward to this season of TUF 2....


Its great you liked UFC 54. MMA is an awesome sport.

I don't want to get into the whole who is better UFC or Pride thing. But I would reccommend you watch both, and there are plenty of other mma promotions as well, KOTC, IFC, WEC, ROTR, K1 HEROS, SHOOTO.

But Pride and the UFC are the best of the lot.


You made a good point there matsumi. Actually K-1 is good to watch, I like that. K-1, Pride, and UFC are (i think) the best out there. KOTC has some good fights, but I haven't watched it in ages sooo I don't know what it's like anymore.

If you do BJJ or are a wrestler UFC is very interesting to watch actually, if you practice BJJ you know what the guy will go for, what he'll try to do next with the position he is in. It can get quite interesting than, but true UFC does pull in more wrestlers, and Pride has the strikers. UFC has a better ground game? I think some of the fighteres do. Fedor is really good on the ground though. I don't know. Just watch em both, you'll like it. :slight_smile:



He's known as the Gracie Hunter. Took out 4-5 Gracies. Too out Belfort easy, but got his ass knocked out vs. Silva. Too bad he's on a decline.