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UFC 46

Anyone get a chance to watch that last night? I’d say that’s good inspiration to work out. I just feel sorry for Randy Coutire (sp?). I wont say what happened in case there are people who are planning on watching the fight still. And man o man, the Vitor is a beast!

I watched every minute of it. That was just a freak accident. He will be back I am sure.

The real surprise was the 170lb fight. Are we supposed to not discuss this to protect others who have not yet seen it from knowing how it ends?

I suppose we should give it 'til tomorrow befor we talk specifics :slight_smile:

But man… after that 170 fight, everyone in the room just sat there silently. I’ve got a friend named Matt Hughes so we’re all big fans!

The Vitor/Randy fight was definately a dissapointing conclusion to the event and it was made all the more dissapointing when ZUFFA decided not to show any of the preliminary matches. I mean shit, the event ended half an hour before the time slot ended. It was also cheesy when the announcer named all the celebrities in attendance. I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I do have to say though, that aside from a few bush league situations, the event was pretty good.

Excellent welter-weight contest!!
That was a real show of control.

Well done to Lee Murray flying the british flag. Great transition from armbar to triangle. Have to say I saw it coming a mile off but nice finish anyway (even if the commentator didn’t realise until he was half submitted!)

The Carlos Newton fight was also very impressive. This guy has looks good looking forward to his next.

Frank Mir rematch with Sims with a suprisingly exciting finish.

Really had to bite my tongue there!


With all due respect to Murray, who is a good up and coming talent, do you think he was a bit out of line challenging Tito? I mean, Murray is still pretty new and 20lbs under Titos weight: 185lbs. to 205lbs.

I did enjoy his fight!

Check out Randy at the weigh in

I’m with you on the announcer being a lame a$$. And when he named the celebs in attendence… who cares?

A couple side notes:
-Tito would mop up Lee Murray.
-Who said they wanted to see Newton fight again? Hopefully you meant the guy he fought.

I reckon Tito would beat Murray in a UFC fight, but there’s little debate over Murray putting Tito on his ass in a street fight at the UFC 38 after party, couple that with Tito being a delusional smack talker and I think the challenge was appropriate.

That photo of Randy Couture looks pretty darn, especially in light of the fact that on his next birthday he will be 41!

Jeez was that really Randy at the weigh in?! Diuretics?
He no way looked that ripped coming into the fight. He must have weighed a good 8-10lbs more at fight time.

As for Murray’s challenge, well Muhr I totally agree with you on that one. Plus Murray virtually unknown in the states so he’s trying to make a name for himself. I mean who wouldn’t want a shot a Tito? He’s got nothing to lose, either way it’s his key to the big time. I think it was rather astute actually, strike while the iron is hot.

But he’s not ready yet, so if he’s sensible he’ll get a least two fights under his belt first.
Don’t think that will be a prob as Tito won’t fight Murray until he’s a top draw fighter.

The weight factor, coupled with Tito’s strength will be a big problem though.

I think it’s great Lee challenged Tito. If Tito didn’t have 20lbs on Murray I’d say sure thing, Murray would probably take it.

Lets see Murray gain some and fight up a class like BJ Penn did against Matt Hughes. Now that would be a fight.