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Ufc 43!

Hey guys, anyone here got any picks for ufc 43?

I think couture will beat liddell via ref stoppage,

tra telligman over pedro rizzo via ko

vitor belfort over marvin eastman via ko

tank over kim via ko

those are all the fights i really have an intrest in.

I call Liddell over the “natural” Couture.

Tank will win over Kim

You called everything else pretty good.

I agree with motownmuscle, and I would add: Lindland will take Vitale by decision.

Lidell is definitely going to defeat Couture!!

bump for liddell, and what is up with this interim title bullshit. Come on Zuffa, throw Tito into the cage already. Other than that fight between the natural and liddell, pretty damn good fight card.

Lidell looks good to ko Couture (though its gonna be a damn good fight)

Vitale will either sub Lindland or take the decision. Vitale is fast & real strong with good subs.

Eastman decisions Vitor

Tank either KOs Kimo early or Kimo subs him later on — hard call on the old dude fight

If its the Rizzo of late Telligman will out box him, but Rizzo could KO Tra with a good counterpunch.

White subs or decisions Freeman

Sims TKOs Mir

Yves KOs Ruiz

BTW - anyone read the Bob Sapp article in Time Magazine?

Has Vitor gone back to just brutalizing people? Or is he still trying to prove he can win with his BJJ?

When is this UFC on?

Couture over Lidell,

Lindland over Vitale.

But I am a little biased.

Go Team Quest!!

This is pretty cool: I see Ko’s name everywhere in this thread.


This thing is on this friday, June 6th.

Eastman is a massive and huge badass, and I think Vitor has lost his edge since he hasn’t been training with Carlson Gracie anymore; KO 3rd by Eastman.

Oh yeah, for anyone who wants to see some ultimate fighting live, there is a show August 2nd in Lexington Kentucky @ Heritage Hall that I and a couple other badasses are fighting in which I would highly recommend your attendance.

I always wondered what happened to Vitor after he whooped on Tank and Feruzza?

The announcers mentioned he was going to try and become an olympic boxer… then the next time I saw him fight, he lost because he wouldn’t punch, and the announcers stated it looked like he was trying to prove how good he was at BJJ, instead of just fighting.

Who is the fighter vitale? what style does he fight?

Ko, have you ever rolled with Couture?

He comes in to teach or train every once in a while.

I got paired up with him a few times when he was in to train.

It is safe to say that he is a little much for me to handle.

ko I am extremely envious of you rolling with Couture!! He seems like a real classy individual.
Have you rolled with Henderson too? I think he is about the toughest guy in MMA.

Vitale is a fighter out of Hawaii who fights in Shooto & Super Brawl. He has good submissions and strong striking. Used to play football for U of HI I believe.
Linland can and will take him down, but Vitale has the skills to sub him or stand up if he wants.

Apologies for hijacking this but who has picks for this weekends Pride?

Fedor over Fujita by massive pummeling

Frye over Coleman by ref stoppage

A. Silva murders a Jpn tomato can

Rampage KOs Mikhail

Nino gets decisioned by Hamanaka

Oh yeah! I forgot about pride!

I think fujita will upset fedor, i know some may think i’m crazy!

Mirko cro cop is gone destroy the texas crazy horse heath herring, no doubt about it,

coleman is gonna g n p don frye

i don’t really care about the other fights,

I have the same question as you RenegadeDragon. What the hell happened to Vitor? He was seriously the scariest striker I’ve ever seen. He should learn the BJJ is to help the week compete with the strong. But he’s about as big as they come so I don’t know what he’s thinking.

Have not met Henderson yet.

Randy is really cool, and a great coach. Our head trainer is a stud as well.

Hey ko, where do you roll at bro?

steve o! No way coleman over frye. Especially now that frye is weighing in around 245; coleman is a deadman. Frye doesn’t know the meaning of tap.