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UFC 253 Adesanya vs Ricky Martin

I expected to see you post about this one @burien_top_team.

Anyone catch the card. Only watched the main card as I always do.

So most exciting fight was mens flighweight Kara-France Vs Royval. Wow that was so much fun. Spinning elbows, double knockdowns or whatever you would want to call it. Great grappling exchanges. Crazy output by both.

Royval should have kept his head on the inside. Goddamn rookie mistake haha. JK I always get guillotined double legging.

I expected Reyes to win. Handily. Well I was incredibly wrong. I heard someone say how Jan looks like the descendant of a bloodline of people who were warriors or something like that. I can’t disagree after seeing his last three fights. He hits so hard. Still though I did expect Reyes to win. His nose snapping with that last punch. What a picture.

Adesanya vs Ricky Martin. Fight of the year Dana said. Well that failed to deliver in that regard. Although I think it might be time for ol Uncle Chael to put out a video where he questions “just how good is Adesanya?”. Seriously. Also he called it it. He 100 % knew Ricky Martin wasn’t even close to his level. Although the dry humping. A bit much. He is talking about fighters missing weight should have 90 % of their purse given to the opponent. Well those antics should get penalised too.

Not much to say about the other two fights on the main though.

Any thoughts?

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Izzy overstepped the mark with that hump!

Also- did you catch his recent gyno on his right nip? MEGA obvious the guys been on some test!

I think Costa screwed some post cycle therapy up- the guy looked like a shell in there, like he had no test! Not his normal bullish self!

Yes I know they are USADA governed… but in the words of Nate Diaz “everyone’s on steroids”

I’d also like to see the upcoming Khamzat Chimaev take on Costa

Yeah very very high likelihood Izzy has been indulging in some exogenous test boosting supplementation.

There was a doctor on YouTube who breaks down this sort of stuff. He said it was highly likely Izzy was not on anything.

Here is the video.

I disagree with him. I think he was on something. But I don’t care. I’ve always said let them take whatever they want.

They’re all on gear. Its rife in most professional sports- one big chemistry game keeping under the scope.

Cycling’s the worst sport for it- crazy amounts of drugs in road racing circles even at amateur levels.

Funny thing is that I’m almost the opposite: I watch more undercard matches than main card (unless its free ESPN/ESPN+).

I need to see more of Izzy. I wasn’t surprised by the win, but the dominance was something else. Still can’t help but want to see him against someone who will press the ground game. But so far, so good.

Not a fan of the humping. He’s really playing up the Oversexed Man - which feels more juvenile than anything else. Not sure if it’s any worse than Rampage walking around with a big chain around his neck, though …

And Blachowicz! Wow … what an impressive performance. Some folks were saying just give Reyes the LHW belt since he “beat” Jones. This was a great reminder of “that’s why they fight the fights.” Was never a Bones Jones hater, but I admit that the division just got interesting again.

Yeah I am so outside the loop of anyone outside top 10. I just don’t have the time anymore. So unless someone is getting pushed by the UFC hard I don’t hear about them until they make a main card.

Yeah. He certainly has proven himself.

Wiedman was on Chael Sonnens youtube channel other day. Talking about how Whittaker is fighting Cannonier and how who knows how long that will take so how quick a turn around is Izzy gonna get. Do they wait for that outcome. And then they proposed that it makes sense for Weidman to fight him and Weidman was only one calling him out. They talked about how the two people that both of them fought Weidman had dismantled and Izzy just got a decision.

I nearly laughed out loud. Like they can’t be serious. Had they already forgotten Weidmans last fight. He got the W but it was not pretty and it is painfully obvious that he is not of the calibre he used to be. To even entertain that this is a competitive matchup is ridiculous.

But I have been wrong so many times before. Maybe Weidman is the guy. I think he would get KOed trying to close the distance. Not the same guy who beat the Spider.

Yeah but Rampage was funny as hell. I still watch Rampage interviews occasionally if I want a good laugh.

But if you want some real laughs. Check out this montage of Tito Ortiz struggling with the English language. Cracks me up every time.

Yeah. Couldn’t be more right.

I am not sure if Santos is back from his surgery but. I want to see Glover fight for the title. It is absolutely bonkers that he has worked his way up to title contention. Ranked 3rd at 40 turning 41 this month though.

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