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UFC 252: Will the Best Heavyweight of All Time Be Crowned?

Not a great card this weekend, but very curious to see how Miocic v. Cormier 3 goes. Interesting take from MMA analyst Luke Thomas suggests that if Miocic wins, he will be the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time, but not the greatest MMA heavyweight of all time. That, in his opinion, is Fedor Emelianenko - though Miocic would be in the conversation. Interesting that he doesn’t necessarily say the same if Cormier wins.

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I remember getting dissed in the combat thread years ago, talking about Comier being a champ…

Slimmest Picture of Fedor haha.
Always be my favorite Heavy, but definitely was a victim of over aggressiveness in his later bouts.


Junior got finished again. Fuck. I like rooting for him, but have diminishing justification to do so. I finally conclude he isn’t looking at another title run. He was ahead on the scorecards, but a TKO is what it is.

Cormier said he was going to smash Miocic, and came close I think it was at the end of the second round. Anyway, I was rooting for Cormier. Does Ngannou get the next belt shot?

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Kind of a brutal, reality check night. Tough for JDS. Bitter for Cormier (the world’s greatest second greatest?). Even the O’Malley hype-train derailment lacks the spice to really flavor the moment for the victor.

I feel as if I end up “enjoying” the prelims more than the main card because of this. Everything on the main card is consequential. Sadly so, sometimes.

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Not to overly derail since l didn’t even watch but…

I have found my sweet spot as a fan is watching the highly ranked up and comers trying to move into contention for the belt rather than championship bouts.
Both are generally hungry, have skills to display, and just seem to put on a more entertaining show.

I will even enjoy alternate productions if the fighters are showing skills and desire. Above just flat out brawling, like some new guys in an amateur match.

Errr not above watching skilled guys brawl on occasion haha

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I have not posted here in a while but fuck that card.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a fighter to win more than I did for this card.

DC imo is a guy whose always been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he still was one of the best despite that.

DC should never have cut to light heavyweight in the UFC. He should have stayed at heavy weight. Then who the fuck would be talking about Stipe.

Before his light heavyweight run he fought Roy Nelson. That was 2013. I still think DC is one of the best even at 41 but watching that fight. His body composition. His movement. This was definitely not the DC of past. What can you say. Father time gets all of us in the end. But had he stayed at heavyweight and made a run for the title back then in 2013. Seven years ago. Man the narrative might be completely different. But maybe it is better this way. How many fighters get to have a legendary rivalry let alone two.

But this narrative of DC being second is such bullshit. In my opinion it discredits how amazing of an athlete and a fighter he is/was.

It bums me out man cause if anyone deserved to go out on a hight note it was DC. Honest man who never had any fucking picograms in his system. Either way at least I get to look forward to his commentating.

Yeah I am a huge DC fan.

On a side not. Very excited to see Jones come up to heavy weight. I truly don’t think he is going to have the success I feel like he is expecting to have. I honestly don’t think he could beat anyone in the top 10. I am calling it now. On here haha. I think his performance has consistently been going down with each fight he has been having. Which is a fucked thing to say I know. He has only been fighting number 1 ranked fighters. But he used to make short work of them and now it seems like he is barely beating them. I had Dominic Reyes winning that last fight. As did many others. So to jump up to heavyweight. I just can’t seem him having any success.

I know DC did. And he beat DC but he’s not DC.

Still haven’t seen that fight. Need to catch up.

Just watched it. Tremendous matchup. One of my favorite Bones Jones’ fights. Good stuff.

Interesting to compare this fight - probably Jones’ last fight at light heavyweight - with GSP’s last fight at welterweight against Johny Hendricks. Two very close contests.

Yeah it was a great fight. Jones V. Gustafasson 1 is my favorite and arguably one of the best fights in UFC imo. I believe it was fight of the year too.

I just was DC talk to Helwani and DC spoke favorably regarding Jones chance at heavyweight. I think I dislike Jones as person so much that I just want him to fail.