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UFC 249 is Tonight: Bantamweight, Interim Lightweight Belts on the Line

I haven’t paid for a PPV in a while - and I’m a little uncomfortable endorsing an event I’m not sure should be happening. But we’ll see

A few really interesting matchups on the card. I’m hoping Cejudo v. Cruz does not disappoint (Cruz has been out forever). And hard not to be curious to see Tony Ferguson back in action. Some good bouts in the prelims as well (Cowboy, Werdum, Esparza)

Too bad Jacare won’t be fighting. Of course, the fact that the reason he’s off the card is because he tested positive for COVID at the event is sort of the issue …

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Cowboy v Pettis 2 for free on Espn, not bad.

First fight from '13.

Ferguson is not a smart fighter. Khabib is a smart fighter. After watching that, I don’t see how anyone could think Ferguson would have beaten Khabib.

Gaethje was always, IMO, the tougher match-up for Khabib.

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Interesting to hear you say that. I don’t know of anyone who was talking Gaethje v. Khabib as being better than Tony v. Khabib. Luke Thomas (MMA analyst I highly recommend) made a good case for that immediately before this weekend’s matchup. But that would make the two of you only. :wink:

I think Tony has a point about his camp. He looked overripe to me. That said, very impressed by Gaethje and looking forward to his match-up with the Russian.

Idk about you but I think prime Ferguson would have at least had something for Khabib but all his freakish athleticism looks gone. He just has the cardio, granite chin, and small bits of weird game now. Before he was freakish cardio and explosions of crazy which didn’t seem containable by Khabibs game. I still had Khabib but can see the possibility for Tony. At least a couple years ago anyway

Tldr father time is undefeated

If you like Luke Thomas and are in need of some more mma podcasts in your life you should check out the Heavy Hands podcast.

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It depends on what you mean by better. Would it be more exciting? Maybe not but I prefer mma matches that are not brawling, toughman fights. If I want to see high level striking I will watch boxing. I mean, I still like to see martial arts in mma. Two guys treating each other like heavy bags is not martial arts. One of the early arguments for mma when it was being banned across the US was that it was less likely to result in life altering head trauma from repeated concussions.