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UFC 235: Jones, Usman Dominate, Askren Debuts

Thoughts on this weekend’s combat activity? Didn’t watch the fights, so I can’t comment on the controversial stoppage in Askren’s fight - though I’ve seen highlights of him getting ragdolled before then. Interesting that Jones didn’t finish Smith - anyone understand his “I felt like Randy Couture” comment after the fight? It sounded like a style reference …

And, wow, Usman the Nigerian Nightmare! Totally took advantage of Woodley’s counter-attacking game with endless volume. I thought that would be the most interesting fight of the night and it seemed to live up to it.

What’s next? Bones Jones vs. Johnny Walker is a popular choice. Usman v. Colby. Does Askren wait for the winner or take another bout first?

The stoppage would have been expected if it wasnt Herb Dean reffing the fight. Hes normally really good at holding off. Especially considering the new guy got completely abused for the entire fight. As well as Askren jumping right up after it was called. It was a bad call, but I cant refute that the arm looked limp.

Something was wrong with Woodley. He totally wasnt there for that fight. Not taking it away from Usman, he handled it like a complete animal, I just feel like Woodley definitely could have done more damage.

The Jones fight was actually a little boring. Jones did great, but it was a lot more structured and by the books than normal. The best part to me was Smith’s attitude. You could see him smiling the entire fight, he was so happy to have the chance to go against Jones, and all things considered he did really well, considering the 10" reach disadvantage. I just want to see someone beat that dude. Hes humbled down quite a bit, which is great to me, but I really want to see if he can be knocked out.

This would be a super interesting fight, in my opinion. Walker is such a weird dude.

I disagree. The arm went limp, Dean holds off for a couple seconds and looks at Lawler’s face, then checks the arm. The dude was out. I’ve seen guys get choked out at my gym before, then immediately keep fighting once the choke is released because they didn’t realize they had gone unconscious. I think the call was justified.

This, however, I will agree with. Usman was aggressive, but it looked like Woodley was on autopilot the whole fight.

The Jones v Smith fight was really refreshing for me to watch, even if it wasn’t super exciting. I loved seeing two fighters give respect and enjoy themselves the whole time, instead of getting heated and shit talking each other.