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UFC 229: McGregor v. Nurmagomedov


I am gonna have to look up the work of this actress.

Prostitute in Moscow doesn’t seem like a bad gig in comparison. Didn’t know there was market for unibrowed prostitutes who can life more than a mule though.

I agree with you that Chechens and Dagestanis don’t operate that way. Muslims in general don’t tolerate that sort of disrespect. I made the mistake when I was 18 years old of drunkenly calling an arab muslim in the Levant a son of bitch once. I think he literally wanted to murder me.

Having said that though Khabib is not your normal Dagestani. Other wise he would not have relinquished his neck crank if he was so honor bound. But what the fook do I know. I am salty Mystic Mac is no more.


It was hard to predict that Khabib would smash Conor? It’s funny because Saturday morning we were talking about the upcoming fight and someone mentioned he worried about Khabib’s lack of head movement. I mentioned that Conor doesn’t have much head movement either. He also keeps his hands down. So I said don’t be surprised if Khabib hits him standing. And during the fight Khabib ends up knocking Conor down. Conor also lost very predictably: he gave up his back to find a way out via tapping.


I wonder at what point Conor realized he fucked up. At the end of the 2nd round he is heard telling Khabib" Its only business" or “It was only business” and at the beginning of the 3rd attempted to touch gloves.



I’ve already presented previously why it was an intriguing match up and why it presented difficulty in decisively predicting the outcome. I won’t rehash that here. There were several intangibles that were difficult to factor in.

Connor has plenty of head movement. Not Mike Tyson peek a boo style head movement. When a fighter has such a tremendous threat for a takedown it changes your approach. He got cracked with that right cause he was concerned for the take down. Obviously I am not in Connors head so I don’t know for sure but thats my suspicion.


If you think so.

You might want to look into how he prepared for the fight and what the strategy was. It was to accept the TD and hope that Khabib would tire by the 3rd round on and then beat him with strikes. This is all from his coach.

He got hit because he keeps his hands down and chin up. Even the midget Chad Mendes was able to hit him.


Thought Conor might catch Khabib (who couldn’t finish Iaquinta …) but kudos to the Dagestani on the great grappling. Would definitely be up for a rematch if Khabib fights and defeats Ferguson. Could be a lot like McGregor v Diaz 2.

Agree with the comment about the rest of the card. Sometimes some of the best contests are in the prelims - definitely a great way to watch talented up and comers.


Yeah man Khabib definitely did a great job. His ability to utilize the cage and work from there has to be the best ever seen in MMA.

Honestly what I had been hoping for has totally been spoiled. I wanted Connor to win and then he fight GSP at 155. Connor lost. Ok I would be just as game to watch Khabib fight GSP at 155. With the inevitable suspension looming over his head that will probably not happen either.

Edit: Also what do you think of this idea. Connor should leave Kavanagh and try to get onto Zahabis team. I think he should work with those guys.


disregarding the post-fight melee, Khabib brings some real honor to the sport.

he completely dismantled Conor in every way imaginable, and now he’s dismantling Dana:

that’s how it’s done. incredible respect.

“let’s talk now” … that’s how you handle a bully. unreal.


I have so much respect for Khabib. He explained his position well. He’s never behaved in this way before, always being a complete gentleman until someone came along and put “just business” above acting honorably.

He’s putting his honor and that of his family and faith above money. Way above money. And he’s owning his behavior every step of the way.


x2. 100%. well said!


Haha really?

Your calling Connor a bully. I find that hilarious.

But he certainly did put on a supremely dominant performance.

Khabib talks to his opponent in nearly every fight so this is nothing new. My favorite I think it was against Michael Johnson he was literally saying: " You must give up" " You know I deserve title fight" . Walks to his corner tells Dana I am gonna smash your boy. Which he did. Classic stuff.

Also the video where Connor says its just business. Don’t misinterpret that and think Connor was trying to pacify some angry bull and running scared.


My balls was hot.