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UFC 229: McGregor v. Nurmagomedov

The first UFC PPV I’ve bought all year. I can see this one going either way, which is part of what makes it such an exciting matchup. Gun to my head, I’m leaning McGregor. If Khabib can’t avoid the strikes of Michael Johnson, whom he ended up mauling nevertheless, I don’t see him avoiding the strikes of McGregor.

God damn, I want to see Nurmagomedov maul fucking Conor.

This fight really shouldn’t be going down. McGregor shouldn’t be allowed in the United States. To make such a marketing splash over an horrific event including someone getting their cornea scratched by broken glass is a disgrace.

I was just by the UFC’s website, and there was an article about a company that can identify pirate streaming sites AND their viewers, and generally shut things down. Damn, fuck. I want to see it, and not at all justify the money in it.

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I’m still amused that you watch a sport where people beat each other unconscious/break limbs/cause brain damage/LOSE EYES and you’re this upset over a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions suck, as in you have to wear an eyepatch for a week and it feels like something is always in your eye, but that confrontation was the least horrific thing I’ve ever seen.

You can’t see it, free or not, without justifying the money in it. You want to see it. I want to see it. They set it up that way, and the way everything went down, Khabib’s the bully and Conor’s standing up for his boy. Mind you, I don’t buy any of it, but if I DID buy the storyline, that’s how I’d see it.

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Yeah Deadkong is ridiculous. Regardless he got the outcome he was hoping for. Fantastic card. Super mad the Dagestani dog won. Interesting to see how Connor regroups from here. I don’t think he can hang in the lightweight division. I think hes a featherweight and thats where he belongs.

Holy hell the. Derrick Lewis vs Volkov. That was insane. Although there needs to be an asterisk there because Lewis did fake a bullshit eye poke and Volkov could have easily put him away in that first round. Volkov should have kept the pressure on him so really its his fault.

Ferguson needs to fight Khabib next. That is an interesting match up.

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And the storyline continues …

Still fascinating to see what top level grappling can do. Not a Nurma fan, but definitely appreciate his ability to spotlight the ground skills …

Definitely Tony v. Khabib next.


The idea that anyone believed Conor had a chance is funny.

And the only one to blame for the post fight nonsense is Dana White and the UFC. They not only allowed a hostile environment to fester and grow, but encouraged it. They used the bus incident footage in their promotion of the fight.

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Well, not the only one. Khabib was publicly humiliated numerous times in the lead up to this fight and much of it didn’t have to do anything with Dana White.

First during his last post fight interview he made a public plea to Putin to free his oligarch mentor from Chechnya and the silence from the Kremlin was deafening.

Then Putin invited Conor to the World Cup subtly reminding everyone in Russia that Khabib may fly the Russian flag and profess undying loyalty to Uncle Vlad but that he’s nevertheless a “black ass” from the Caucasus and not white per Russian standards.

This prompted ridicule from the Dagestanis who then accused Khabib of being an unsuccessful Uncle Tom, who proceeded to take a more hardline islamist line on social media.

Then came a bizarre feud with Russian rappers - a certain Creed, believed to be of “non-traditional sexual orientation” as they say in Russia was slated to perform in Dagestan, but his concert was cancelled due to rape threats from Islamic radicals. Khabib supported the threats on social media followed by a surreal video-for-video exchange involving Chechen president Kadyrov, a (female) Dagestani porn star and Khabib’s posse.

Khabib is an Avar. They don’t understand the concept of trash talking and fight promotion. Honestly, I’m surprised Zambit and others haven’t stabbed anyone yet.

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Can someone who’s good at math let me know just how much money Conor has made (purse’s and endorsements) for his last two fights in which he got knocked out by a retired senior ciizen in one, and quit in the other.
America…the greatest country on the planet!

little brick houses for you and me

This is all interesting. I didn’t know about this stuff I quit following UFC drama a long time ago but it seems like it’s escalated past pre fight hype. Which will be a great way to screw the sport up.

I’m not surprised Khabib won, or at the WWF tactics after. If Conor won, nobody would care about a rematch. Now they’re set up for a rematch and a bigger payday, with a new “bad guy” of the UFC.

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Mma is a joke now

To be honest this stuff is why I stopped following it. As it got closer to wwe I lost interest. Love to combat aspect but the drama and reality show crap can go away as far as I’m concerned.


While we’re at it, when the Mayweather hype shows were going on, Floyd’s entourage all came out on stage at one point and almost had a gang brawl with McGregor’s. Dana White was saying it came close.

I watched it, but still had some disgust at the pageantry of mainly McGregor. If that had been a stage brawl, I suppose the athletic commissions might have said then that enough was enough.

Edit; I won’t watch WWE, the above mentioned actually culminated in a competitive combat sports event. I was marvelling at the possibility Conor might pull it off.

After Cormier beat Miocic, they allowed Lesnar to enter the octagon, shit on Miocic, and shove Cormier.

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What, you don’t like judicial activism with your combat sports? Swear he just did it to boost some “bad boy” image.

My main take away from this is that they have porn stars in Dagestan. How is that possible. Clearly my understanding of Dagestani culture is not up to par.

Also, I am thoroughly convinced that Khabib while clearly irritated is probably not as irritated as most might think. Strongly suspect he knows its just promotion.

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All of you complaining about the drama and how you used to be a fan and are not anymore. Stopped following it etc etc etc.

That has been a part of the sport from the very beginning. Fighters have always tried to sell fights. The UFC also used to be way worse then anything you see today. Watch anything from 93 to early 2000’s. If you don’t like the drama or promotion don’t watch the promotional press conferences. Tune in on fight night only. If your such a purist watch only the fight.

That was a spectacular card. One of the most exciting I have seen in a long time. Contrary to what some jabronies on here say it was truly hard to predict.

There has been no talk what so ever of a rematch. Conor took to social media saying he looked forward to a rematch.I doubt there will be a rematch. That was too much of a one sided performance. Although if anyone cares to know Connor was awarded the third round.

I hope Khabib can avoid any sort of suspension doesn’t retire and fights Ferguson. That guy is truly nothing short of spectacular so exciting to watch.

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I thought the ufc peaked a few years ago

In what regard?

Because the caliber of fighter is the best its ever been.

No, your understanding is correct. She’s from Dagestan and lives in the West. I think even her extended family had to leave due to death threats.

Incidentally, there’s a general rule of thumb that for Dagestani women there are two career options - being an ISIS bride/suicide bomber or a prostitute in Moscow.

That’s an emphatic no - Chechens and Dagestanis don’t operate that way. From the interpretation of Quran to words spoken, everything is literal. A typical scenario where one ends up dead is to get into an altercation with a Chechen - say in a nightclub setting - thinking afterwards “it was only a bar fight” only to be stabbed to death two weeks later.

Fedor’s daughter was stabbed by a Chechen the day after he criticized Kadyrov’s Akhmat fight card with minors.