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UFC 228 Woodley vs. Till


Anyone excited for this card?

Welterweight Tyron Woodley © vs. Darren Till [a]
Women’s Flyweight Nicco Montaño © vs. Valentina Shevchenko [b]
Featherweight Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Brandon Davis
Women’s Strawweight Jéssica Andrade vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz
Welterweight Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Niko Price

I am having a hard time calling Till vs Woodley. I really have no idea what to expect. Till is awkward like Thompson was. Woodley struggled with those fights but I feel like Woodley hasn’t shown us 100 % of what he has to offer. Maybe we will see it now.

Shevchenko is going to absolutely murder Montano who is only deluding herself if she thinks she has 1/10th a chance of winning this fight. Such a lopsided mismatch borderline criminal

Now Mogomedsharipov vs Brandon Davis is the fight I am most excited about. I don’t know much about either of the guys. Never seen Davis fight but Mogomedsharipov is super slick and I am hoping he becomes a real contender. It should be fun to watch.


Aside from the main event, I just found out that women’s flyweight champion Nicko Montano is off the card, and with her Shevchenko, her opponent.

Montano had to be taken to hospital due to kidney problems related to her weight cut. How often does such a thing happen? I know weight cuts can be a challenge, but there must be reasonable management knowledge for such a thing.


Well thats a bit disappointing. I saw a headline somewhere claiming Shevchenko suspected her weight cut issues were fabricated. I wouldn’t blame her.

I don’ get the weight cut issues at all. Occasionally I understand especially for women whose hormones fluctuate so frequently. College wrestlers consistently make weight. There is really no excuse.


I think Montano was the champion based on what? 1 fight? I was actually trying to get some idea if she is just scared of getting her head taken off, maybe close to answered.


Great work from the champion this weekend. Was surprised to see him as an underdog - somebody really cleaned up with that wager!

So does this mean Woodley v Covington in Madison Square Garden later this year?


Yeah she beat Roxanne Modefferi for the inaugural belt which isn’t saying much although I respect Roxanne.

I was very happy with the card. Super exciting fights and some crazy finishes. Jessica Andrade slept Karolina so hard. Btw I don’t if its been said before but with an name like Jessica Andrade and given her “look”. How come no one has ever referred to her as Jessica “Androgynous” Andrade. So funny.

Zabit has some sort of spladle, bannana split looking sub which apparently prior to UFC 228 had only been done once before Zabits was the second one of the night.

Abdul vs Niko Price also first round knock out. Niko tried to bang. Didn’t work out for him.

Tyrone beat Till in dominating fashion. Got his first submission victory in 9 years.


So stupid. Who does those calculations.

Woodley did a great job. My only critique and this has nothing to do with his skills as a fighter is he is one salty dude. If you watched his interview with Rogan afterwards. Just so apathetic and clearly discontent with the UFC. Not that I care as he said he will fight who ever they put in front of him and I will definitely watch it.

As for what fight is next for him. Since the UFC likes to throw rankings out the door these days lets get a crazy and forget about Colby and the rest of the guys. Lets throw Nick Diaz in there.


I didn’t know he was the underdog beforehand. I thought the announcers had made a mistake. I think it was a bunch of wishful thinking.


Because not only does the UFC not like him, it disrespects him. He is a very talented fighter. He shows up in shape and prepared. You don’t hear about him driving drunk, doing drugs or doing other stupid crap to get into trouble. He isn’t a loudmouth like Conor or Colby. He is nowhere as salty as a Diaz brother. The UFC wants WWE characters, not professionals with common sense. And if you think Tyron is salty, just imagine how Dana White feels having watched him dismantle the UFC’s chosen one. Tyron made a hyped up title contender, who was the favorite according to the odds makers, look like a chump.

Easy payday for Tyron.


Disrespects him? I don’t know. I understand the situation. There has been drama between him and the UFC. Honestly I don’t even care enough to get into it. I think its hilarious. I love the the bullshit as much as I love the fights.

You think Till was a “chosen one”. I definitely think he was hyped though. He beat Wonderboy in a controversial fight. Home town judges, misses weight etc and an aging Cerrone who is really a 155er. Asides from that he hasn’t fought anyone noteworthy. But he is a 11 years younger then the champion. He has a long time to improve provided he can have the same kind of longevity Woodley has had.

You do have a point though. I have often suspected the UFC of doing everything but actually fixing fights. Like telling judges to call fights sooner or later.

Till vs Woodley for instance. I thought that judge let it go on a lot longer then it should have and resetting them when Woodley had Till in the clinch against the cage. What the hell was that. I can’t help but suspect maybe Dana had some words with that Judge.

There have been several occasions that has happened before. The only other one I can recall oddly enough is when Sarah Mcmann took that body shot from Rousey lost her feet and the ref instantly jumped between them.

Here a great screenshot someone took of Tyron and Dana.