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UFC 217 GSP vs Bisping

Well last night might have been the craziest UFC card I’ve ever witnessed in my 8 or so years of following the sport. From prelims to main event. Well worth the 60 bucks I paid for it. If I had put money on the fights I would have lost all my shekels.


Thoroughly enjoyed this.

I have always watched some MMA from a curious POV, but this card has got me really excited and interested in the sport!


Yeah, definitely a crazy card!

I honestly wasn’t that surprised by GSP beating Bisping as I felt that he matched up well with The Count stylistically and because of their training history (namely GSP having mopped the floor with Bisping in training every time they had trained together in the past), but was impressed by the strategic way he put the final “nail in the coffin” by tricking Bisping into thinking he had an opening to stand up and then immediately taking his back and slapping in the Choke.

I still think he wants no part of Romero, Whittaker, Rockhold, or any of the other top Middleweights though (and his post fight interview supports that suspicion). My guess is that he’ll never fight at Middleweight again, but will drop down to Welterweight for the remainder of his contract/fights.

I was however very surprised and impressed by Rose KO’ing Joanna! I know that everyone can “get caught”, but I honestly didn’t see that KO coming (especially so early into the fight). Good for her, now let’s see if she can defend the title (and let’s see how Joanna responds to getting beaten and see if she uses it to get even better and come back stronger, or if she implodes).

And, never liked TJ as a fighter or his “Cruz-light” style, but good for him for getting the belt back from Cody. Cody turned out to be even more of a punk as evidenced by his behavior on TUF. Still think that Father Time beat Cruz moreso than Cody actually being better, but it’s clear that Cruz is indeed slowing down and so is no longer the clear top dog in the division, so it should make things exciting for a little while.

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