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UFC 166: Cained to Junior Status?

[quote]zenontheterrible wrote:
great card great fights!

JDS put up a hell of a fight and landed some hard shots, but was clearly outclassed by Cain. As entertaining as it was to watch hopefully there will not be another rematch too soon because there is no doubt in my mind that Cain would dominate again. Looking forward to see Cain vs. Werdum.

DC should be interesting at LHW, I think he has a the potential to roll through the division enroute to a title fight, but who knows, LHW seems to be a bit deeper of a division, and maybe DC will be too slow at LHW? I doubt it, but maybe. [/quote]

Yeah, Cain looked damn impressive once again. We don’t need to see him and Junior fight again. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see him fight Cormier, but that’s not happening. Werdum deserves the next shot, and that fight should happen, though it doesn’t exactly excite the hell out of me.

I’d most like to see Cain fight Barnett next, which I think would be a barn-burner and a reeeeeally competitive fight.

I’d also like to see him fight Overeem if Overeem can string together a couple of respectable wins, as I think it’s an interesting fight with the potential for some excitement, though I think we know how it ultimately ends. (Cain applies massive and never-ending pressure, similar to how he fought Junior – although with more trouble dealing with knees in the clinch, as that’s a specialty of Overeem’s – Overeem gases thoroughly by the end of about the third round, and Cain gets the TKO.)

Before anything happens, Overeem would have to string together a couple of good (dunno, 3-4?) wins first.
That takes a while and a lot can happen during that period.

But If it happens, the horsemuncher would never last 3 rounds.
Something totally unusual would have to happen, eg a near KO but then they hug for 2 rounds etc.

Still, Reem does have a really good shot for one, maybe two rounds.
He does tend to sprint physically and emotionally while Cain “Diaz” is the heavyweight cardio king and also tenacious.
But during these 2 rounds, he’s
a) strong and dangerous in the clinch
b) a powerful counterstriker

Curiously enough, Dos Santos style is great for picking apart the Dutch.

It saddens me to read Cormier won’t fight the champ.

Yes, I would like to see Overeem as Junior’s matchup after maybe someone like Travis Browne or Stipe Miocic. Reem opened his mouth the other year that Junior was scared of him and Junior demanded to fight him then. I normally abhor grudge matches, but I like JDS enough that I would like to see him overwhelm him convincingly.

I wonder how long it will be before JDS does get a title shot again. I mean he is still in his younger career, as is Cain. I wonder if 2 thorough beatings squeezed the piss and vinegar out of his mind for it though. He did raise Cain’s hand in the air, and that in itself might be viewed as a submission.

I think it’ll take at least about 3 fights until JDS and Cain will have to fight again eventually if they both absolutely demolish everyone they end up in the same cage with. That is unless Cain loses the title and Junior captures it while Cain is fighting for contending for the title, but the way the last 2 fights have gone, it’ll take at least a couple of highlight performances for Junior hypetrain to catch enough steam that he can be marketed as a serious threath to Cains crown.

Cain is fighting Werdum next, which I see as a pretty lopsided beating. I think that if Cain chooses to do so, he can basically kickbox Werdum, or use similar strategy as he did against JDS, tire him up by taking him to the fence and smashing his face in to ground beef. If he wants to play inside Werdums guard that might make it interesting, but I don’t see any reason having to spend a whole lot of time there unless he feels comfortable there. Barnett would make for an interesting fight if he gets past Browne, he is basically the master of fighting dirty and doing the same things to his opponent that Cain did against JDS, but I feel like Cains superior speed, athleticism and cardio will eventually carry him to a pretty comfortable win, but still it’d probably be pretty competetive. I don’t see Browne being as interesting of a fight, I don’t see Cain having much of a problem fucking him up like he did JDS, I just don’t see Browne hanging in there as long. After that, unless JDS has already piled up enough bodies, Silva/Hunto winner could fight Reem/Mir winner (lets be honest, no matter the glass jaw and tendency to fold under pressure, Roidreem is still a very marketable character with his bodybuilder-like physique and brutal highlight reel and thats really all that matters when booking fights for PPVs) for number one contender. Don’t know if anyone wants to see Silva rematch Cain for the title, but if he can pick up solid wins here I don’t see how they could deny it unless UFC somehow manages to build Miocic in to some sort of super prospect of a contender.

IMO booking JDS is much harder. He is entertaining and probably draws in decent ammount of viewers, so his status pretty much demands him to be at least co-main, but considering UFC’s dislike for the fourth JDS - Cain, they shouldn’t really feed him any potential challengers either if they are not planning on sending him to a titlefight. Fighting the losers of the titlefights is one possibility, Werdum rematch could possibly be sold as a decent fight. Considering the fireworks JDS and Hunt put together, the loser of Silva/Hunt would probably work pretty well too. I don’t think there is a reason for him to beat the shit out of Nelson or Struve (if he fights again), Browne is probably too close to be sold as a legit contender to waste him against JDS even if he loses against Barnett, Cormier is going down to 205, Miocic probably has too much momentum if he can pick off one more solid win to be sacrificed either. Overeem fight would probably sell pretty well, but considering the fact that JDS takes a punch so much better I don’t really have hard time predicting how that fight would go, and that’d probably leave Reem fighting for his job again. He does have a big paycheck though, so maybe that wouldn’t be such a big time loss, who knows?

Fuck! Piss! Damn! Fuck! Piss! Damn! Two TKO losses in his last two fights, the latest being to a not so established of a striker.

I am just venting that I am off of the JDS hype train as to his ever regaining the title. He has now got to stop saying he is the greatest, at almost 36 he will probably have a checkered record until he retires.

Any predictions as to when that will be?

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I find this humorous as you replied to yourself basically 6 years later. I believe he is done, but Curtis blades is a decent talent. young, hungry can beat basically anyone not named francis.

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