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UFC 143 - Diaz v Condit


Interesting card.

What are your picks, ladies and gents?

Mine are Diaz (although I can't stand those bros)

Still undecided between Herman v Starks.


I agree on all counts, but I will be hoping/rooting for Nelson.


Robert A


Jorgensen(Team Moraes...in the house...training with him in couple of weeks)

Also pulling for fellow Texan Edwin Figueroa(Saekson camp..in the house...will be there in few weeks as well!)


Diaz is going to destroy Condit. Condit sucks.


I'll be rooting for Condit to pick up the titleshot here, I just absolutely hate the Diaz bros. I think Condit has every tool to pick up the win here, Diaz won't be taking this fight down cause he ain't scared homie, if Condit can keep his game together and use his MT to control the distance and use those leg kicks to throw Nick off his game he absolutely stands a chance of picking the win.

I hate Diaz's brawling style of fighting but in all fairness you can't take it away from him that he has been very successful with it. However, he has been taking a lot more hits to the face as of late having faced tougher competition, nothing that has stopped him so far but this is a 5 round fight and Condit might have the tools to hit him in the face just a little too many times even for his thick stuborn skull.

I don't know if Condit can deal with the pressure, and in the end thats all it comes down to, is he disciplined enough and can stay calm under Diaz's constant pressure he should be able to do enough to cruise to UD or late stoppage. With all that being said, Diaz is the favorite but I don't think Condit's chances are as slim as many seem to think.

I think this is one of those fights where the first two rounds will pretty much show how this fight is going to go down.

I expect Werdum to out grapple Nelson, but I don't expect it to be exciting. Pierce - Kos might turn out to be a fight, the rest of the fighters on the card are relatively unknown to me so I don't know what to expect of them.


I think Condit is going to walk into Diaz's right hand all night due to footwork.
Condit has some nice techniques and hits hard but Diaz's foot work will win this fight. He will be in the right place at the right time as opposed to Condit relying on athleticism and his power but being off with footwork.


^Yay. A long time kickboxer just affirmed my belief that Diaz is outstriking the fuck out of Condit. Day is made.

Nelson (I still believe in fatleticism)


southpaws for life


Chances are Diaz will win but I've been a long time Condit fan, so Condit all the way.


I am going for Nelson just so I can say the guy who beat Fedor got his ass beat by tubby. I know it's MMA math but I would still enjoy the shit talking.




I honestly don't understand the success of the diaz brothers. Everyone they fight falls into their game plan immediately and end up gassing out hard by the 2-3 rounds. Their best techniques are cardio and body shots. Condit looks to be way more well rounded so i hope he doesn't fall into diaz's game.


I think it speaks to the effectiveness of the Diaz brothers' mental game. Nate vs. Cowboy was the perfect example of a kick-boxer with a decent ground game getting lured into a boxing match, and then getting out-boxed.


My toughts exactly. Not only do they make it a boxing match but rather turn it in to an all out slugfest, and we all know how that will end when your opponent has reach advantage on you and probably won't go down even if you hit him with a sledgehammer. Every single time I watch them fight I just can't realise why they fall right in to their game when the answer is right there in front of their faces. Nick of course is much better than Nate standing, but still I can't see why so many guys just want to participate in a slugfest with these guys, which is why I find the upcoming fight with Condit extremely interesting, and if he wins that in the same kind of fashion he has done every time so far it'd be the first GSP fight in ages that would actually have me on the edge of my seat, I do believe GSP would beat Diaz but I have predicted both Diaz brothers to lose time and time again and I've been proven wrong about a million times so far so who knows what would happen.


I think most people really undervalue the basics. The reason why the Diaz's are excellent at what they do is because of their foot work. Cowboy is ten times as athletic, ten times as powerful and is much more visually appealing........ against someone with the same shitty footwork. Not the Diaz's. This is why I always say true stand up fighters are much better if they transition well into the grappling arts rather than vice versa and more specifically, purists from a boxing back ground.
Their feet are in the right place at the right time, always. All it takes is a small step off to the right or left and your opponents amazing punching power is neutralized and they fall into your perfect range.

Nate against Cerrone was a perfect example. Watch it again and look at nothing but the feet. Nate is always to the outside of Cerrone's power (ie towards Cerrone's left) Cerrone on the other hand was only successful when he went out to Nate's right hand side and could get in his kicks. Against a southpaw, that is rule no one for any serious trainee that has been through the ropes in boxing. Dumb fuck poser wannabe UFC bullshit keeps hyping up these guys like they're monsters based only on their athleticism. Fuck that fake shit. Every serious fighter must get his ass handed to him in a boxing ring if they want to make it. Copping 2-3 rounds with a boxer of pure calibre will leave you looking for the bucket much more than doing 10 with a MMA fighter. MMA is still eons away in development in true art form, but it is rapidly growing.

This is why the Diaz's can not look so spectacular but maul their opponents every time.

Nick against BJ. He played bj with switching stances until he settled on southpaw and then kept to BJ's left . BJ couldn't adjust and Nick was cutting off his left side forcing him to the right every time. Problem is, by going to the right, BJ was walking straight into Nick's left.

Boxing is not just about hitting pads fast or hard or doing 50 rounds of it. If you're feet are in the right place, 9 times out of 10 you will hit your opponent, not get hit and have much more power than someone with much more physical power than you who's weight transfer, body positioning and footwork sucks balls.


Diaz's kryptonite is wrestling. i would like to see Condit win, i think a condit/gsp would be awesome. Saying that, i see the fight going the same as previous Diaz fights with a high probability of a Diaz win via slap fest and gassing.


Good post. Great footwork can take away an opponent's weapons and put you into position where you can use your own effectively.


humble dropping the knowledge.


Great post.


I think Nelson has a decent chance. I really can't see werdum ko'ing him on the feet and I don't know that Fabricio can take Roy down. If Nelson can get on top while on the ground it should be interesting.


well atleast diaz lost......