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UFC 140


Really? No comments on this at all? Or are they hidden in a fan post I'm not reading?

I like Machida, he's fun watch, but absent stepping up his ground game by a factor of 10 he needs to just realize that he's not competitive in the UFC and maybe go try K1. On his feet he was out-fighting Jones, and looked like he was even hurting him, but he just doesn't have the same well-rounded game to be able to change it up.

Mir - Ok, he's for real, big Nog is still no joke. Forget cock-chest, I want to see Mir - Overeem.

Chan Sung Jung - Didn't get to see much of him, but he can obviously hit hard.

Little Nog - Good fight, but I'm just not that impressed by anyone beating up on Ortiz. Tito was overrated in his prime, and he is now well past his prime. Ortiz needs to call Liddel, say he's sorry, and join him in retirement on the beach sipping coronas.


Machida did better than I expected, even managed to hurt Bones once, but its obvious that once you get taken down and nailed by few elbows from JBJ you are going to be in a trouble...

It hurt to watch Mir break big Nogs arm, but that was a great fight. I don't see how anyone can name the mainevent FotN over this? Solid performance by Mir, probably next in line to fight for titleshot.

Lil' Nog and Tito put up a good fight, got to agree it doesn't tell much about where Nog is in the division right now but just throwing these together for the sakes of a good fight is not always a bad idea.

Why the fuck did Hominick come in that reckless? I understand he was probably trying to send a message that he is still going for that title, but that ain't the way and I guess he knows it too after that fight...


I'm liking Mir more and more as he ages.

He's become pretty well-rounded.

At least Hominick didn't grow a second head again...

I'm feeling more and more like it's going to take Jones messing for him to lose. I feel like Machida and Shogun (in shape, not hurt and motivated) could both beat him on a good, where Jones isn't on his A-game. I feel like Hendo can take a beating, and maintains knockout power through five rounds,a and could maybe catch him. But it's a puncher's chance.

I don't see a healthy Jones losing to anyone anytime soon.

Yet another UFC division with a champ almost another tier above the other top-five in the div.


My impressions on the card: It hurt to watch Big Nog and Machida go down, but I expected they would.

Homminick fucked up. I wonder if that was one of the errors you can feel/see yourself making in real time. Even as he was throwing the hook he looke like he was saying "no, no, no, Fuck".

I am glad to see Diet Nog get a good win. I was impressed by his ground and pound and the fact he used his BJJ to allow him to hammer Tito. I also like the fact he didn't zone in entirely on the head and threw shots to the body. Seeing Tito get G & P'd was kind of odd, since that was really his game. Hope Tito gets his last fight.

Big Nog vs Mir was a great, great fight. Nog looked good on top and he should have tried to finish with strikes or just do damage rather than going for the guillotine. When he dropped for it I blurted out "what are you doing?", but as a friend pointed out it is pretty hard to critisize Nog for wanting to use BJJ. Mir's weight training probably helped him hold on and finish that lock. Nog is likely done, or out for another year. His surgeon is going to be sewing mop heads together.

Machida vs Jones was impressive by both parties. Machida did very well standing. He was working against a huge reach disadvantage and managed to use timing and angles well enough to be even or even a bit ahead with strikes. He came in too wild at the end and payed for it. He needs to keep his damn hands up when he crashes in like that. Jones has great elbows, and his frame lets him land them very well. Great finish.

RE Hendo vs Jones: Henderson is great, and is a legit threat to anyone. I think Jones is a bad match up for him. The range of Jones should mean Hendo eats way to many shots before he can fire his right. Henderson does not have the footwork to let him use angles like Machida. Henderson would be better off making a run at Silva.

I want to see Jones vs Evens, but I understand why someone is balking. They trained together too much. I don't know which one was "top dog" in the sparring, but they do and Greg Jackson knows. Without enough time to add/mature the fight would probably be one sided because the "one who wins in training" would just be "winning again". This is why I disagree when White is bitching about training partners not fighting. How the fuck does the partner who loses more often get ready for that?


Robert A


Sucks for whomever that is, but when you're talking about the title, I don't have a lot of sympathy.


Sympathy, not so much. If it is for a title though, the side that has it in their interest to stall should. I view it the same as going into an important fight injured. Especially with the UFC attitude of viewing a fighter with one or two consecutive losses as over and a trend of 3 losses and you are cut from the promotion.

I get what you are saying, and would be screeming for the match ups if it was a japanese promotion where "good fights" and "showing spirit" were as career building as W's. It's not. So I cannot really fault a fighter for picking match ups with strategy any more than I would fault a fighter for sticking to a game plan that is not exciting, but gets a win.


Robert A


I was VERY impressed with Mir. Sure Nog fucked up, but the way Frank recovered and pulled off that sequence right after being face down on the mat about to be TKO'ed was crazy. There are a few refs out there who might've stopped the fight (Lavigne, Mazz, Big John), so it goes to show, you really need to try to give the fighter a couple more seconds.

Machida seemed to gas a little. I don't know if the clinch work and elbows in the second round were the cause, or that the rumors of him being ill were true. That was uncharacteristic of him. Either way, like Rob said, very impressed with both. First time we see Jon lose a round (though two judges didn't agree), first time we see him figure his opponent out and turn it around.

Feel sorry for Krystoff. Guess he peaked a while ago. Sucks. Liked his style.

Hmmm. Jon is a few fights away from effectively clearing out the division. Evans. Hendo. Davis. Machida again. Anderson perhaps? oh boy hahah.

I think he takes Evans, but I do think Rashad can win. The guy's a very good grappler and a BJJ black belt, and I doubt Jon has enough time off his back to counter that top control. Of course that banks on Rashad getting past that reach and changing levels on a guy with sick sprawl leverages.

One thing Jon gets away with right now is plodding footwork. He tends to not look for angles, and moves straight back. Lyoto had the skills and speed to take advantage of that, and I think Shad could too, if only to get Jones into the fence.

Interesting fight, since they used to train together. But realistically speaking, it's a tough fight for Rashad.


I think the more they wait for that fight, the less it becomes a factor that they trained together. Considering how fast Bones is becoming better and better, he won't be nearly the same fighter a year from now that he was when they were training together. I think Rashad has a chance and it won't be a onesided beatdown, but it'll probably end much like the fight with Machida, Bones eventually finding the opening and capitalizing on it.

Everything about Hendo - Bones is said already, Hendo is a man and a true warrior and he would do his best not only to hang in there but try to hurt Bones for 5 rounds, but I don't think he can close the distance against Bones efectively enough to land that overhand right and I don't think he can take Bones down or make this a grappling match and turn it in his favor.

Silva - JBJ would be very interesting, but unfortunately DFW sais not soon so we are either not going to see it at all or going to see it far too late (I asume Chael is going to beat him this time given another titleshot though). Looks like LHW is going to go down the same road as UFC's WW very soon, all the legit contenders cleared.

I truely hope Bones has the ambition and determination to not stay and beat every contender and everything from the between over and over again, but to go and try it out in the HW if he clears out LHW, definitely has the frame and with a little horsemeat he could be the most dangerous man in the planet pretty soon :smiley: .


The only way Rashad can win is if he learned a blatant weakness in sparring with Jones. The only person I really see as having a chance right now is Silva, it would be nice to youth vs. experience. Also if Silva keeps his speed if he goes up 20lbs. Jones is physically intimidating to his challengers most of them look defeated the minute they're face to face with him in the ring. He's a massive 205


I liked the card.

I was curious about how Mir would fare given his time off and somewhat lackluster performances previously. Big Nog is always a threat and for a while I thought he was going to make quick work of Mir. I believe Mir's size and strength helps alot in this fight.

Granted, I am a machida nuthugger, but i thought from a striking perspective he was the best matchup for JBJ. Maybe if Shogun is on his A-game and not hurt it would be the same as well. JBJ was outdueled in his own game by Machida there for a bit.

What JBJ does have going for him is his super reach advantage that covers up his terrible footwork. However his clinch game and GNP is just stellar, and I fucking hate the guy but gotta give cred where cred is due. Machida looked gassed because he had the flu, not that its an excuse, but I am sure it isnt fun to fight with.

FWIW the Korean Zombie is the man.


Am I the only one that has a problem with the Mir's habit of continuing to crank subs after a tap? I know there is a lot of money riding on the outcome, but why is it that most high level jiu jitsu guys can get a finish without breaking someone's arm?


Big Nog didn't tap until after his arm was broken. In the Sylvia fight, Tim didn't even tap. The ref stopped the fight after he saw his arm was broken. Some guys won't tap and you have to go through with the submission to get a win, because it's likely you won't get another chance to submit them in the fight.


Rashad is the perfect counter bodtype. Short, powerful, good double leg. He can play the in and out game with his speed and he has the added advantage of his wrestling and knowing Jones weaknesses.


Interesting comment about Hendo trying to hurt Jones for 5 rounds. Hendo, and I am a big fan of the man/fighter, has nowhere near the stamina to go full out for 5 rounds. And his last fight against Shogun showed that. That should have been a draw and it was because he was totally and completely spent in round 4 and 5. And some of you guys think he can hang with Jones for 5?

Please tell me you were joking. Jones wasn't even breathing heavy after taking care of Machido.
Rashad had a small chance 9 months ago. 6 months from now, not a snowball's chance in hell.


I don't think he can take punishment from Jones for 5 rounds, but Hendo is a guy who will try to hurt you no matter how tired and beat up he is if you give him the chance. He will do his best and either catch Bones or fail but there is always a chance as long as the fight is standing.


I like Hendo, and I'd probably be cheering for him, but I really think Jones would rip him into little pieces and eat him right there in the ring. Endurance wouldn't be a factor except in determining how long it takes Jones to break through his guard and begin the beating. Lets face it, Hendo couldn't get past Silva or Rampage, and JBJ is more dangerous than either.

I wish Jones and Anderson Silva were the same weight class, but I don't see either one crossing over to fight the other.


I enjoyed UFC 140 on the whole quite a bit, but there was something lurking in the shadows that most people maybe missed or didn't care about. Before I get into it, I don't particularly care for the direction the UFC is going in. It's clear that fighters are being encouraged to not go to the ground. I've seen several fights where a vastly superior grappler showed almost 0 interest in bringing the fight to the ground, which otherwise makes no sense.

My main problem was the Nik Lentz/Mark Bocek fight. This is a clear example of how the UFC's scoring system has changed for the worse. There was a time when Nik would have won that fight. In my opinion, he should have (although I was well aware that he wasn't winning due to the scoring system). Despite Bocek "controlling the pace of the fight" he did no damage to Nik (well, I heard Nik did complain about his back being a little scuffed up) nor did he ever try to to finish the fight. He sat on top of Nik, completely unable to pass his guard or hit him, while Nik bloodied up his face and tried to finish the fight with submissions. This just shows me that there is something a bit wrong with what has become of the UFC's scoring system. Nik was clearly happy where he was and didn't show much interest in sweeping.

Now, I do feel compelled to mentioned that I do train where Nik trains, and Nik used to teach some of the no gi classes that I went to. His classes were great BTW, almost entirely takedowns which seem to be an after thought in most BJJ classes, even in no gi. I have to give Bocek credit for taking Nik down those 3 times as Nik is an incredible wrestler. I thought I should mention that even though it really has no bearing on why I am making my argument. Nik and Greg were both well aware of how the scoring goes in the UFC.