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UFC 139



Wandy make me scream and get pumped up and i thought nothing could surpass seeing some Vintage Silva.


My thoughts:

Fight of the year.

I had it a draw. That was a 10-8 last round.

I do not think Shogun's knee is back or will be back. The lack of kicking was telling to me.

I thought Wand was going to get KO'd, because I really do think he was permanently damaged in the open weigth GP.

That was vintage Axe Murderer. No one finishes like Wand. Cung Lee is going to spend the rest of the year in and out of surgery.


Robert A


I do not agree with the draw thesis, simply because the 5th round was just like Fitch VS BJ on the 3rd round.

Which consisted on mounting but with any real offense and to me that's not 10-8 in any way.


And Wandy was awesome, but it simply shows that he can't hang with the upper-tier anymore. He was in some rough spots through all the fight before the PRIDE flash.


Well, a lot of punches and damage were done in both of those rounds. If I wanted an example of control, but very little damage I would point to Sonnen vs Silva. Sonnen had control, but 24 minutes of arm punches didn't seem to do much damage to The Spider. Contrast that to 3 minutes under someone like Fedor or Tito.

Of course I am looking at a 10-8 as simply being a more dominant win. In boxing it is usually knockdown or a standing 8. In MMA I don't know? It seems to me we should actually see a lot more 10-8's and even a few 10-7's for really lopsided beatings. It would be in line with what the boxing focused Nevada Athletic Commission likes, and it could spur aggressiveness.


Robert A


sick fight


Can't see how Dan got the decision, don't know how valid opinion that is since I am a massive Shogun nuthugger fanboy but I gotta agree with Roberts call of it bein a 47-47 draw. Makes me more sad than anything right now that Shoguns knees seem to be blown for good, a few leg kicks in there and it would've been a whole different match. Still definitely one of the best fights I've ever seen even though both men were exhausted pretty much from 3rd round on. Can't blame either man considering the damage done.

Kampmann - Story really surprised me, the way Kampmann handled Story on the ground and the way Story handled Kampmann standing, would've expected it to be the other way around. One retard judge decided to call it 30-27 Kampmann btw, can't see how round one could've gone Martins way even though I had him takin the 2nd and 3rd and the right man walkin away with decision it still beats me where do these guys come from...

Cung Le - Wandy was awesome stuff too, neither man is really near to title contention material but the shit Cung did was crazy awesome, loved those spinning back fists and the way he just kept going for that spinning back kick and all sorts of crazy stuff in such a calm way. The whole 2nd round I was just waiting for Wandy to knock him the fuck out the way he was hanging his mouth wide open.

Any prelims worth the watch?


Fight should have been a draw. Last round was a 10-8 round to Shogun.

I agree with Robert: Shogun was real flat no angles and no springing forward.

Agreed fight of the year for these guys.

Rick F.


Absolutely fight of the year, Hendo just upped his legendary status. I had it 28-27 also, although Shogun had him controlled in the 5th, not too many hard shots landed, and it didn't look like Hendo was in any real trouble, not as much as Shogun was in the 3rd anyway IMO.

Shogun didn't look flat to me as compared to other fights, I just think he was overly concerned with Hendo's power in regards to coming forward.

Glad Wandy got back on track, but I have to agree with Rogan that it was a premature stoppage. I'm beginning to hate the reflex action some fighters are getting when they stun a guy, then proceed with the 3 inch machine gun hammer fists that don't do shit, except get the ref to jump in stupidly. Pretty sure if Hendo did the machine gun fists in the 3rd the ref would of stopped it prematurely also.

Looked like Cung Li started to head hunt a little too much, a few more spinning kicks to the body and I think Wandy was done for.


Cung Le definitely is entertaining to watch, i hope he sticks around.

Agreed, he should have used more body shots, they would have taken the toll on Wandy's gas tank.


I had it a draw BUT the way I see it, Hendo barely missed a 10-8 in the 3rd so I'm not complaining. I do think it's crazy that one or more judges didn't score the last a 10-8. All the more reason to introduce .5 scoring.

Damn, that fight was amazing. Two guys gassed and rocked out of their minds trying to beat the fuck out of each other. Great stuff. Still, I don't think Dan will go the distance with Jones. Jon will keep him away and hurt him with the reach. I'm also not sold on Dan being able to get a takedown from the clinch. Plus, 5 rounds is way out of Hendo's ballpark. He gets tired after 2 usually. Still, the fact that he's approaching Couture's age and still having fights like these is awesome.

Vintage Wanderlei, damn.

Faber, impressed me too, great performance, though I think most would agree the fight with Cruz won't be very different. That damn footwork is too good.

Oh, and Fedor won... a unanimous decision against a gassed Monson. Hmmm.


I honestly think the damage the two traded had a lot to do with it. I lost count of the number of times each got dropped.


Thanks rundymc.

I forgot Fedor even fought.

Watching now.


Robert A


I'd have also scored it a draw. The last round was totally dominant and lopsided in Shogun's favor. He wasn't just laying on Dan while in mount but repeatedly raining down punches to Dan's head from mount. It's not his fault that Hendo has an iron chin and didn't go out. It was definitely the most lopsided round of the fight and deserved a 10-8 IMO.

I agree that Faber vs Cruz 3 probably will go similarly to Faber/Cruz 2. I just think that Cruz's combination of speed, footwork, and height is too much for Urijah.


I was happy for Fedor, he fought a cerebral fight, he needs to pick some wins to regain his confidence

you don't throw a fighter coming of two losses against wolves like Hendo.

For one night suddenly i was back in PRIDE

Fedor, Hendo and Wand!


I like the taste of both Hendoscrotum and Shogunnut, but there is no way to score the last round NOT 10-8.
So, probably a draw in may eyes if one scores the first three to Hendo.

Fedor's fight marks a turning point.

For the first time, MMA's greatest didn't fight in destruction mode.
He stuck to a strategy.

I don't really know what that means, but it's interesting.

It surely doesn't mean that Fedor's team will try to do their best to make him No.1 again.
Cause that would imply to quickly and systematically rebuild his market worth until he'd join the UFC ranks to go for the title.

Because that is out of reach for sooo many reasons (don't be shy, pick the ones you like!: russian shysters, age, lame orthodoxy killing his appetite for destruction, new heavyweights getting freakier, newfound reluctance to juice for fear of not being able to shag his new hottie wife, asshole Dana F. White won't buy him a stadium etcetc)

Or to put it in a different way:
Even with "smart Fedor", the only way for him to fight the UFC champ is gonna be in the Kreml basement - if good emperor Putin had Spetznaz abduct him for his royal amusement.

So about new Fedor, I don't know, good for him, I guess.

It'll be not the worst thing for Cung to face some lesser opposition for the next couple fights, supposing he's still hungry.
Since his style is so unique and entertaining, I hope that's the case.
Best Sidekick I've seen in MMA.

Faber is awesome and a poster Bantamweight, but he's Chael-Trollen Cruz.
No way he deserved a win.
But it seems to be the truc-du-jour to basically ENSURE a quick UFC rematch.
I recommend Jon Fitch to violenty Twitter about GSP's steroid use causing apparent impotence and baldness.


1st rnd Shogun was flat and moving very tentive, no angles or circling at all, no explosive striking at all.

They are both of my favorite fighters. I had Hendo first 3 rounds 10-9. Shogun 10-9 4th and Shogun 5th with a 10-8 due to Hendo doing nothing offensive at all, just really trying to survive the round.

Fedor looked bigger in the shoulders and upper back in that fight and seemed a lot stronger as well. You can see with the takedown defense he had. I know its against Monson but still catching the takedown with double underhooks is awesome to see.


Bull. It could totally happen.

So you admit its possible? I still should hope? I am a little fuzzy on what you are trying to say here.

Fitch has too much class, and is not beloved by Dana White. He can beat everyone but GSP and will not get a title shot. He is basically GSP light, right down to the asian script chest tatoo.


Robert A


Shogun should get in shape...

...and stop wearing the tiny shorts until he does.

Sorry for the lack of substantive contribution, but I'm disappointed in him.


no way!

tiny shorts + little belly = Fedor, Vovchanchyn and Shogun.

They all rock =)