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UFC 139


C'mon guys!

This is a pretty exciting card.

Hendo vs Shogun.

Wanderlei Silva vs chun le,

Martin Kampman vs Rick Story

Faber, Bader..

Thoughts on fights so far?


I'm mad at myself for not waking up for it. But, I feel better after looking at your avi. That and my guys took the team trophy from this weekend's boxing smoker.


I sort of skipped this thread and posted in the other UFC thread.

The card was great. An Axe Murderer sighting for nostalgia and the fight of the year.

This is pretty off topic, but do I owe you a congratulations of some kind? I notice the new avatar.


Robert A


Haha, looks like this thread took hours to show up when I posted it. So no biggie about not posting here :slight_smile:

And thanks about the compliments, gents :slight_smile:

Ps: congrats on your forthcoming wedding, Rod :slight_smile:


Well, I always figured Ninjaa's were sneaky...thought I just missed it.

Evidently congratulations to Rodimus Black.


Robert A