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UFC 138


very low key I guess since I don't see it's been mentioned once.

Thought Leben took 10 steps back when he just gave up (looks like he was faking IMO) that eye injury, after the fight they showed him congratulating Munoz in the locker room without any problem, no wincing, signs of eye closing, not even an ice pack. Thought he'd turned it around after he got pinched for 'roids a few years back, seems like he's gonna spiral down again with this. Dana doesn't like quitters..

Barao vs Pickett was a helluva fight, Barao is the real deal and should be lined up next, and I'd bet gonna dethrone Cruz.

Somewhat impressed Thiago Alves looked a bit better than usual after his massive cut to 170, looks like he's doing it better. Was a great fight, one more round woulda been nice

Overall it was a great and exciting card with lesser known fighters, not one decision in the main event, 4 submissions and a TKO.


Leben was beat though. I'm thinking he couldn't see at first but when they wiped the blood out of his eye he may have been able to. Who knows, though? He was already gassed. If he went out there he would have just gotten beat on for the final rounds, he wouldn't have fought back much. That would have probably made the fight look worse as it went on longer.


Leben would get picked apart on the last rounds there is no shame to quit if you are out-classed and you shouldn't talk like that about a guy who was always receiving almost Minotauro-like punishment on his fights.


I like the guy, it's hard not to. If he was hurt, then fine. If he quit cuz he was gassed or frustrated that he couldn't deal with Munoz's takedowns, then I can't really say much good about him. He knew he couldn't keep it standing up, and quit IMO. I'd like to see how Dana White and Joe Silva pick his next fight. I wonder how far down the 185 ranks they drop him from this apparent quitting. This wasn't a doctor stoppage, this was a fighter stoppage. How many guys look 100 times worse yet plead to keep going??? They dropped him way down the ranks after he lost to Bisping and pinched him for takin' roids, I just wonder if they do it again thats all.


I agree, I think after you kinda could see he was pissed a little for quitting. I noticed it the most when they were announcing the decision and both fighters were in the center of the ring and they had a close-up of Leben, which caught him by surprise and he sorta closed his eye a little LULZ. Did you notice that??


I didn't see the announcement. It was still a pretty good fight. Yeah he probably quit but he was beat and it's really no different than the guys that get mounted, pounded, give their back, get rear-naked choked and submit immediately without much of a fight. He took a beating and couldn't really fight back in his condition so it was kind of a good stoppage imo.


i tried to make it a GIF but it wouldn't let me the fukkers

fast forward to 1:20 then Leben looks up at the big screen, realizes he's on there, and squints his eye a little. Then gets all fidgety with his hat trying to cover and twists his head away from the camera. Just looked suspiciously nervous seeing as he was pretty chill seconds before he saw himself on camera lulz. Maybe I'm lookin' for too much, I like the guy and what he's done, but I don't think he's the bad ass warrior he's made out to be. Not meaning he can't take a punch, but will wuss out when he's over matched. 99% of UFC fighters, fighting for a contract would of waited for the ref or doctor to stop it. Anyway hopefully I'm wrong.


lol i hate this stupid vision that


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After watching it, I do think he 'quit'. But he was getting beat up pretty bad, and was gassing horribly. He knew he couldn't win.

Meh, I'm kind of indifferent about it. I'm not the one in there at risk of getting permanently hurt. Don't forget, Leben, up to this point, has been the definitive "fighter who takes punches and keeps coming." I'd say he deserves a free pass or fifty.

Also, on another note, Chris cut 21lbs in a day. Dude really has to get his weight in check, especially now that he's essentially a veteran of the division.


This is true,

I'm not sure I'd classify it a a 'getting beat up really bad' moreover than 'frustrated at the mugging Munoz was giving him'. Munoz landed a few haymakers but it wasn't that many. I guess the problem I have with it is that if Leben was in there with a purely standup fighter, he'd of come out for the 3rd round and taken a helluva beating in hopes he could land one shot of his own. Knowing or thinking he was gonna get taken down, he quit. Not sure what kind of message that sent to Dana and Joe Silva, but i'd like to know


obviously you don't watch TUF...


no, i hate it and i thereby acknowledge you as TUF'ER from now on.


yeah, every real fight fan (you lol) thought the TUF #1 final between stephen bonnar and forrest was a shitty fight.

guys in the UFC already have a contract, though some may need renewing. Leben didn't quit that way on TUF when Koscheck took him down repeatedly, and then sobbed after the fight. No contract = desperate, as he sobbed like a baby till he got back on the show.

A fight is a fight to a true MMA fan, whether it be UFC, Strikeforce, TUF or some small MMA circuit. Not sure what the problem is in that?


the thing about TUF is that ONE fight was awesome

all the other 13 editions sucks hard.


i rarely watch the first half of the show, but it's nice to see the fighters get their start when they are desperate for any scraps thrown their way, then transition to the UFC. Sorta like watching March Madness, where the players are hungry to win and showcase themselves, and then make it to the NBA (then lose that intensity when they get that 6 year 100 mil deal)