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UFC 137


October 29th could actually turn out to be a good card.

Im taking pen over diaz hands down although i dont think this will surprise any one

I hope congo can pull together a wain over Mitrione and quell the talentless bruisers that so plague mma

roy nelson and crocop is terrible fir me but im taking roy in this via knock out

then dennis siver gotta love a powerful fighter

after that i only want vera to be ruined again and nijem to be punished severely for exploiting the unfair wrestler biased rules off mma to win in the cards and set the tone for the most lack luster season of the ultimate fighter ever (for the record i do not watch the show, only the fights)


I give BJ a better than even chance of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. I can see him trying to stand and bang to prove he "ain't scared, homey" and getting outworked. The fact Dana was sooo adement it is only 3 rounds tells me what White thinks of BJ's cardio. BJ should win, but I think he might be his own worst enemy in this.

Congo has the worst grappling in MMA. He also seems to fight without any gameplan. Mitrione is not as dumb as he looks, and may take it to the ground. I could see Mitrione pulling this off.



Robert A


yeah your entirely right about congo mitrionei had to remind myself about the frank mir fight and most of his others for that matter. now youve got me hoping for a no contest any way

for some reason this video makes me laugh out loud is it possible to have a big country promo without him rubbing his belly

this fight saddens me either way i dont wanna see crocop get trounced and i dont want big country losing 2 in a row


I think Big Country is just about one of the best matchups for Mirko in the whole UFC. Roy isn't very fast and standing he has his granite chin and that overhand right. If Mirko can keep his movement and avoid getting taken down, he could easily turn this in to another boring looking sparring match (or give us a LHK KO for the old times sake, but thats a long shot..) only without getting KTFOed by a halfarsed knee in the 3rd.

So I think Cro Cop has all the tools to beat Big Country, we'll just see if he still can use them. Very same could be said about BJ, I think he has all the tools he needs to whip the cage floor with Diaz but in the end of the day it all comes down to his motivation and ego. I have a feeling Kongo is going to stop Mitrione in the 2nd, but can't really back this up with anything more, so we'll see.


This is one exciting card.

I like both CroCop and Big Country but I'll be cheering for Cro Cop this time.

I haven't been a big fan of BJ Penn for a while but I'd really love to see him whoop Diaz's ass.

My other picks: unpredictable Kongo and Siver.


I love Nelson but i will never give up on the Crocop band-wagon! PRIDE NEVER DIES


Everyone ready to laugh?

I will pick Vera to win. I always do. He never does. I keep thinking "How can this kid not win? Rob Kamen kickboxing pedigree, BJJ brown belt under Lloyd Irvin, Greco background, etc. should all equal good right?" Well, I am almost certain at this point he only fights to make me look/feel like a jackass, but the guy who beat Mir(former HW champ) and Soszynski has to be able to get past Marshall.


Robert A

P.S. So, betting Marshall is probably a safe bet for all.


He got a decent background but somewhere down the road he lost that aggressive mentality he had and became gun-shy.

I would definitely not put my money on Vera.


You would have lost your money, some how Vera came through. He promises not to do it again.

Also to retirements: Cro Cop and BJ both said they were done.

Thoughts? Comments? Musings about how bad the Mitrione vs Kongo fight was?


Robert A


My heart bleeds for Cro Cop. I had tears in my eyes during that fight.

I can't stand Diaz, but damn, the guy's got lungs. And Bj's got a strong chin too. It's definitely time for him to throw the towel. Next fight I'm awaiting eagerly is Diaz vs GSP. Getting a bit nervous for GSP actually... anyone checked the press conference? Diaz and Dana had a bit of a row, lol!

Kongo and Mitrione... boring fest. zzzz.... no more comment....


When Nelson hit CC with that first overhand right and Mirko looked like he only got mad I goddamn near jumped out of my chair, actually thinking we might see the old Cro Cop waken by that punch. Other than those shining little moments he looked really flat on his feet and his movement wasn't good, he was fighting way too passive and couldn't get himself that W... Good to see him retire, would've been really cool if he would've done it in a more spectacular fashion but not always real fights go the same way as Rocky movies :frowning:

BJ looked off too, just waiting for Nick to hit him in the 2nd and no surprise that plan turned out bad... Sad to hear him retire, but its better than watching him comein in out of shape and unfocused.

Siver - Cerrone was good as long as it lasted. Sad to see Siver lose, but shit happens.

Oh, and Condit decided to step aside to let Nick fight GSP. Wonder what they said to make him do it, he also wants to put his titleshot on the line fighting on the same card. Can't say I'm dissapointed, I'd much rather see Diaz - GSP than GSP raping Condit for 25 minutes.


Post fight


Thanks for the video rob. I personally like nate diaz more than nick, so i really didn't have a big opinion in the BJ penn fight. I figured it would be a good fight, and it was apparent that either man could win. I'm sure GSP will beast nick tho, without a doubt.

  • Wasn't GSP hurt not to long ago? Some sort of leg or knee injury??



Surprised? Not really. Well it was Nick who was going to get the shot so what the hell, but still...


lol that was the quickest title-shot "evaporation" i've ever seen.

business as usual.


Woah, let's reserve that phrase for outrages concerning Strikeforce shall we? At least until it gets folded in.

I feel for Condit, but the Diaz match is more exciting. I don't think anyone really believed Condit could defend getting taken down and grapple fucked by Georges. To be fair, I don't think Diaz would fare any better, but he's built the hype and has the momentum. Condit's last two, though tough opponents, weren't regarded the way BJ is, even at WW.

Give the Conduit Koscheck. Let's see how he handles a guy that'll fight him the way GSP probably will, and who is a long way from a title rematch. He wins, he has more credibility going in than ever. He loses and we know how the GSP fight would turn out.

In the meantime we get a fight everyone wants to see.


A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that Mirko used to make me smile.
And I knew if he threw his kick
It would come up lightning quick
And, maybe, they?d be KO'ed for a while.


But Gonzaga made me somber
With every replay I?d remember.
Right leg got all twisted;
My eyes, they were misted.

I can?t remember if I cried
When Mazzagatti stopped the fight,
But something in me was inspired
The day Cro Cop ... retired

So bye-bye, great Croation guy
Took his talent to the limit,
But his limit was nigh.
And all his old fans were drinkin? whisky and beer
Singin?, "this?ll be the last time I cheer.
"this?ll be the last time I cheer."

Did you write about Why you Fight?
And do you have faith in your boxing might,
If Freddie Roach tells you so?
Do you believe in your dojo?
Can Marv improve your cardio?
And can you teach me rubber guard, please bro?

Well, I know that you still love to fight
`cause I saw Joe Daddy that one night.
You licked blood off your gloves.
Man, I miss that passion and love!

He had a legendary iron chin
With nearly indestructible skin,
But somehow he couldn't win
The day BJ ... retired.

I started singin?,
"bye-bye, great Hawaiian guy"
Took his talent to the limit,
But his limit was nigh.
And all his old fans were drinkin? whisky and beer
Singin?, "this?ll be the last time I cheer.
"this?ll be the last time I cheer."

Now for three years they?ve been on a slide
The fight game changed in one massive stride,
But that?s not how it used to be.
When Cro Cop fought for PRIDE and DREAM,
And BJ licked blood off his seams
We heard a roar that came from you and me,

Oh, and while Jon Fitch was on the ground,
The Prodigy took his back and frowned.
The judges weren't prepared;
No winner was declared.
And when Cro Cop read the book of Barry,
The two produced a YouTube star,
As they sang dirges in a car
The day they both ... retired.

I started singin?,
"bye-bye, two Hall of Fame guys"
Took their talents to the limits,
But their limits were nigh.
And all their old fans were drinkin? whisky and beer
Singin?, "this?ll be the last time I cheer.
"this?ll be the last time I cheer."


Holy shit



on the upside that kick to the gut crocop landed may have answered the age old question of what happens when an unstoppable object hits an unmovable object


When he connected the HLK in the second round for seconds i thought Crocop from PRIDE IS BACK! =(