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UFC 137


Ahhh yeah bitches that's right the sports most boring against the sports most exciting. What happens when polar opposites clash. The professional, the game planner, flawless, poster boy against the punk, the gangster who throws caution to the wind whenever he fights. Boxing vs Kickboxing, Wrestling vs. BJJ, fighter vs athlete.
You guessed it GSP Diaz booked for UFC 137 in Las Vegas. This fight has to be exciting, Diaz can threaten in all positions. I know St. Pierre will be heavily favored and for good reason, but I'm just happy there is someone who is going to challenge the champ.


Dont Be Scared Homie
its just a little unification fight.

whether he can do it or not-
If you don't like his shit talk or not

Diaz can bring it.

what he brings might not be enough
but good for him to keep it interesting.



Diaz by flying gogoplata.


Diaz is one of my top 5 favorite fighters. His fights with Deigo, Gomi, Lawlor, and pretty much every SF bout, were works of art.

Alas, I don't think he'll be subbing Georges off his back, and that is likely where he is going to end up. It's a bad division for him. His TDs and TDD are his two weaknesses, and the top of WW is full of guys that can take advantage of that (Fitch and Alves being two examples).

That said, I will HAPPILY eat crow if he pulls this off. Happily.


209 is in the house


Me too, mma needs a champ like him. We were close with Sonnen.


Thiago Alves?


Willing to bet big on GSP


Yup, I think he'd take Diaz. Nick still doesn't set his takedowns up right (see his few attempts wih KJ). That and I think Alves is good enough standing. Don't get me wrong, Nick's hands looked phenomenal in nearly every fight at SF, but it was in SF against guys who were mostly second tier.


Before i would always cheered for any striker to beat the shit out of Diaz, because i simply hated that syle but after the beatdown clinic he put on Gomi, Daley, Zaromski, etc i just resigned and learnt how to appreciate it.


KJ Noons? Paul Daley? Zaromskis? Cyborg? their stand up is far from second tier.


Discounting Zaromski (I've only seen two fights of his), I think Alves is a better striker than the other three. Other than Daley, I think they're second tier fighters, though obviously it didn't quite matter in any of their fights with Nick.

I think if Alves fought Nick, he'd power through his shots and do damage. I don't think he'd play into Nick's game and let him pressure, but then again Story did something similar successfully (had takedowns though).


I don't, plus Nick has fought more powerful strikers in Daley and Gomi and won.


No matter the victor, I see this fight going down as a career masterpiece.


just like i said, Gomi has rockets in his fists, and Cyborg standup is no joke.


Gomi is a natural 155 pounder, and while he does hit very hard for that weight class, I don't think he hits harder than Alves (definitely doesn't kick harder). Daley might be the harder puncher (though I even doubt that, as he couldn't even rock Kos with a sucker punch after their fight and Alves rocked Kos several times in their match), but again Alves kicks a hell of a lot harder.

That said, I do think Alves might have problems with Diaz as Nick is extremely tough and Alves has seemed mentally weak lately (don't think he's ever mentally/emotionally recovered from his title loss to GSP). If Thiago wasn't able to finish the fight early or totally dominate, Diaz's constant pressure might eventually get to him.

I would love to see it either way though.


Oh, I'm picking GSP by UD in this one (surprise surprise). I think he's too physically superior, his strong suit (wrestling) is Diaz's weakness, and his striking is getting good enough that he'll be able to set-ups his shots and easily take Diaz down and control him there (just hope that he ditch's Renzo's advice in this one and actually throws some GnP while on the ground instead of just purely grappling with Nick) without getting caught in the process.

Diaz's only real chance is to clip him just right (or possibly lock in a sub early in the fight, but I think that's less likely) and pounce. It could happen, but I think the odds are against him.


Gomi probably does have superior KO power to Thiago though (if their records are anything to go by). Regardless, Thiago lacks arm length, and yes, I do see Nick pressuring and picking him apart from just outside his range. But I do think Thiago is smarter than that (though if you go by his last 3 fights, it's hard to be a believer).

If the fight happens, and let's hope it does at some point, Thiago has leg kicks, and has a lot more size and strength. He can make it an ugly fight against the cage should he choose, and he can attack Nick's lead leg. I also think he can take Nick down, and he's no slouch on the ground.

The more I watch the Story fight though, the more I question if he's intelligent enough a fighter to do the above, lol.


perfect affirmation, most fighters aren't really good thinkers, they just brawl, AS, Lyoto, Randy, Story, Greg Jackson's not included and some others not included.


Yeah but I think Nicks pressure helps him here, if he can get off before St. Pierre sets up his takedowns he has a good shot at scoring points.