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UFC 136


And here we go! War Frankie and Sonnen!

Didn't see that one coming, guess G was a bit too confident :stuck_out_tongue:

Phan - Garcia was crazy as expected, only this time the right man walked away with the decision. If only these guys were fighting in LW, Guillard - Garcia and Barboza - Phan would be sick bunch of fights.

Chael P. Sonnen all the way! "Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck!" What's not to love about this, give him the fucking rematch, he is out for blood!

Aldo - Florian was a decent fight, Aldo was a bit hesitant to throw much leather and whip those kicks because of Kennys takedowns and its hard to blame him for that since Kenny caught him a whole bunch of times with great timing in the first rounds. Was far from the most interesting Aldo ever seen though.


Frankie fucking Edgar! Pillowfists finally put someone to sleep, man what a fight! First round almost like the last match, after that all Edgar Maynard just trying to find a home for his big swings, finally it all pays off with Frankie tagging him left and right and finishing in the fourth! Thats just about as beautiful a headmovement as it is ever going to get in MMA, Frankie is a beast! Beating up guys over 20lbs heavier than him, will be exciting to see how he does against the likes of Bendo if thats who he is facing next.

Whole card was a blast to watch, easily makes my top3 if not the best of all time! God damn I don't know how I'm going to get any sleep this night, I'm probably more pumped than when Carwin or Cain fucked Brock in the face, damn!


I was rooting for Edgar, but i think Melendez got this.

Also very lackluster night overall, I laugh at that the pathetic match between Phan and Garcia being considered for Fight of the Night or even as some people said Fight of The Year.

Chael Sonnen is the fucking man, i love him, he knows how to sell himself.

Demian definitely got the Dorea curse, it was ridiculous the only advice Dorea gave him on between rounds was watch the low kick. He is too gun-shy and his striking is awful, sloppy and he leave his chin wide open while rushing, the next striker he gets he is going down.

Santiago must go back to Japan, he didn't defend a SINGLE take-down and the only takedown Demian knows is going for that double under outside trip besides the single.


Oh yeah, Dana congratulates Frankie by saying he would like him to move down to 145 to fight Aldo. UFC LW division is pretty stacked IMO (now that the Guillard hype-train is derailed it leaves a little more room but still), why send the champ down a division after he has only beaten one guy twice, there are at least 2-3 matches right now that would absolutely make sense. I don't see one guy in the LW div right now who could likely hold the belt for as many defenses as the likes of GSP or Anderson, Frankie is probably going to lose somewhere down the line, why not wait till then and then let him move down? Aldo might not be fighting at 145 by then though, but if that would be the case that division would need a champ anyways.


That is ridiculous...just make Aldo fight Frankie at 155. Jose is roughly Frankies size anyway, so he just gotta cut 10lbs less weight than usual.


Aldo usually walks around 170lbs, but i'm pretty sure Dede Pederneiras won't allow him to move up a category so soon.


Frankie walks around and fights in the 155-160 range from what I read/watch/hear.

They're pretty much the same size.

Frankie making the move down is unnecessary, he just ko'ed the no.1 contender in a stacked division.

Sending Aldo up might make more sense. Not that many guys at his level. I mean Florian got beat badly, and he's done the best anyone has ever done against Jose. Like you said though, he'll need a few more pounds to be comfortable there.


Great card! Edgar/Maynard 3 was epic.

What was up with the Maia fight? Glad he won, but for being a jitz genius he didn't look like he wanted to pass Santiago's guard into half guard or transition at all. Boring and a little disappointing. Also, lulz at the Lauzon/Guillard fight. Does Guillard have a glass jaw, because before the choke Lauzon barely clipped him. Must have really stunned him.


I was going for brain stann......I haven't seen the fight yet, hope he put up a good fight.


no, not at all honestly. He clipped Chael once in the second, but Chael's chin is good enough that it barely slowed him down.

To put it bluntly, Chael grapplefucked him, and it wasn't one of his usual "Sit in guard and hammerfist" performances either. He was passing guard, looking for mount/back control. He got takedowns effortlessly. Stann was defending the whole fight.

Then again, he was, IMO, fighting the no.2 MW in the world.


That's how wrestling is supposed to be pure offense and non-stop pressure.

Dan Gable would be damn proud.



I will be honest I did not see the knockout coming. I was rooting for Maynard...that dude is just bad ass. Sonnen is the fucking man as well. I honestly think if he has a good game plan he can beat Anderson Silva. ALl the other fights bore the fuck out of me for some reason.

Little by little I am becoming a huge fucking fan of Sonnen. I love his attitude and I love the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth...LOL


awesome breaking about Jose Aldo striking that i think it's important to be shared.



Hey Kaiser,

I agree 100% with that article, thanks for the link. That article was elucidated very succinctly and was very insightful.


first off grey maynard has screwed my pocket book for the last time. his inability to fight Frankie Edgar for more than one round is baffling. its like between round one and two he busted a nut and closed 7 tabs of porn

i wanted phan to win in a more decisive manner but damn that fight kept me on my toes

chael sonnen is my new hero he came out possessed he looked like spite and hate had a bastard child in the back seat of loathings car.

it struck me that he almost seemed insulted he had to waist his time jumping through the hoop that was bryan stann (who was finally not fed ritual sacrifices by dana for the first time in ufc) and was pissed he was just using him as an outlet for inflicting silva rage.

any way after that performance and the challenge he issued as much as i want him to beat silva, if he does lose and leave ufc i might finally get to see him fight hector lombard which i think stylistically would be a hell of a fight if sonnen fights with his newer more aggressive ground control


War Sonnen! This interview had me laughing my ass off.


Very well said!