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UFC 133


So, with Phil Davis injured and Lyoto coming in, i can only hope for another show by Machida! I hope he gives another awesome gif of stanky-leg.

Minotouro is probably going to lose again, because of that boxing cancer Dorea, he just means to stand and bang with Franklin and totally forgot about his bjj. I'm really rooting for Ace, Minoto will probably be cut after this loss.



Same here, it'll be a different fight though.


Ohhhh man Rashad must be flapping big time right now.


I'm looking forward to seeing ebersole in the cage again. He's got some determination to win. I've never seen a fighter use his shoulders so effectively as. A weapon


Was looking forward to Mr Wonderful vs Evans but now that the dragon has stepped in, shit just got real.

Rematch, baby!

I've got the feeling Nogueira will lose again. Hopefully not a la Wanderlei.

I like Akiyama but I'm going to stand by that foot sucker Vitor.

Other cards I'm looking forward to: Hallman vs Ebersole and of course, Riveira vs Sakara. About time those two exchange blows.


It hasn't been confirmed that Machida is stepping in and all signs are pointing to him not taking the fight due to the short notice. Don't get your hopes up yet, DN


Cheetoh's back, this'll be an interesting fight. Forrest Tito 2 was close, I wonder if this one will be. I got Tito due to activity and confidence.


I'll be rooting like a drunk highschool cheerleader to Tito, it will be the cinderella greatest comeback story if he can put himself in the mix again beating Rashad.


Kaiser, did you hear about all the Machida drama and his demands for "Anderson Silva" money? He apparently forgot that his boss is the type to hold a grudge, DW's already ripped him up in the media.


Well, and don't you agree with him? would you take on a former champion with less than an month of preparation for the same purse?

Dana White is the devil regarding his employees, he always have the leverage, mostly because the fan-base is stupid and will always take his side: "What? aren't you fighter? you must fight for honor and pride, not money." And the thing is, fighters are just pieces to the system, nobody cares about yesterday, it's about the brand, you can create the next star with the snap of a finger and the right marketing.

i will laugh the day someone who works for him won a cause for suing him for that kind of attitude.

In Dana's mom book she tells how he acts when things don't get in the way he wants, i don't agree with that mechanical approach to business, but it is working and i must give credit were its due. No fighter shall be bigger than the org itself.


I've never felt as sorry, and as elated, at the same time for a fighter, than I am for Rashad right now. Poor bastard.

Tito's their best bet. Off an easy win, and in shape. Now they just need to pay him.

There's always Mo Smith, but him and Shad are buds. Rampage? Though I doubt he's in shape right now, or would appreciate getting screwed out of a title shot. Bader? Probable suspension.

How about lil Nog?


That would be a big draw if they got tito for Evans.

Is it deserved though. After a long old losing streak. His last sub win was impressive but at this late stage of his career I think he has to win early or not at all.


He has lost two in a row and him fighting Franklin makes much more sense than scrapping that fight and putting diet Nog up for beating against Rashad. Tito fight is easy to sell due to his underdog win against Bader and that is why it makes perfect sense from marketing point but I just can't see him off another upset against Rashad.

Rashad is at least top 5 LHW right now, and even though Tito caught a lot of momentum with that Bader win, he is still one old potato head. Rashad is going to play tag with him standing and hump Tito on the ground all day long en route to a boring decision, which I most definitely don't hope to see, Tito pulling off another Bader surprise would be just awesome but can't see it happening... Still, I think Tito makes perfect sense for this fight as DW decided not to pay Machida, if you look at other top 10 options from UFC's LHW:

Shogun is going to meet Forrest in RIO card, and I doubt they'd like to scrap this fight even though Forrest might just step up for it if asked. Page is going to fight for title, and Lyoto wanted too much money. Davis is injured and Diet-Nog is going to fight on the same card and is no where near the position to be fighting for the title shot having dropped two in a row.

Franklin is comeing off a loss and fighting on the card, same thing with Hamill, so the next in line would be Tito coming fresh off a nice underdog W, so why not. I mean really, only real option would've been Machida, and he isn't doing it, so Tito is basically the next name down the list if not scrapping fights is a priority. They could've called up Chael if they wanted though, the tough motherfucker he is sure he could've jumped in to kill Rashad before starting the preparation for Stann :wink: .

Also, I second everyone about Nog getting outworked on the feet against Franklin so I'm expecting this going Rich's way, lots of good wagering to be done on this one.


Not in the least bit. If what I've read is true, Machida accepted the fight initially and then when the UFC called back to confirm he basically told them "Pay up, bitches" Does he deserve more money for stepping up? Absolutely, but you have to pretty simple to approach Dana with those kind of negotiating tactics.

What Machida should have done is make weight (he's one of the lighter fighters in the division at this point) beat a guy he's already beaten and would handle again due to having the perfect style to neutralize Rashad's strengths. Then after the fight be like "Hey, I saved your card and (likely) dropped another awesome KO on the world, maybe you should slide me some more cash." That's when Dana is more then happy to pay up.

As far as Dana being the devil, he may be, but he's operating a business that went from nothing to something in a matter of years and is giving his "employees aka fighters" the chance to do what they love for a living and live a reasonably comfortable to extravagant lifestyle depending on your standing in the division. Fighters should be grateful they're not fighting in a fucking bingo hall somewhere.

I'm going to laugh when Machida now has to take the long road to the title again, he might as well change his name to Jon Fitch at this point.


Dana already told that if Tito wouldn't make it they would offer to Matyushenko.

Little by little the janitor is compiling an awesome streak on the LHW division. WARRR OLDIES!


I don't think he Jon Fitch'ed, but i think he will need to rack at least 2 more impressive wins in order to put him in track again.


Diet Nog just pulled out of his fight with Franklin, this card is cursed


The fuck? Christ, this card had great potential.


That really sucks. Was looking forward to see Minotauro's fight.

I'm slowly losing my excitement on this card.


All signs are pointing to Gustaffson getting the fight against Rich. I'm now torn because originally I wanted to see Rich send Diet Nog into irrelevancy, but I like Gustaffson and want to see him succeed but this is a big step up for him.

Edit: Spoke to soon, it now seems as if Franklin has been pulled from the card. Hope he gets shuffled on to 135 vs Machida or Phil Davis