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UFC 131


Watching the prelims and Sam Stout just uncorked one of the nastiest looping left hooks/overhand left things I've ever seen. It knocked Yves Edwards out cold and left his legs twitching on the canvas for at least a solid minute. When they were interviewing Stout after the fight Edwards was still unconscious. Let's hope Carwin can bring that kind of heat to JDS's face and derail the unwarranted hype train.


Yup. That knockout was lethal. I was hoping Edwards would win though as he dominated Stout on the ground for a while. Props to Stout for not going for the kill after that. Great sportman.


^^^ I caught that. He knew it was over and called off the dogs. Classy move. Not sure where he's from but Edwards trained out of Houston [my hometown] for awhile, so I was pulling for him.


Dave Henman vs JOE . 2nd round: holy shit.

Cerone vs Rocha: so frustrating to watch.

Florian vs Nunes: I wasn't really impressed with Florian's performance. Nunes managed to shake him a few times. Lucky git. Cardio was definitely his best weapon.


You ready to board that train yet?


Anybody else think Maia won?



Carwin looked like a walking punching bag on front of JDS, but will JDS be able to stop Velasquez shots?

Also Demian was pretty stupid getting Minotauro'ed, Dorea is a cancer, he makes people who doesn't need any of it keep utilizing his ineffective boxing and forgetting about bjj(JDS doesn't count because he is a heavy hitter) , my coach was pissed as hell with Demian, he decided only to utilize his bjj on the end of the fight, he deserved to lose.


Carwin vs JDS: Shane WTF? Why would you box with the guy with the best hands at HW. Damn was pulling for him, but at least he lasted.

Nunes vs Kenflo: Kenny did a good job considering. Could tell he was off.

Maia vs Munoz: Fuck, got this one TOTALLY wrong, lol. I think Demian got thrown off the second he felt Mark's power. Wasn't as dominant on the ground as I thought either.

Herman vs Einemo: LOL. Awesome turn around. Herman capitalized on Jon gassing.

Cerrone vs Rocha: What Ninjaa said.


Carwin vs JDS: I felt bad for Carwin. I was quite glad he survived the first round. Unfortunately, he's got schooled by Junior. Shane has got great power but when you can't take down someone with such skill full hands like JDS, you truly are screwed.

Now, what I'm eagerly looking forward to is Dos Santos vs Cain. That fight is guaranteed to be a feast.


Kinda mixed feelings after that one.

Stout - Edwards, awesome shit, I just love watching Stout and he brought it yet again. Man what a left.

Maia - Munoz, kind went as I expected but it just frustrates the shit out of me that even though there were all the possible tools for stoppage in this fight as well it just went for the decision. Was a solid fight never the less.

Cerrone - Rocha fight, all I got to say is damn this sport would be so much more fun to watch if Greg Jackson never got involved... I mean he is a fucking great coach and all but time and time again his guys just show up, put up enough dominance to win the fight by a wide margin but never really look to finish the other guy or put on a show. I know their job is to win, but it would've still been nice to really see him go for the kill...

Nunes - Kenny, its fun to watch when guys have this much speed in the lighter divisions. Solid fight but would've expected more from Kenny, since I have very little idea whats going on in the UFC's new divisions, where this W puts KenFlo, next in line for Aldo?

Herman - Einemo had a nice slugfest in the 2nd, I was pulling for Einemo but what the hell, that was a nice fight never the less.

Carwin - JDS, guess Shane just doesn't have it to hang with the very top of the division any more. All he had on JDS during that whole fight was basically one or two punches, and JDS was pretty much able to land at will and stay out of Carwins range all the time. Surprised me that Shane didn't jump in for the kill more eagerly after that one nice shot he landed, but guess I can't blame him, having your face beaten in to bloody mess like that it must be pretty fucking hard to try and do anything really... To me it seemed like he was showing visible signs of fatigue about half a minute before JDS caught him, so who knows how much that weight cut helped him anyways. Impossible to say anything about his cardio based on the latter rounds since it takes a way a whole lot having your face beaten in to minced meat but at least he hanged in there... That one punch can still kill anyone if landed, but after this performance its hard for me to see him beating the top3 of this division (which I consider to be JDS, Cain and Reem after this, I know all might not agree with me on this though but hope this comment won't turn this thread to HW ranking battle...). If he still wants to keep on going I say give him Struve and after that he can get ready to welcome some SF heavies to the division for a couple of fights before he decides to hang the gloves.


I enjoyed the card.

On Cerrone vs Rocha: I give more credit to Rocha for surviving than criticism of Cerrone for not finishing. I do not know how good Rocha is supposed to be on the ground, but Cerrone was landing great shots on the feet. I completely respect wanting to keep the fight standing. It wasn't like Cerrone was backing up and throwing out jabs to coast for a win, he was landing great low kicks and decent punches. I guess my position is if a guy just takes your best shot (just TAKES mind you, not slips/blocks/counters) then what you do is make'em take it again. Cerrone did that.

On Carwin vs Dos Santos: First I will give plenty of credit to JDS. He looked sharp and well rounded.

My main thought on Carwin is not post surgery, weight cut, or weird diet. It is "Why did they hire Yoshihiro Akiyama to be Carwin's boxing coach." Carwin treated the process of throwing a jab like it was sin against nature. It is a basic punch, not a cloistered interest in beastiality. The Akiyama strategy of "No grapple, no jab, just right punch." doesn't even work for Akiyama anymore.

Carwin is a huge guy, with fantastic power, a pole axe of a right hand, and excellent to dominant wrestling. His known weaknesses are a lack of polish and conditioning. Why not have him throw jabs. It could set up his right, AND help him control the pace of the fight (helping with gassing). Instead we get, throw right hand. Get hit. Throw right hand. Get hit. Kudos for learning a right low kick Carwin. A jab will set that up also.


Robert A


Carwin is probably going to steamroll through Olav on their next fight, a shame i like Olav.


You do know Jackson was telling him to pick up the pace and finish him fight... Guess not.


It didn't even look hard, but it landed perfectly on the chin.


They never showed if he went out on a stretcher or something like that.

Whenever they have a brutal knockout they always change camera in order not to freak people out.