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UFC 125


Is it too early? Some interesting fights on this one, though we'll have to wait for 126 for the uber-card.

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard
Chris Leben vs Brian Stann
Vera vs Thiago Silva
Nate Diaz vs Dong Hyun Kim
Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi

Marcus Davis vs Jeremy Stephens
Josh Grispi vs Dustin Poirier
Phil Baroni vs Brad Tavares
Mike Thomas Brown vs Diego Nunes
Daniel Roberts vs Greg Soto
Jacob Volkmann vs Antonio McKee

I think Edgar could take this regardless of the first fight. Gray ran through Florian, but it looked more like Florian not getting off enough for fear of the takedown (which came anyway). I think everyone will at least be pulling for Edgar.

Vera over Thiago. I think it could easily be the other way round. Thiago doesn't pressure against the cage, or hunt excessively for takedowns, so the question becomes whether or not Vera's MT holds up against a decent striker. Well we know who's cardio is more proven at least.
I see Thiago wading into shots, and Vera backpedalling while landing cleanly often. On the flipside, Thiago could easily put Vera on his back at some point and land some serious damage. Interesting fight.

Stun Gun over Diaz. Diaz brothers have always had a weak point in their wrestling. Nate has demonstrated clinch throws in the past, but Kim is more than likely better in that position. He's also bigger, and should be able to outmuscle Nate in the clinch and land more shots. On the ground, Diaz is dangerous, but he will still likely be on the bottom. I'm not saying Kim can pass his guard, but he's no sloach. Striking, pitter patter wins.

Gomi over Guida. I have no idea how this one plays out. Just rooting for the fireball kid.


With Aldo out of the card this isn't much of an NY's card but a nice card anyways.

I also think Frankie will win his 2nd title defense. He has been improving constantly and every time we see him in the octagon he brings in a better performance. I didn't give him a shot against BJ the first time around, and I was pretty sure he couldn't repeat the same and keep the belt against BJ the 2nd time, but hell he put on even more impressive of a performance. Lay Praynard may take him down at some point, but I think Frankie will be able to make his way back up without absorbing too much damage. Don't see a stoppage going either way, although I would love to see Frankie knock that blanket the fuck out.

Leben - Stann might deliver some entertaining headsmashing but to me its a huge disappointment for the NY's card co-main event. Leben has never been one of my favourites, even though the man's got shitload of heart etc. Overall I think fighters like Diaz and Leben are a pain in the ass to watch when they start swinging like windmills and the guys in front of them just make me wish we had more Overeems in the game to knock those fuckers out. Don't really have a clear vision in my head about Stann's style and performances, so its hard to say who is going to take this. If Leben comes in shape, he should probably hammer through this without too much of a problem, but hey, its Leben so who the fuck knows how hungover he is going to show up.

Don't really care about Vera and Thiago match either, hope it delivers entertaining KO in the early rounds.

Diaz - Kim, already said what there is to say about Nate's standup. Kim is another guy just jumping straight from the prelims to NY's event, I rarely watch prelims so I don't really know a shit about this guy but that he is some sort of an judo/wrestler guy. Hope this goes down quick so Diaz can't show off his swings, in the ground this fight might have some potential, we'll see.

Guida - Gomi match might just be a shitload of fireworks, hope Gomi delivers and pounds in Guida's face for 15 minutes as its already been made pretty obvious that you just can't knock him out.

Davis - Stephens is going to some show, the only true new year's fireworks on the card. Hope Davis ain't going to get cut, only thing that might ruin the awesomeness of this great stand and bang toe to toe war.


Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard-Maynard decision
Chris Leben vs Brian Stann-Leben sub
Vera vs Thiago Silva- Vera tko
Nate Diaz vs Dong Hyun Kim- Either Diaz sub or Kim decision
Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi- Gomi KO

Marcus Davis vs Jeremy Stephens- Davis UD
Josh Grispi vs Dustin Poirier- Grispi sub
Phil Baroni vs Brad Tavares- Baroni tko
Mike Thomas Brown vs Diego Nunes- Brown
Daniel Roberts vs Greg Soto- Roberts
Jacob Volkmann vs Antonio McKee- McKee Decision


F'n stacked card if you ask me! Great fighters, and a bunch of potential for super exciting fights. Also has pretty big ramifications on several weight classes. True these might not be the old names of pride, or the new names that has tons of press on them; great fights none the less.

I'm also super excited to see Mckee in the the UFC! Oh yeah!


Have you seen McKee fight?


Yes I've seen Mckee fight. What's your point?


We all know what Gomi is going to look to do, and what Guida is going to look to do. Gomi definitely can KO Clay though (Florian knocked him down with a counter, and I don't think Gomi throws anything other than jabs and BOMBS). There is next to no chance of Clay faring well on the feet here, so the match hinges on him scoring takedowns and holding Gomi there. If this is the case, it'll be another boring Guida-grind-fest that makes you want to pull out a Fitch fight for some PFT (post fight therapy).

x2 on Davis and Stephens. Davis has had trouble with longer reached opponents, and Stephens isn't one. Nonetheless, I think Jeremy takes this, since his MT has looked a little crisper in previous fights, and Marcus has just looked bad.


I think he's trying to say McKee is a boring grinder. Can't comment on it, since I haven't seen any of his fights.


I just think he is boring, that's all.


Hes been alot more entertaining of late, which is why The UFC finally came calling. I actually saw an article that just came up over on Sherdog where he talks about how he often did this because it was the best way for him to win w/o hurting the other guy, which he cares about. He says he realized this was having a negative effect on his career so he started letting loose a little more.

And I agree with the db with the avatar of the guy from nEVER back down (is that a joke) I am fucking pumped for this card. I get annoyed when people only get up for the big name fighters, TUF alums and up and comers like Bones that the UFC does everything they can to promote. This Jan. first card looks like Joe Silva put a lot of effort into putting together what should be entertaining fights with alot of bangers to start off the New year.
lets look\

Edgar(w) vs Maynard- this one might be a sleeper. Grey might be to wary to make his moves
Leben(w) vs.Stann- Banger. When does Leben fail to represent the NW Big fight for Stann t
Silva(w) vs. Vera- Vera wont even be able to complain after Thiago takes his head off. Banger.
Kim(w) vs. Diaz- The asians are good grapplers and I think Diaz might finally be getting in a little to deep at 170, unless he has continued to get bigger. Both always exciting though
Gomi(w) vs. Guida- Clay Guida, Potential FOY candidate any time he steps in the octagon.
Stephens(w) vs. Davis- Two stand up guys looking to avoid getting cut, sounds exciting.
Grispi vs. Poirier- I have only seen Poirier fight and lose once a while ago so I wont predict, but two experienced fighters trying to make a name out the gate after the merger.
Tavares(w) vs. Baroni_ Excited to see Tavares. Hard to tell bit he looked like he was about ready to make a huge jump if he switched to a good camp and improved his conditioning and planning. Why would I ever pick Baroni.
Nunes(w) vs. Brown Getting a couple more WEC fighters in there, I think BRown might be done.
Roberts Vs. Soto. Still only seen that Howard loss so, well see\
Mckee(w) vs. Volkmann- I hope this one gets on the main card.

Top to bottom a great card full of bangers who love to put on a show, just not the biggest names in the sport, I'm getting excited, Dont even know if I will do much New Years Eve because I will be too excited for this card/ wont want to waste energy.


You actually think Clay Guida, possibly the toughest guy in the LW div. is going to get knocked by a tiny Japanese guy who has never been Known for his striking? I hope you just hate Guida, cause that seems kind of silly. :slight_smile:


Can't tell if serious...


There is no way a man can know who Antonio McKee is and not know about Gomi's hands. Just no way :smiley:


I realize you might be kidding, but it you are not I think you have the wrong japanese fighter. Gomi a.k.a "The Fireball Kid" is famous for throwing heavy, if wild, punches.

Link to wiki; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takanori_Gomi

Link to highlight video:


You are right I was talking while I was typing. My thought process was that out side of Griffin Gomi has been going to decision more the last couple of years than earlier in his career. My main point was that the idea of his ass knocking oout Guida the human punching b ag is absurd. And he is technically a wrestler if you were to give him an area of specialty


Perfectly understandable. For what its worth I just watched the highlight video with the sound on for the first time and...WOW. I would like to apologize for my choice. That music was excruciating.


Gomi literally broke Nick Diaz's face, and diaz is no bitch. If the punching bag wants to stand there and take a few to the dome let him. Gomi might send him home in a body bag.



As far as Gomi goes; what is his takedown defense like? I know he crushed Ralph, but the old school Gracie in Action 1&2 style takedowns aren't what Guida will bring. I cannot remember ever being impressed with Gomi's bottom game. Can he fight off his back?


That fight was insane, Diaz stood there and took it too.


Well his bottom game isn't good actually.