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UFC 120 Bisping vs. Akiyama VIDEOS



the rest here: http://mixedmartialartvideos.com/tag/ufc-120/


I'm so pissed off now. I did not expect Bisping to outstrike Akiyama, and, what makes it worse is it's not even like Bisping is a more skilled striked, Akiyama just wasn't in the game. Possibly compounded by the fact I've never liked Bisping.

Was NOT expecting that for Condit - Hardy either. To be fair, they both fired left hooks, Condit's chin just held up better.


Dana White's Bisping deception train keeps jugging down the tracks as he out struck 35 year old Yoshihiro Akiyama. Congratulations Dana I'm sure that the English PPV was quite high last night(free in the US because he knew better). Now if you could just get Bisping to beat someone like Nate Marquardt. Short of handing Bisping a victory even if he loses, the way the judges did against Matt Hamill I see no future for Bisping in the Middleweight ranks. But he does have a future in bringing in english PPV if they can just keep matching him up with people he has a high likelyhood of beating.

I was laughing with a friend of mine last night about Bisping. I said, can you imagine if Bisping were from Virginia, or Ohio, or anywhere in the US? Right now we'd be saying Bisping? Who's that?

Go get em Dana, I see you making millions more off your English golden goose. Just remember not to put him up against anyone who can actually beat him. You wouldn't want too many Dan Henderson's to expose him while he can still make you millions.


My favorite knockout to date was Dan Henderson on Michael Bisping. I can't stand that guy.


@Aussie, no Hardy's didn't land as flush (see 2nd replay from Carlos' right).

Bisping's a good fighter, he's just not a contender in my eyes. The top few guys in the weight class would dominate him, wrestling being his big weakness. I'm thinking Maia for his next fight; if he can handle Demian's underrated TDs he'd win me over. Entertaining exchanges this last fight.


Dude I honestly though Akiyama would make mince meat of Bisping, did anyone at all see a bisping domination coming? WTF happened. I don't think it's a stretch to say Akiyama was/is superior in every aspect of the game.


Honestly, I think Bisping is underrated by most... for what he is at least. When his opponent let's him move in and out of the pocket like Aki did (or Miller) he looks awesome, especially now when he's actually landing a decent right or two. On the flipside, he still can't handle getting pressured, as seen in this fight as well as those with Hamill, Hendo, and Wandy.

You ask me, Aki didn't approach the fight right, and gassed towards the end. With Michael, you need to press the action on the feet and force mistakes. A takedown or two, even if he gets up immediately wouldn't hurt. He did neither, and instead decided to get into flat-footed exchanges against a taller guy.


I think the key word there is "was". I watched him fight a similar fight against Leben. Flat footed, slow and seemingly past his peak.


I don't really like the guy, but Bisping is pretty well rounded, at least on his feet. If he had KO power he'd be a handful. As it is I don't see him ever being more than a middle of the pack guy.


I was actually surprised to see Akiyama tag him flush 3 or 4 times. Especially with the speed that Akiyama displayed.


ditto. i used to hate him, but when i saw him fight Dennis Kang, i was really impressed with him....few guys could have spent one round getting schooled on the gorund and just barely escaping, to come back and TKO Kang...

as far as the Fight Night stuff...

Condit is a damn good fighter. i think he lacks a little stregnth and power in his division, but when Hardy leaves his chin out to get tagged, it's gonna be a short night.

i thought Hatthaway would have done better, but Pyle is s asolid fighter, and i'm genuinely surprised they didn't stop it when he reverese traingled the dude and hit him in the face for a couple fights....

Kongo is a d-bag. i lost track of how many times he grabbed on to the other guys shorts, but it is clearly a pattern for him. he really has turned into the monster that i thought he would, although i do think him v Lesnar could be kinda interesting.....


Kongo vs Lesnar? Interesting? It would be a massacre. Would Lesnar even break a sweat?


i dunno....i just like the matchup of pure striker vs pure wrestler. obviously they've both cross-trained, but they're both pretty one dimensional (albeit still quite talented)....

i suspect Lesnar will only continue to get more and more dominant, but i always wonder...


Just about every time I've seen a truly pure striker against an equally dedicated grappler, the grappler wins when the fight gets to the ground. And it usually gets to the ground pretty quick. Of course all that changes when each learns more of the others skill.


Man, I'm not a Lesnar fan but he'd beat the dog shit out of Kongo. Velasquez ragdolled him for 3 rounds. He ate some shots in the process, but he still put Kongo where he wanted. Lesnar might literally put him through the canvas.