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UFC 116


fuccckk yeaaaah

This is gonna be awesome. Carwin and Lesnar finally going at it. Also, sexyama! That dude is awesome.

My picks

Carwin - Lesnar: Carwin by KO. Hopefully. However I can see this being them both rushing eachother and slamming into a hugging match, then getting separated, then repeat ad nauseum.

Sexyama vs Leben: Akiyama by late TKO. The Cat smasher is going to get demolished. Sexyama is better than him at every aspect. As the saying goes, if you like guys, you are gay, but if you like Sexyama, you've just got good taste.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs Stephen Bonnar: Kryz via decision or late KO. I predict this will be a boring fight or awkward slugfest.

George Sotiropoulus vs Batman: Georgie boy via decision or submission. George was very impressive against Joe stevenson, I expect he'll turn out another top notch performance here.


It's hard to guess. If it's the same Lesnar from a year ago its Lesnar by TKO. But what are the odds of him being the same guy after going through all that shit? And if he isn't that same monster, what chance does he stand against the new monster that is Carwin? Not a very good one. Lesnar's not a polished enough fighter to handle a guy like Carwin if he doesn't have his scary strength / speed / size to dictate the pace and location of the fight.


Supposedly Lesnar has lost alot of weight. So chances are yes, he won't be a monster anymore.


i dunno, i predict the big wreslter will win


I believe his camp said many months ago that he was back up to his normal weight.


Looking forward to this Card Big Time,

My predictions are simmilar to Aussie, except Im taking Batman over George. (sorry I know your a big fan as he is a fellow aussie) I think George is amazing, ever improving and is the favorite to win but I was blown away by the jits that batman displayed in his last fight even tho his opponent was no Joe daddy. im calling the upset. Batman working with the florians is doing wonders for him.

I think carwin is going to get hit and be in trouble but recover and win be KO via 6 inch super punch. Similar to the gonzaga fight, tho I agree with you aussie this could be a boring one if they just wind up in the clinch or against the fence for long periods of time.



Kurt is actually working with Marcelo Garcia on his ground so I wouldn't attribute his success to the Florian's.


I don't think it'd matter which Lesnar shows up. He's getting his bell rung either way. I got Carwin by 1st rd KO.


Carwin via 1st round TKO. I live in Carwin's hometown (he still lives here) and everyone is town is pumped for the fight.

Akiyama via decision. Props to Leben though for taking the fight a couple of weeks after his last fight, way to step up. I think Akiyama will win and be too much overall for Leben.

Soszynski via decision. This is a rematch from their previous fight when it was a stoppage due to headbutt. Bonnar hasn't won in a long time, does he get the axe if he loses? Jardine got the axe after losing four straight fights, this will be Bonnar's fourth straight loss if he loses. Or do him and Forrest Griffin virtually have "lifetime contracts" with the UFC because of TUF 1 Finale?

Sotiropoulos via decision. He looked really impressive v. Jo Daddy at 110. Batman has won a few straight, so it should be a good fight. I know the winner of KenFlo/Maynard at 118 will be #1 contender, but I think the winner of this fight should be #2.


If Maynard wins he's number 1 contender, it'd be some bull shit if Kenny got another shot.


Lesnar is now walking around at 265 as a result of cleaning up his diet and actually eating vegetables and fruit. He won't have to cut so yes, he has lost a lot of weight. Could be a good things, could be bad, we'll see.


I really hope Pellegrino beats George and gets a title shot. He's been winning for years and his only recent loss was to Nate Diaz in a fight that Kurt was dominating. I love George though, so if he wins I won't be too upset.

Krystof will fuck up Bonnar like the last time, hopefully he can sub him: with a nice kimura maybe?

Lesnar-Carwin will be a sloppy ground fight unless Carwin catches him with a monstrous right. I'm thinking it'll be two hogs rolling around and whoever has the best cardio wins. If it goes to the later rounds it has to be Lesnar.

Whoever wrote a bout a six-inch punch: do you really think Lesnar has a weak jaw? With his massive head, neck and traps? I know Carwin has scary power but I can't see short uppercuts ala Carwin-Mir putting him out.


Dana has called Bonnar and Griffin his children, so rest assured if he wants Bonnar to stop fighting, Bonnar has some type of job waiting for him in the UFC offices.

Bonnar should give up, the dude's one level below that of a gatekeeper. The only reason he's still around is he is freakishly unknockoutable, ala Cabbage or Fujita.


Carwin Vs Lesnar.... Godzilla Vs King kong... fight is going to be awesome... reason bonnor is still around is because the fight he put on against griffin. dana said they would both always have a job is they want one. so ur right after he hangs it up he will be announcing or someshit.


Yeah it'll be his third shot, but a lot of people think BJ Penn shouldn't get an immediate rematch (which I think he should).

I read earlier that Frankie Edgar said if he was Gray Maynard, he'd be mad that BJ is getting an immediate rematch.

If KenFlo wins, though, I think he hopes he fights Edgar, because I don't know if he could beat BJ again. But then again, I'm a big KenFlo fan, so I hope beats Maynard, gets his title shot and earns the strap.


Yeah that's what I figured. Bonnar has been doing some analysis on MMA Live on ESPN lately (although I think KenFlo does a much better job; haha I sound like such a KenFlo homer right now).

I like Bonnar, but I don't see him winning this fight.


Alot of Lesnar haters in here... I say Lesnar by TKO!!!! After the fight he shotguns a Coors Light tall can in the middle of the ring and motor boats his wife!!!!!



Don't forget about the horseshoe.


As much as I'd like to see Carwin win (partially to maybe get Brock to go train with some real quality striking coaches/camps and Jiu Jitsu coaches/camps and bring his game to an even higher level and partially because I just kinda like Carwin as a fighter), I've gotta say that I think the odds are in Brock's favor in this one.

If Carwin wins it'll be by either KO, TKO, or possibly submission (rear naked most likely) immediately following dropping Brock with a punch (though I think that's the least likely outcome). If Brock wins it'll be by TKO (due to ground and pound) or decision (he'll be able to take Carwin down repeatedly and just control him there/wear him out).

In my opinion, it's harder to KO someone than it is to take them down and control them there. And, the longer the fight goes on and blood flows to those big arms or Carwin while he's trying to wrestle/counter wrestle with Brock, the less likely the KO becomes. Remember what GSP did to Penn in their second fight.

Also, while Carwin claims that he's got enough gas to go a full 5, he's never been tested, and even if he does, a longer drawn out fight still tips the odds in Brock's favor stylistically.

Not saying Carwin can't pull off the victory, just saying that I'm not betting any money on it.

edited for clarity.


Yeah Peter Welch and Greg Nelson SUCK.