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UFC 112

…will be held in the most insane arena/theme park/whatever the fuck it is.

Concert Arena,Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

That event is going to be epic…GRANTED that the big names stay healthy…unlike recent trends.

Going to be a good card. Penn/Edgar and Silva/Belfort should be good.

It’s amazing what selling 10% of the UFC can get you, in terms of venues and fights (unlike the usual international cards with pretty good fighters, but not title fights, let alone two on one card).

should be an interesting card…

Silva and Belfort are both southpaws, and both tend to striek flat-footed, so i expect a KO.

i think Penn will school Edgar. i think Edgar is a solid fighter, but he is really a 145lb guy, not 155. Penn’s just too big, and skilled…

Hughes vs. Gracis is interesting, since Renzo’s the guy that taught BJJ to Militech…