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UFC 101 Picks


Now under 2 weeks away. Let's hear who you got.

Penn v Florian - BJ. I think he'll come to the fight in good shape. Too much for K-Flo to handle at this point. Sub round 3.

Silva v Griffin - Forrest. I think Griffin will come out pumping his jab early in an attempt to steal round 1. If he can do this, putting the pressure on Silva to be more agrressive I think he will pick his spots and go for the takedown and try to punish Silva on the ground and use his wrestling to grind out a decision. Griffin UD.

Sadollah v Hendricks - Sadollah

Grove v Almeida - Almeida

Neer v Pellegrino - Neer. Gotta love the dentist.

Whole card is here: http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=eventDetail.FightCard&eid=2209


Silva's my favorite fighter, I got him.

BJ will also win.


Florian- I think bj's out to prove something again, but in all the interviews he seems less than confident. In fact he almost seems... broken. I think gsp took it out of him. But then again I could be wrong. If the old bj is back, then he'll take kenny out. I think kenny has skills, but there's just something there that champions have, that I don't think Kenny has.

Forrest- Not because I'm a betting man, but because I've never bet against forrest. I hope he steals it.

Sadollah- Love the guy, and I can't see Dana not handing him a fight after this long of a layoff.

Grove- I think he's got the skills to be a title contender if he puts his mind to it.

Pellagrino- Hate neer, and I think he's a shit fighter.


I'm going with Anderson Silva and Kenny Florian.

I was watching the pre-fight videos at ufc.com and Anderson has slowly gotten more arrogant to the point where it's making him unlikeable, he didn't present himself that way in the UFC initially but it seems to have been a steady change.

On the other hand, Forrest sounded a little punch drunk in one of them. I hope it was something else causing it than the toll of fighting and training.


I agree Silva has become VERY arrogant, so much so that I no longer am a fan. Forrest did sound a little less 'there' than usual, but I think that's just because of the clips they posted. If you watch some of the other footage on youtube and such then you can get a better idea.


Florian- I think that while BJ is tremendously talented, he hasn't improved in a long time, and he just doesn't seem to want it all that badly IMO or else he would get more serious with his conditioning.

Florian on the other hand has been steadily improving, always comes in in great shape, and seems really hungry lately. He's got to outpoint BJ though, because he's not KO'ing him, and I don't think he has the advantage on the ground (let alone the ability to take it there).

Silva- Forrest is a grinder and a big LHW, but he's been KO'ed before (by Jardin) and has shown that he has problems with technical strikers if he can't get in close and make it a brawl (Sinosic).

I see Anderson KO'ing him fairly easily. Really his only chance is to try to make it a wrestling match and use his superior size and strength to grind out a decision, and I don't see Silva letting him do that.

Sadollah vs Hendricks- haven't really seen enough of either to make a prediction

Grove Vs. Almeida- If Grove can keep it at a distance and on the feet, he wins. If Almeida can close the gap and make it a grappling match, he wins. I honestly think Almeida will win as eventually he'll be able to close the gap (Grove doesn't exactly have heavy hands).

Neer vs. Pellegrino- Pelligrino, simply because his nickname is "Batman". :slightly_smiling:


As much as I like Forrest, I don't see him beating Silva.

I think BJ will actually pull his head out of his ass since loosing to GSP like that. At least lets hope.


I hate Florian "I want BJ's belt" reminds me of that bitch from Willy Wonka. I mean I really hate Florian, to his annoying presence on mma live to his stupid samurai entrance to Delagrotte screaming in the corner I just can't stand him. Anderson should win, I doubt Forrest is any better than Hendo or Franklin, and it's not like his power is any better, but who knows shit happens and he's suprised me before.

I want Amir to win I don't think many saw him winning TUF. I'm pulling for Alemida, he's fought much better guys than Grove. I want Neer to win just because Kurt is friends with Florian and he's annoying in interviews.


I agree with the Penn prediction. I disagree with the Silva prediction, if Forrest tries to strike with A.Silva I think he will just get his ass handed to him. Forrest has endurance and puts in work but he doesn't have much punching power and his striking isn't nearly as good as Silva's.


I like forrest because he is very good at pushing the pace imo... and that's why people lose to Silva is letting him dictate. BJ will win. Sodallah since he's funny and from VA.


Oh, you mean like Chris Leben did? Yeah, that seemed to work out well for him didn't it. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


haha I was going to post that


Leben is a shit-tastic fighter with no strategy and whose only technique is getting punched in the face...alot. 'Granite chin' v. technician with the hands/feet/elbows/knees... who will win? Forrest on the other hand, at at least imo, is a much better striker, and better equipped to push the pace, albeit intelligently, than Leben or Irvin...


Silva via KO. Forrest doesn't have the best chin, isn't very technical in the standup, doesn't have great takedowns, and doesn't have knockout power. I suppose he has some nice kicks and has very good conditioning, but Silva gets the KO.

BJ via RNC. Florian's only advantage over BJ is cardio. Jits, TDs and TD defense, standup, is BJ all the way. BJ is going to come into this fight like he always does... out of shape.. but I see him hurting Kenny with punches, getting a little GnP, and then choking him out.

Grove, Split Decision. I don't like him, but Grove probably wins a decision.


I think Florian's got the upper hand as far as Muay Thai skills as well. BJ has the advantage in terms of boxing skills. If Florian can keep it on the feet and at a distance that better suits his game plan, then I think he can pull out a decision.


Look at Forrest's fight against Sinosic. He was getting tooled on by a more technical striker until he realized that his only chance was that he had a harder chin and made the fight into a brawl.

Sure, it was a few years ago, and yes Forrest has improved. But he hasn't fought anyone even close to Anderson's skill level striking wise. If he tries to push the pace and come at Anderson, he will get KO'd promptly.

Really his only chance is to make it a wrestling match and try to use his superior size to tire Anderson out. And I just don't see him being able to close the gap and do that without getting clocked in the process.


can't you just let a guy dream? damn you and your logical reasoning!

I know Silva is the Brazilian Terminator sent to destroy, but I can root for the country boy can't I?


That was poetic.

Well done, sir.


I like K-flo over BJ. While BJ may be able to own kenny in almost all physical and technical aspects, and own may be a strong word, he is better than kenny in all aspects save conditioning. The one area where kenny has a huge advantage is that he WANTS it.

I mean you can see it in his fights, you can see it in his interviews, this kid has hand one singular thing on his mind since he first started fighting and he is going to come into this fight and he is going to give every ounce of his heart and soul. I'm not saying BJ can't beat him, but I think Kenny is going to outwork BJ and working harder is going to be the difference.

Anderson is a doucher and I hope forest turns his face into hamburger. But he probably won't.



Yeah Sean Sherk comes in horrible shape, if you follow BJ's career he really only gasses at welterwight. In his lightweight fights he has but not enough to lose his the fight.